Taxi Driver Dies Hours after Handing Himself to Riverside Police

Police are back in the spotlight with yet another dent on their reputation after a Kitwe taxi driver died hours after reporting himself to Riverside Police Station.

The 30-year old taxi driver identified as Oscar Sakala had been away in Nakonde when he police issued summons for him and he duly availed himself after returning from Nakonde.

Sakala was however on Friday found dead in the Kitwe Teaching Hospital Mortuary.

He had handed himself in to the police on Thursday after learning that they had been looking for him.

Sakala was found with a deep cut on his head and blood in his mouth.

The taxi driver’s death has left the Kitwe residents in shock with some of his former colleagues at Kitwe Boys Secondary School pouring out their grief on social media.



    What is the cause of the death

  2. Tinnk

    What happen to bad

    • Cmk

      Case simple and straight foward. The officer at the said police station on duty on that particular Friday can tell the truth

  3. Mr.Dundumwezi



    kapokolas are now becoming too foolish under this pf government,everything ni kapokola stupid animals.learn to respect yourself & the government law,why kill an innocent person who handles himself to your work place?mbolo dzinu apolice onse mu zambia,rubbish chanibaba.

  5. Sibweni

    Found dead and who was on duty that day can give us answers. At 30 year 2 go lik this way and we need justice not political comments. A bigger lose 2 the family and country M.H.S.R.I.P

  6. TOP G

    The man reported himself to police and was found dead in the Kitwe teaching mortuary. From police to mortuary. Something fishy here. Police, police, police…

    • China man

      What case did he committed in order to handover him self to police & who was on duty just to succrifice on that way. to bad!

  7. Cracker

    too bad

  8. Vh

    Reported himself to the police nd found dead in mortuary…eeeh ba Buju what happened to our beloved bro?

  9. ba zulu


  10. Self nyokozi

    Police officers are behind the death, just find out

  11. AK

    Please Investigate The Policemen Who Were On Duty

  12. king c

    but ba police ba mu zambia kuwayawayafye zoona

  13. BEN 10

    Young and fresh just lyk me(30yrs).Why police ar u killing us lyk dogs?Few weeks ago it was a unza student(vespers) u killd,now a taxi drivr of whch am sure he ws survivd by a wyf ad kids.Police u kill inocent youths and leav criminals in peace.What r police 4 manje ataah!

  14. mr president

    shuwa shuwa from zp to motuary he was from police it is a police case the one who was on duty is the one who killed him


    Make sure that police should be investigated, akadye beans kapokola kwachimbwakaila,no one is above the law.

  16. Trevor Pambwe

    Police killed my bro dats y olo kuli recruite ya ZP I don’t go interest inasila

  17. Oscar Sakala

    I jst comitd a minor offence(jst quarreld bcoz of 2 much road blocks)they wanted ukulyamu but i refusd.And when i brot myself at the station,they heat me hard wth a bar and lost cautious and……am dead now!Plz let the law tek its cos.

    • idannny SKYFACE

      Let the dead rest in peace plz don’t irritate them

  18. Gemini

    This is too much

  19. PILATO


  20. PILATO


  21. Mugolegole

    From police station to mortuary……..????
    All the Police officers under this government ruled br Edgar Chagwa corruption Lungu nimwe or sorry I can asure you that one day you will be judged by the almighty God no Lungu.

  22. Mugolegole

    From police station to mortuary……..????
    All the Police officers under this government ruled br Edgar Chagwa corruption Lungu nimwe or sorry I can asure you that one day you will be judged by the almighty God not Lungu.

  23. PILATO


  24. Pumpken

    Call everyone who were on duty during that particular period.we don’t want to hear that no the police are investigating the case that’s booshit!.how can they investigate their own case ?.let them come out themselves like the Oscar came the case he committed amounting to his life and the family he has left behind.these bastets ,again you hear them shifting the brame to the opposition. UNZA its police,unnecessary roadbrocks,police,kuma toilets niba police.you idiots,grade 12failures. Ifimayuniform kwati nifimoloshi.

  25. PILATO


  26. MINGO

    Riot ingamusiye kapokola yaso? Viseceni. Ptchuuuu

  27. Briven

    I that the primary reason of having security personnel in the country is to foster harmony and peace, what then is happening in Zambia is the poller opposite… Its really sorry.

  28. Wat kuti

    Sory to my brother

  29. Uncle Dizzy

    Why have you killed me you Buju on duty? ME I come to you as per your request. Now I’m in a cold room because of you.

  30. Matuzi

    Investigation should start from health worker that signed death and that admitted Sakala then postmortem . I can wish all policeman that was on duety to dei as well ,fullish service and the government.

  31. Mpombo

    So you will hear that he was killed by the people in the cells like what happened to that ZAF guy These police officers confuse me sometimes you sympathise with them when Lusambo is humiliating them only to do something foolish

  32. Concerned citizen.

    Professionalism is needed in all our police officers .

    • Polepole

      In Zambia law and order only belongs to the rich and privileged. Only if the judiciary can be free of political influence otherwise its difficult to deal with kapokola whether they are guilty or noy

  33. Muntu mufunelo

    I think police officers are the most criminals in our country at this time, so mwalaumfwa ati let the police investigate awe mwandini ine am tired

  34. Affected fela


  35. simbeye steven

    sad news

  36. Big brain

    Why always kuba Bemba what wrong with this tribe?

  37. Corruption now will be worse

    Police has gone to the dogs!Days are gone when police could deliver quality service to the community, nowadays it is like all police stations are being run by people who have just been recruited. The quality of their work is so pathetic that some of them cannot even write a good statement from a complainant. I witnessed one time when i escorted my daughter to complain about an assault case, the inspector who took her statement could not spell words correctly and even the English was so broken that one could doubt whether this chap had ever reached grade 12 as they claim.And one begins to wonder how these officers are even promoted to such ranks like an inspector!I am even told that some of them have never given evidence in courts after serving for years and years. Most of these police stations have been turned into pseudo courts where cases are resolved without accused persons appearing in court.It is a pity really.

  38. Morgan


  39. Wisdom

    Zambia Police officers feel very strong when dealing with un armed civilians. They think they are very strong.
    HOWEVER , when they come face to face with criminals, you will notice that nibangwele. They only flex their muscles on un armed civilians. These chaps are cowards.

  40. Martin cwanny-d macwani

    Too bad,
    To hear this
    This kind of News😨😵😭😭😭😭


    54 years since zambia gained independence,we are still experiencing POLICE FORCE instead of SERVICE,we all know that POLICE OFFICERS are taking law into their hands and people are dying into POLICE CELLS like No-mans business.Zambia is among few countries that have been sending OFFICERS to PEACE-KEEPING world wide,inspite of ranking Zambia on a world map,but we have continue recruiting unqualified officers(Cadres and relatives) into the service under LUNGU’S administration in order for them to perform their duties according the commands of the high ranked officers,ask Chimense how these so called POLICE OFFICERS to me they are PROBLEM OFFENCES OFFICERS,who even killed A SOLIDER (DEFENSE PERSONAL) who is recognized world wide not these who are recognized local within under HOME AFFAIRS.You POLICE OFFICERS your task is to keep LAW and ORDERS,Captain kanganja put things in order before the general public starts to print bad pictures about your term.

  42. joy

    Its so sad that a young energetic mans life has been cut short and justice must prevail and whoever is behind his death I pray that may Jehovah deal with you mhsrip.

    • Catherine

      It is a shame for a country as Zambia to let this animalish behaviour to go on in the police force. The authority in this nation should not keep quiet while citizens are the ones concerned and speaking against this ungodly brutal behaviour. Mr Minister for the copper belt don’t pay a blind eye. Investigate this matter and bring the culprits to face justice. The police inspector do your job don’t stay silent. People are watching and waiting for your action.

  43. voice of voiceles

    that is the only problem when u recruit cadres as police men ba pf mulatumanya

  44. Uwashele kumabula

    Ba Police mwatusebanya. Honestly speaking how can you do such a thing to fellow Zambian. There is too much torture by Police. Which law are they using? The laws do not allow that. Maybe Police is above the law. Ba PF mean a shani tondolo? SG and Jerabos speak!!!!

  45. Mujolo

    So you will hear at it is HH.

  46. peace soldier

    Imwe bakaboke

  47. shovele

    Panyopanu apolice y killing an innocent person

  48. leon

    And some Christian pf carders will say sonta epo was bombs is killing uku bomba

    • Kenny lungu

      Please let the president Mr lungu Daddy do something please and you need to be visiting the police there are not good may God punish the police in Jesus name

  49. judge not


  50. logo

    Ts so sad.frm da police station to been found dead n da mortuary.w/o took him to da mortuary.Wat kind of police officers do we hv n dis govt.this is too much y beating pipo to death.the police fail to aprehend bandits .bt busy killng someone wo handles himself over to them.this issue has to b investigated.is dis da way we ll be kild n our country by our own law enforcers nd implementors.somrhing has ro be done.the policemen nd women have gone too far.

  51. Chisi Chibaula Moffat

    May his soul rest in peace BUT police officers work hard on work

  52. Real men

    Something fishy is going on naba buju aba

  53. kuku

    Why us ZRA protecting Professional Insurance?
    It has been evading tax on nominal rent of US dollars 3,900,000 it has not collected from its shareholder who has been living and operating freely from its property on Cairo road, while it pays US dollars 22 per square meters to him fir it’s offices on kabse road?
    Why bogus travel bills issued by Professional Travel and Tours and medical bills from London and South Africa charged to Professional Insurance?
    Why Mr. Mathani always purporting to be travelling to Washington on Leasing Finance, Professional Insurance, Milling Company account? Travel itself is bogus, no travel, fake invoices raised by His Personal Secretary on Professional Travel book.
    Why prinlme property transferred to him but no payment for months?

    ZRA, move in and charge KE million penalty fir every year of default, interest on evaded tax, tax and criminal prosecution.

    Mr. Bwalya Ng’andu, how much you were given to issue deposit taking financial institution licence to Mathani and money launderer Barkat Ali and Gupta of South Africa’s little boy Gupta Suresh?

    • hhsupporter

      Nothing will happen. He has joined PF camp.
      How much is the penalty KE million mentioned in your comments?

  54. Marcus jr

    vimangeni fake police in Zambia

  55. Ibrahim Jamal

    These are the issues to protest my fellow Youths, Our fellow humble Youth who took himself to police is no more. MHSRIP

  56. Kaswango

    This story is very straight, how can a person found dead ,while he reported him self live at the police station and later at the mortuary?

  57. Mr.bemba land is great.

    None is hh the one who killed that man.

  58. Joseph

    this is, the only development, you can see pfools govt.

  59. Lulu lulu

    We want to hear the full information here,
    Tell us what case did he committe for him to submit himself at the police station , thereafter we hear that he died , because if the suspect is in the hands of police meaning is protected by the law ,
    Please tell us the truth someone is gone for good we need clear information . Boma iyanganepo if not so let the relatives do protest to that station coz mwacilamo police one girl died pa unza no protest happened , what we all no police has no right kill .

  60. Ma

    It surprises me to see comments to condemn the so called zambia police and call them names as p caders, but when you go the ballot you still vote for same pf which you think it is the same misusing the police. However, what happened was very bad.

  61. Pumpken

    I am still waiting to hear that these bastets have been arrested. Let them also iterogate hospital personnel’s ,we what to how he found himself at the hospital eventually mautuery .Now that he can’t talk,these idiots will tell what they did. Let them come out with the case he committed equivalent to instant death penalty. They got money from the complainant and to show him/her the have really worked. 6months at rilayi is not enough for these useless dogs to handle cases ,not even shishita case no.they are proud of using nyanja as official language who told you?. Nonsense nachinkalipa.

  62. mengmoreler

    Has niba shushu bapaya nthng ll hapend jst has da case of UNZA,these guys hv turned into vampires now wth their menomeno boss.

  63. kabwidi

    what is going on? criminals are set free,
    innocent pipo re being killed yyyyyu? why??

  64. pf

    Better inspector of police and spokesperson at Zambia police force not service resign. Ester Katongo is misleading us ,kangaja can’t take action
    .pls mr President fire this two animals ,better bring PANORAMA in service to save Zambia

  65. pf

    Better inspector of police and spokesperson at Zambia

    police force not service resign. Ester Katongo is misleading us ,kangaja can’t take action
    .pls mr President fire this two animals ,better bring PANORAMA in service to save Zambia

  66. Sammy

    These People need to go back to real training. Most of them got the Job because they can run.

  67. Dj Vybz

    They shouldn’t be allowed to investigate themselves. We need an INDEPENDENT TEAM to investigate these stupid bwanas and bring to book whoever is found wanting.

  68. Gg

    We need more information from the police 2 bad

  69. Chef

    Its quite disturbing to be faced with such horrific stories though I have little facts but if the headlines bears the full details I for one happen to be deeply saddened by this mysterious and unprecedented loss. None theless of particular interest is a comment raised by a so professed Dudumenzi where I confesses to having killed an officer and dumped him in.mindolo dam. Sir are you aware that’s a chargeable office and we the public can and should report you to relevant authorities for openly testifying? I wish all to please make a followup on this Gentlemen please he must be brought to book and reported immediately. No blood should be spilt and left unanswered for

  70. Ninshi

    Bushe ba Police bafikala uuwamipela insambu shakwipaya abantu ninani? Vesppers mwaipaya mikongo shenu. Police office mulifikopo tamwaishiba ukulemba nokubelenga that’s why you don’t even know your duties. Wait you will start undergoing aptitude tests before you are employed. This is too much. Elo Kanganja chikala, your subjects are killing people like broilers and you are silent. change, Or else nkalamitukafye as long as you’re hurting me.

  71. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Something is wrong somewhere. Where is de police’ s professionalism. Somebody is not surpose to die in their custard. An explanation has to be given.

  72. Yvetty

    why where the police after him in the first place?

  73. Barotseland

    Why are you quiet Inspector General of Police don’t you know that you are also involved bcos quietness means alot.Wake up and tell the nation why your officers are killing people like pigs

  74. Jms


  75. Kakinga .Raphael

    This is very unfair .but my advice is that Zambian policemen must learn know the truth that’s when they shall be free otherwise this blood shade an innocent they shall be upon t

  76. Musonda

    Hakainde hichilema is the one who killed that boy I know because that guy he is a criminal.

  77. Mr.bemba land is great.

    Namanje Ni hh

  78. Kashoggi

    Who took him to Kitwe mortuary?

  79. Seed

    Police are you serious of what you’re doing?

  80. Mutale chisanga

    It’s very wrong

  81. jasper

    its so sad

  82. Mr O.C

    May God punish them,where is the government?

  83. Ndeloleshafye

    The report is short on standards. Some one would call it “Fake News”. Who found the body in the mortuary? who took it there? was it a BID case? what do records at the Mortuary show? Which Doctor certified him dead? what was the recorded cause of death? When was he certified dead? what did the Police comment on the matter? what case was he charged with at the police? who was the complainant? what time did he report at the police? who accompanied him? which officers handled the matter? what do the records at the Police say, was he married?”… bra bra.

    In the absence of more facts, this is open to speculation. Speculation breeds unfairness.

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