ConCourt to Rule on Lungu Eligibility Case on Dec 7

The Constitutional Court will lay its reputation on the line again with delivery of judgment on President Edgar Lungu’s 2021 eligibility set for December 7.

Recently the Constitutional Court has brought closure to two high profile parliamentary petitions for Lusaka Central and Munali constituencies.

The 2021 eligibility case has been a matter of public interest and will bring closure to one of the lingering political debates.

Four opposition political parties in Dan Pule’s Christian Democratic Party, Zambia Republican Party, News Congress Party and Citizen Democratic Party; Dan Pule, Wright Musoma, Peter Chanda and Robert Mwanza  have asked the ConCourt to determine whether President Lungu could stand in the 2021 elections.

The matter has been on the cards in the aftermath of the fiercely contested August 2016 elections.

“Please take note that the above mentioned petition will be determined by the Constitutional Court sitting at Lusaka on the 7th day of December 2018 at 09:00 hours in court two, Supreme Court Building,” states the notice.


  1. Canon

    Those judges are appointment by the president. So who are they to rule against the president?

  2. Sibweni

    Concourt is good every1 and i know that many pipo are happy when a court not they favour. But the truth is president lungu eligble 2 stand in 2018.

  3. jah

    Although you were choosen by the president follow the constitution law of Zambia

  4. Razor

    Outcome is already known. All the cases so far they have ruled in favour of the ruling party so obviously they have to rule in favour of Lungú in order to continue eating with him.

  5. chidyamakanda

    It’s like asking a question on which answer already known, 1+1= 2, wats the answer? Judiciary in Zambia isn’t independent, niyoziwika ziwika.


    Since PF come in power the judiciary increased and shown up about their corruption, their is no peace in the country in terms of Justice.


    I don’t have anything to say,but want I can say is this

  8. Lawrence

    The headline should Read;ConCourt to announce.

  9. Mbape

    Wasting our time as if we are fools, even a dog knows already the outcome, ba swine imwe

    • Kampengele

      Insults are for those that have little brains like Mbape, they cannot read the constitution formethselves because if little knowledge. Don’t insult others unless you cannot think or dialogue.

  10. Giorgii

    The president appointed them…. And you expect them to rule against him. The judiciary is not independent from the executive, that being said the judiciary will always favour the executive.

  11. ,samson chiku

    Comment Judges do what what is expected

  12. Ba solwezi mabanga flavor

    Who doesn’t know that ecl will be declared eligible to stand again in 2021 bcoz de judiciary is rotten in Zambia with corruption.

  13. Chris mainas

    Judiciary of Zambia z fake dnt fear wat thy ve say.

  14. mulobezi

    Leave ecl alone,he is elligible 2 contest.other parties ar stll undemocratic coz they havnt bin holding conventions bt resorted 2 field in one peson

  15. Ks

    1+1=2 & 2018= lungu

  16. Whiteson

    Someone with a Copy of the Zambian Constitution near by can quote. The Zambian Constitution says if the one taking over finishes the other President’s longer period, then he can not stand for elections, but if a shorter period, he can stand. – layman’s language.

  17. Whiteson

    ECL served late President’s shorter period, he can stand.

  18. mr bad

    zambians wake up !!!!!!!

  19. treason

    Lungu Has Ruled For Two Terms And His Time Is Over. This Is Where We Really Know That One Is Hungry For Power.

  20. Sitima frank

    What does the construction say about raising the bible

  21. Sitima frank

    What does the construction say about raising the bible or swearing

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