Four Construction Workers Buried Alive in Solwezi

At least four general workers at Jawadi Investments in Solwezi have died after being buried alive in a trench while others remain buried.

The four died after being buried alive by a trench that collapsed on them while doing construction works.

Jawadi Investments, a local company was contracted by North Western Water and Sewerage Company to do construction works.

Rescue efforts continue to retrieve the remaining bodies.

Solwezi District Commissioner Rosemary Kamalonga who rushed to the scene has confirmed the sad development.

Kamalonga said it was devastating to lose such a number of people while on duty to earn a living.

She has described the incident as an unfortunate and very sad and could however not give further details.

Provincial Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila said he would give details at a later stage.

Meanwhile, residents of Solwezi trooped to Solwezi Hospital Mortuary to identify the bodies of the deceased.




  2. Gabriel Mwamba

    Cabipa, safety precautions plz fellow contractors

  3. Lulu lulu

    May their soul rest in peace

  4. Joseph Mundia

    Too bad, MTRIP.

  5. miles

    May their soul rest in peace

  6. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Sad development,may their souls rest in peace…

  7. wisdom



    That is sad development


    May their souls rest in peace and please contractors let’s insure safety is secured before anything is done coz it a very sad development indeed

  10. Y2K

    Sad News Plse Cotrators make sure there is safety in working area.

  11. Harry lungu

    My condolences

  12. Zidana

    Thats very sad to hear.They should have tested the soil for weakness then use machines for that part of the job.That’s negeligence,trying to save on costs eish!MTSRIP…

  13. Anthony chitefu

    M T S R I I L

  14. Muntu mufunelo

    That is why am always against with Zambian contractors and engineers,

  15. Reasonable

    Pliz when we want to do anything we follow these; SEE, JUDGE and ACT, engineers were supposed to test the soil by so doing they could have known where to start from and what should be done like using the machines and widen the trench not that narrow one!

  16. K

    Too bad MTSRIP_

  17. Kwskambai

    Too bad MTSRIP_

  18. Jms

    M.T.S.R.I.P But surveys whats wrong with you the one who surveyed the place and let the contractor begin work has to be penalized or ensure these contractors to be using qualified engineers mukafwa how can you step on a soft branch question the contractor’s relationship between that firm/company

  19. Simpito Mukandwa


  20. Me

    Its not 4 but 5 l have a video and l was at the scene when that accident happened if interested give me your WhatsApp line l send a video

  21. michael


  22. amos cathy

    too bad may their souls rest in peace and may God srengthen the berevered families

  23. Chilombe Simwami

    This is not good and should not be happening. Full accountability and conpensation is required.

  24. THE DEMONIC CHILD (Who uses the Bible for toilet papers)

    Good for them! Congraturation.

  25. Mwamba pwele

    sad development

  26. hh

    Bakolwe muposeko amano

  27. Bakore

    Too bad r.i.p

  28. Mutema

    Bakapoli mwaipaisha abantu.

  29. Tefyo

    Poor safety

  30. Principle km

    Comment Too bad to our beloved ones why not testing the soil b4 work? We miss their votes may the good lord wipe away all tears to the believed family

  31. Chinyama mukuma

    Sad news!!!!!!!! We join you the families in times of trials. Mtsrip

  32. supu saladi

    see the problem with our local contrators employers they dont know safety, All what they focus about is money treat lke human beings tufumo twenu.

  33. supu saladi

    see the problem with our local contrators employers they dont know safety, All what they focus about is money treat yo workers lke human beings tufumo twenu.

  34. wake me up

    zambians why alwayz dead M.H.S.R.I.P

  35. BEN 10

    One of festive season sacrifices.Timaiziba ii ya so.PRAY HARD 2 REACH NEXT YEAR OR ELSE MANY MAY DIE.

  36. maguduza

    Mary they souls r
    est in piece

  37. Arnold Lukwesa

    The owner of that investment must take Care of they families.All what a sad investment!.

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