PF Issues Alert to C/B Youths to Stay Clear of UPND Police Showdown

For immediate release

Copperbelt province.. November 19, 2018

We want to categorically state that we are fully aware of the Opposition UPND schemes to cause violence on Tuesday and blame it on the ruling PF Youths.

We are aware that the UPND have gotten PF T-shirts to give their youths so that they can cause violence in Ndola when their leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema comes for investigations on Tuesday.

I therefore, direct that all PF youths from the Districts, Constituencies,wards up to sections should not wear any PF regalia on Tuesday. We know the youths on the Copperbelt love President Edgar Lungu and are proud of wearing the regalia of PF, we want to direct the youths to follow this directive to shame the violence planners.

The plans by the UPND is purely to cause confusion and violence, and transfer the blame on PF. We have direct information about this plan from the UPND. As PF, we want to put it on record that the desperation of the UPND is alarming and unzambian for Zambian is known as a beacon of peace in the world from time immemorial.

The Upnd have acquired PF regalia to give to their cadres and fight within themselves, lest paint the PF as a violent party. But we know what the UPND is planning. PF youths are very peaceful and law abiding.

We appeal to our youths to remain vigilant and avoid any level of violence coming from the UPND. We know our youths have been provoked big time by the threats from the opposition to our leadership, but please we urge all our PF youths to remain calm for our DNA is birthed on peace and love as exhibited by His Excellency the President of Republic of Zambia Mr Egdar Chagwa  Lungu who has so far been visiting districts preaching about love, unity  and peace in all places even where he was not voted, moreso the massive developments he has taken to all the 10- provinces.

Issued by:

PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman

Nathan Bwalya Chanda


  1. D ngoma

    I always wonder why some people accept to be used as instruments of violence. These politicians are deceptive and an predictable.

  2. Mr.bemba land is great.

    I am a upnd supporter, if you want arrest hh you will see what will happen because in Zambia is too much kudelelelana, one will be killed I am telling you the truth.

    • mimbulu

      serious/1 will die?who yourself or your relative?

    • chendabusiku

      If you want to die for Hoax Hyena (HH) you have a right to do so, but die alone dont involve other poeple.




    I Am a UPND supporter, from northwestern if u want to bring more conflicts try again to arrest HH U will see want will happen to u

  5. CB

    who said we love meno-meno in copperbelt?

  6. leon

    All will backfire to who ever is using the devil’s horns to harm others,Amen

  7. Iwe Kamuntu Tatulesekelamo Pa Copabelt If U Try To Arrest H H, We Don't Know What Will Happen.

    we shall burn sodoma. kundola nakwena we want hh. lungu must be careful.

  8. Charles

    Please post for me.

    It’s a known fact that should Mr Hakainde Hichilema will stand for Presidential elections next year. The man will be making his 5th attempt. For me there is no doubt that HH is going for another loss. I am basing the UPND leader’s Presidential record of most losses on the following.

    1. UPND is a Party of Evil people

    When Our Beloved President Michael Sata passed on, most if not all UPND supporters were very happy to hear of Mr Sata’s death. I have friends who told me that some people were even dancing in homes saying God has answered their prayers and it was time for their own to take over the leadership of Zambia. It is a known fact that UPND started campaigning even before President Sata was put to rest. To date l am still shocked that a party that is seeking to run the affairs of our country is full of evil people. One thing l know about Zambians is that they will reject any evil group. Anyone who wishes others sickness, failure or death is an agent of the devil.

    2. HH Supporters

    One of the reasons Mr Hichilema loses elections is because his followers who have no self control in saying things. If elections were based on insults HH will be in State house as at now. UPND supporters insult like they have been to a insulting university. Anyone who doesn’t support HH is called all sorts of names. If you are called a child of a dog just know that you have been insulted by amateurs as ba kanyekanye bansele tabalipo( chief insulters are off duty) Anyone who doesn’t support HH is a fool, poor, a kaponya, a prostitute or has never been to school. Hence they don’t understand things. People think this is the official position of UPND. I can not vote for a party that insults anyone including the President of the nation. If these people think this will win HH elections. They are just cheating themselves. Zambians will teach you a lesson.

    3. No Respect for the Head of State

    It is so shocking that UPND supporters refer to President Edgar Lungu as just Edgar and HH as Mr President or President HH. I mean which country is HH President. Not in Zambia. The problem is HH with his political advisors are blinded with envy, jealousy, hate and bitterness that they don’t understand the effects or how this will influence people in voting for a humble person. The last time l checked a Mr EC Lungu was President. Not ama presidents yakudonkela.

    4. Life President: UPND is HH and HH is UPND

    When was the last time UPND held a national convention to elect its Leaders. Tell you what it is not needed. Because HH will be the party’s Presidential candidate next year. If HH can stay on the position of party president since he was elected almost 10 years ago even after losing four Presidential elections. What can stop him from declaring himself life State President in the event he became President. With or without a convention HH will be UPND Presidential candidate. Mark my words.

    5. HH and his Followers are not Patriotic to Zambia

    They are people who behave like they are not Zambians. For them they will be Zambians when HH becomes President. HH is their messiah. HH is God chosen President. He will give people food everyday. In HH’s government people will have free cars. Everyone will live in big houses. Well my friends you will wait for a long, long time. Because for me Mulyokela has more chance of becoming President of Zambia than HH.

    We have one Zambia we need to be proud of it as we seek to have development brought to our country. If HH loved this country he would request to meet President Lungu with proposals and possible mitigating measures for some challenges the country is facing. I am 100% sure the President will listen to him.

    We need a proper opposition in our country not fake and selfish parties. If President Lungu fails we all fail if he succeeds we all succeed.

    I can go on adding to list. You can add your own reasons.

  9. B@rcelona Managers™

    What will it take for this dude who has overstayed his welcome at the helm of the mighty UPND to understand that the majority have rejected him. Mxxxh Bushe gelo ngati akukana bama forcing’a

  10. Majoni Tyson

    Very wrong statement

  11. Daniel Banda

    Thank you Charles you couldn’t be more accurate in your analysis, the majority of those supporters are people who are indoctrinated with cemetery power as their most senior member (chief…..) has biasted indicated

  12. Daniel Banda

    Thank you Charles you couldn’t be more accurate in your analysis, the majority of those supporters are people who are indoctrinated with cemetery power as their most senior member (chief…..) has boasted and indicated. Those insults and poor communication skills and fixed minds even where thinks are clear, are signs demonic involvement. Let those who have ears hear.

  13. Razor

    It’s actually the PF who will be in UPND regalia trying to cause violence so people blame the UPND. Only the ruling party has the resources to carry out such schemes. That’s why Chanda said no one should wear the PF regalia because they will instead be in the UPND regalia.

  14. Ck

    to my own understand there is no need of PF cadres to go to the police station to do what? at least UPND cadres because they will be escorting their party president.

  15. Ck

    Am a non partisan,they is no need of blaming the opposition party for them not hold the convention, they have their rules and regulations.let me also comment on PF cadres,there is no need of them going to Ndola police station ,to do what at least UPND to give solidarity there president. the police will be there to make sure peace is maintained and rules are followed.

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