Prince Harry to Visit Zambia

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry will visit Zambia on November 26 and 27 2018.

State House spokesperson Amos Chanda says the Prince will be in the country to attend the festivities of the end of the World War I which will coincide with the Northern Province Investment Exposition.

Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex is a member of the British royal family. He is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and is sixth in the line of succession to the British throne.


  1. nefertiti

    I am not royal enough to welcome you but I am sure your equals the kazembe, litunga, chitimukulu and others do welcome you to this land.

  2. mulobezi

    U ar most welcome prince neva mind about thoz hu sound bitter lyk th one above,he is a genuine african frm th bantu speaking pipo of katanga whch iz not In sussex.

  3. Hev Rena

    As former colonial masters these people should be made to visit areas like kanyama and be able to see the poverty and backwardneś we ar still facing 54 yrs since they left us.

  4. Amon Ng'ombe

    As to me a citizen of Zambia am welcoming you to our country.To come and see how much Zambia is suffering from different problems.May God of mercy bless you now and forever.

  5. Kelvin

    Most welcome to our land

  6. Defence Minister

    We will be glad to see you and wish you the very best.

  7. Bester

    U are welcome to our homeland

  8. Christina

    Prince Harry should also visit Zimbabwe, we are fond of the Royal family.

  9. Mpombo

    You’re welcome but we don’t want to be lectured how to govern ourselves Infact what we want from you is to lobby Theresa May to supply us with anti-riot gear together with state of the art arms like those being supplied to Saudis Also your goverment should deport all illegal Zambian immigrants that’re anti-goverment like Larry Mweetwa and Mwamba Payne to the Zambian gov’t Lastly let the UK institute a commission of inquiry and prosecute all those that stole money during privatization and impose a travel ban and asset freeze on the upnd leader the architect of privatization

  10. chinangwa

    It’s a rare privilege for British royalty to visit a third world country like ours.Am happy. Welcome!

  11. M.M.

    The commemoration of the end of WW 1 is on 25th November, but the Prince is visiting Zambia on 26th November. So he will miss the event! By the way, who among world leaders will attend the event?

  12. Busy

    Believe u me, this so called price he will be taken straight to plot one,pamodz and direct to mbala, without even going to places like kanyama,misisi and George comp, when George Bush came to Zambia he was taken to George hospital and contributed

  13. Patrick BWALYA

    Welcome Prince Harry to Zambia.We welcome you with open arms.Enjoy your visit to Zambia the Real Africa.

  14. Collins SIAME

    Awesome news you are most welcome, to our peaceful land harry, we will love to see you in our mother zambia.

  15. Royd Kane'na

    The lunda royal establishment greatly welcomes you to this our land of mother Zambia the land of piece.

  16. King cool

    I think it will be better if we can take this guy in chibolya compound and Kamanga, chaisa and mandevu why taking him to State House? Let him visit kuku compound…

  17. Margaret Tembo

    You are most welcome Harry to our country Zambia.

  18. Prince Harry

    hi Zambians i hear you have nice pussies who dance like concrete mixers that’s why I’ve left my wife i want a Zambian nyini yachi kaonde

  19. Rainian

    Welcome prince!!!

  20. mwais wilz

    Well come to zambia prince wsh u all the best during ur visitation

  21. Albert

    Don’t forget to visit Barotseland, the treaty yo fore Fathers signed with the then Litunga, Northern Rhodesia( Zambia), is still a hot issue.

  22. sk

    he is welcome to our land of peace!!

  23. prince.k

    you are welcome to our homeland

  24. catherine mukobe

    congratulations with your wedding
    welcome to zambia enjoy your experience in our land

  25. Price Eric Matanda

    I Welcome You My Fellow Prince,this Your Country Our Mother Nkoya Land God Bles!


    you are welcome in zambia where you find who are suffering and others are celebrating come and die with hunger luvale kingdom lunga manna

  27. Honest Chibwe

    Welcome prince in our country

  28. musawa

    welcome prince Harry please Hurry

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