Xi Ping Protest to Pres. Lungu Attacks on Chinese Nationals

State House Press Aide Amos Chanda says the Chinese President Xi Jinping has formally complained to the Zambian government over the ill-treatment of his country’s nationals.

And Chanda says attacks on foreign nationals will no longer be tolerated.

Addressing the media on wide ranging issues, Chanda said that a number of Chinese nationals had taken long vacations in protest of the recent attacks on them.

“The lawlessness unnecessarily targeting the Chinese, Indians or indeed any nationality will be tolerated because Zambia has a well-established record as a peaceful country that welcomes visitors from all destinations,” Chanda said.


He said the riots in Kitwe had aggravated the tension between Zambia and China.

“The protest is aggravated by the fact that they (China) are being targeted on the basis of falsehoods. They presented (complaint) with regret that at the time that Zambia’s relationship with China is at a point, one of the highest points in history, comparable to only when President Kaunda was in office they regret that such developments as was the case in Kitwe,” Chanda said.

“They are very specific that they are very offended by the developments in Kitwe where Chinese nationals were targeted and to that effect the Chinese ambassador announced that the disproportionate high number of Chinese nationals have taken long vacations.”


  1. mulobezi

    U ar nt wrng xi ping,its very unfortunate that the opposition in zambia hs lost direction they now even loot shops belonging 2 yo nationals at th hands of one satanist hu under wat sakamstence wll b jailed 2moro in kitwe.

  2. Jackson Bwalya Sense

    don’t complain ji ping the trable maker will be caged to morrow

  3. Tefyo

    Lawlessness targeting Chinese, Indians, and any other nationals but not Zambians will not be tolerated…. Put Zambians first if these people respect indigenous people they will not have a problem

    • King Dæv de Citizen

      No no we Zambians we jus over think at times we think those people are here to take over Zambia,not true they are here for dat development u hv been longing since day one…nw dey giv u development u fight de beat Dem call Dem names..which is been nufair …lets behave let Dem do wat dey came here for and let Dem leave in peace ✌

  4. Leader

    If they are not happy let them leave after all they are not here to develop this country but they are here steal our resources and make their country rich

    • Chendabusiku

      This blindness will not lead us anywhere. You are saying the Chinese can leave when you cannot even build a pitlatrine for yourself.

    • Ks

      And de same gadget u re using to write nonsense is from China. Let s just embrace one another and dev Zambia

  5. Bowa

    I hope our leader also complains for

  6. Bowa

    I hope our leader also complains formally to Xi ping. When our boys who are students in China are beaten to death with iron bars by Chinese nationals in China

  7. Lemmy

    Some idiots ll never appreciate.zambia one nation

  8. Jae Hoodz

    That’s nonsense, does he know what to attack means… Go ask south africans uzakatasha..

  9. Longinus

    But when a Chinese acrobats a Zambian national at work place, our government doesn’t complain to the Chinese government. Ciwamila mbuzi ugunda galu.

  10. MM

    Let us be civil the way we approach other Nations Weather we like it or not China is every country’s Destination. We should not do like the Kachema

  11. Emy Zee

    We Saw How The Chanese Bleeing Develope In Our Country So Let Them Do There Job Ok

  12. Patrick BWALYA

    Zambians have been beaten and killed by some Chinese but the Zambian Government has never complained to the Chinese President.Do they think if they complain is good as biting a finger that feeds you?

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