CAF Suspends FIFA Referee Sikazwe

Top Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe has been suspended by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for alleged biased officiating during the Champions League semi-final match between Tunisian side Esperance and Premeiro Agusto of Angola.

Sikazwe gave the home side a dubious penalty while the visting taem Premeiro Agusto of Angola were denied a legitimate goal.

With the match tied at 0-0 Sikazwe pointed to the spot after Agosto defender Jose Macaia was adjudged to have fouled Maohamed Belaili inside the penalty box.

When the scoreline was at 3-2, Agosto thought they had grabbed a third away goal but Ungenda had the goal disallowed after Mingo Bille was ruled to have pushed Esperance goalkeeper Rami Jridi.

The Angolan’s dissatisfaction with the referee got worse when Esperance delivered the final blow with Badri scoring the fourth goal after what appeared to have been an infringement on his marker who attempted to clear the danger.

Esperance won the match 4-2 to dump the Angolans out of the CAF Champions League at semi final stage.

Sikazwe, who epitomised Zambian football when he officiated at the 2018 Russia World Cup and other top global championships, will not handle any match until he satisfactorily responds to CAF, has asked him to exculpate himself.


  1. Sylvia

    Too bad Mr sikazwe…….

    • Chilambwe s

      I watched the game. I was not happy the way Mr JS handled the game. I complained. And today these are the results

  2. Elijah

    Too bad

  3. Foul

    Corruption in Zambian has gotten worse and it has become a zambian culture now. Initially i was proud of this man JS but am now demoralised with his behaviour.

    • lproud

      Cant you just be patient and shut it


      I was also proud of this man,but am now demoralised with his behavior, anyway too bad

    • Ted

      I ll start by saying that this continent is a disgrace.It is a pity that people are reacting to sikazwe’s suspension without looking at the match. I hv watched the video & can say that there were only 2 big mistakes in the match which both sides benefited from. The first goal premier agosto scored should hv been ruled out for offside because one of their players stood in the gk line of vision which isnt allowed under the new fifa rules unless africa still uses the old rule book ( see man u v man city for reference dated 10.09.2016 when rashfords goal was ruled out for offside because zlatan stood in the line of vision of bravo). The penalty that sikazwe awarded was legit, i hv seen worse penalties awarded like the penalty real madrid were given against psg when lo celso was adjudged to hv fouled kroos in the ucl, the penalty sterlin got against sharktar, the penalty vasquez won for madrid against juve’s benatia in the ucl semi final yet none of those refs were suspended. The penalty sikazwe gv was a penalty because the defender did not play the ball when he rushed to tackle the attacking player who was trying to score from a through ball. Such penalties are given 7/10 times & janny should hv given a benefit of a doubt because had he denied the home team, they also would hv protested against him. If caf insists it was a mistake, then they should implement VAR because it was a very difficulty decision to make in 10 secs without the benefit of a second view. You can also look at the game played btwn south africa & nigeria on saturday, nigeria were denied 2 legit goals, both wrongly ruled out for offside & were also denied a clear goal scoring opportunity when musa was wrongly adjudged to hv bn offside when replays showed he was onside. If the linesman from that match was banned, i would understand but nothing happened to him. The offside goal that they are blaming sikazwe for should fall on the linesman as he is the man who is assigned to look for offside unless sikazwe overruled his assistants decisions then you can say he was biased. Offsides are entirely a duty of linesmen. All i see is smear campaign to destroy sikazwe, caf is managed by corrupt idiots who are lazy foot. Coming fronlm zambia, a country full of cowards & docile people who allow everyone to oppress them without challenging them doesnt help sikazwe at all. Faz should hv sat with fifa to review the match, but i dont expect anything from them since they failed to stand up for the players when they were attacked by ghana, with chamanga sustaining a head injury. We were denied two penalties in the home game that we recently played against guinea, when mwepu was tackled from behind as he was trying to tap in the cross with the keeper beaten yet faz didnt react to that just like they hv always to cnfront caf over alot of injustices that go against our team. Janny is persecuted because some people are not happy with his rise & the fact that he comes from a “disgraced” country . I think its high time a real man stood up to restore the pride of this country .

  4. Stephen Pitika

    You reap what you sow, he has been below par of late

  5. Sports Minister

    Nothing to worry Sikazwe,who appoint you as a coach kaili Sven must go.

  6. Amon Ng'ombe

    Culture for Zambians, but too bad for Mr JS !!!!

  7. Chinyama mukuma

    Sorry Mr teacher

    • kezo

      Ba Js bosting too much i have observed even wen officiating in the Zambian league.

  8. Mwanza J

    Remember a questionable decision made during the match between Nkana FC Vs Dynamos FC semi final. Let’s improve bane

  9. Nic Dean

    Too bad ya Sikazwe!!

  10. Oze casppo

    Something is wrong with this guy look at what he did to nkana in the barclays cup shame on you man

  11. chimuka Hatontola

    Zambian soccer fund are now vindicated for their out cry over this man’s biase officiating and his stubbornness!

  12. chimuka Hatontola

    Zambian soccer fans are now vindicated for their out cry over this man’s biase officiating and his stubbornness!

  13. Simpito Mukandwa


  14. Daniel Banda

    Generally, we are a dishonest people and take others for granted. How come FAZ has to consider how to deal with Sven? Let me remind you that FAZ told that coach that his extension of the contract would depend on his qualifying the national team to AFCON. Since he has not produced the expected results, let him go. The loss of the matches, in my view the matches were lost on typical tactical errors. One could not see the coach’s input in that match played in Mozambique most of the play was individualism among the players.

    • Maximo

      Mr Sikazwe don’t bring shame to your referee career,you are the mentor to young Zambians who want to take up referee career. Shame.

  15. Adam Phiri

    FIFA Referee apologizes to Super Eagles, Ahmed Musa Nov 19, 2018 10:59 AM

    The head of the officiating team of yesterday’s AFCON 2019 Qualifiers between South Africa and Nigeria Bakary Papa Gassama has apologised to the Nigerian team after wrongly denying them two goals due to wrong offside calls. Ahmed Musa put through Kelechi Iheanacho who tapped home believing he has given Nigeria the lead but Musa who supplied the pass was judged by the assistant referee as been in an offside position, something which turned out to be wrong after video replays.

    In the second half with less than five minutes to go, Musa was once again at the receiving end of another poor referee decision as he was once again flagged offside incorrectly after slotting home what could have given Nigeria all three points. The game ended 1-1 with Nigeria sealing her passage to next year Africa Cup of Nations but officials of the Nigeria Football Federation ( NFF) still expressed their unhappiness to Gassama over the poor decision which cost Nigeria a win.

    Image result for Ahmed Musa angry
    Gassama admitted the error and even went a step further by sending his apologies to Musa over the incident although he admitted that such errors are sometimes unavoidable particularly due to the non-availability of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR).

    Ahmed Musa had questioned the offside call that denied Nigeria a winner in Saturday’s African Cup of Nations qualifiers against South Africa at the FNB Stadium. In the 83rd minute of the clash and with the score tied at 1-1, Alex Iwobi threaded an incisive pass through for Musa, who also had substitute Isaac Success chasing it. The Al Nassr forward opted to have a go instead and slotted past Itumeleng Khune to put the Super Eagles ahead, but referee Bakary Gassama ruled it out for an offside.

    See all
    Report a problem


  16. Aba Yellow

    He also did this to the match between Power Vs Nkana during the Barclays cup at Woodlands stadium.

    • kay

      yes and when Nkana fans complained they were told they were just troublesome. I hope this teaches him a lesson. pride always comes before a fall.

  17. chinangwa

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  18. Busy

    Or too bad , let’s hope he was not given umuchanga or akasaka to officiate that poor results 😂😂. shame on Zambia’s football God help us.

  19. leon

    The culture of stealing instilled by the ubomba mwibala is killing the citizenary

  20. sikazwe victor

    mwazewanya impanga ya ulungu yamukombe

  21. Christmas

    Comment I watched the game and I wasn’t happy how he officiated. it’s a good move by caf.

  22. Intelligentsia

    “It has been alleged that…” “He has been told to exculpate himself” In the event that he satisfactorily respond to CAF, are you still going to maintain your negative comments on the brother man?

  23. Joseph Mundia

    corruption, is food in zambia.

  24. Marcus jr

    don’t be arrogant mwana poor you.

  25. MJ

    I just never liked Sikazwe

  26. BC

    HH has incinted sikazwa to be bias during the game. Kkkkk lol Bina Zambia

  27. FIFA president

    He will be banned from any football action

  28. abilima

    If it was a Zambian team that had lodged a complaint, nothing would have been done to the referee – memories of Diramba are still very fresh.

  29. Gunda

    Diramba of Zambia
    Corruption taking root

  30. Zambrota

    Non is perfect in any way we all make mistakes and such for js it’s a learning point work on your weakness and move on

  31. Kimasholi

    The majority of Zambians are thieves by nature. We have some stealing in our blood. We still company time by reporting for work late and knock early but get paid a full pay. We glorify thieves as long as they are on our sides. Check the number of politicians who are stealthily in active politics versus what they did and say in the past.

  32. KUPUSA

    wages of sin he fucked my wife for k5

  33. Rodgers Chembe

    I noticed his bad officiating at the Nkana/Power barclays cup where he gave a penalty which was not supposed to be given and then realized that he had made mistake and did not allow the goal to stand

  34. Patson

    These are planned move ladies and gentlemen let’s be honest, Joshua Bondo denied Zambia from qualifying to the wold cup in Nigeria by disallowing a valid goal scored by Augustine Mulenga, Senegal scored a similar goal at the world cup where there was VAR nothing has happened and Zambia in Guinea Bissau upon arrival at the airport they didn’t find a bus which they could use as a result they chanced a Rosa taking players and thier valuables from the airport to the hotel it didn’t even have breaks without Police escort all these happened before the game. FAZ wrote to CAF seeking clalirity upto now nothing has been done. FIFA CAF till local associations/Federations are corrupt. Mr Jenny mistakes happen in football and if God has really put it to say you are reaching that destine definely you will no one will say no whether FAZ or CAF or FIFA,,,,,I’m besides you Mr Janny Sikazwe!!!!!!

    • Tigo

      BA zambia you don’t appreciate PhD too much.

    • Widen

      Am seconding what Patson coz some careers are from God even some put some obstacos nothing can happen in Sikazwe’s case were was the linesmen was he alone. we should not blame him.

  35. Soccer Fan

    I watched that match, I was dismayed by some decisions he made. This is a fall from grace.

  36. Bk


  37. Good Samaritan

    Mr Sikazwe is human and to err is human, so many referees have made mistakes in the game even worse than Sikazwe, it is part of the game. We need stand with him at a time like this

  38. Mark

    For me Caf is not fair on JS there are a number of biased referees in Africa who officiates badly and Caf don’t take action, look at some of the games involving Zambia especially when it comes to West African Countries, most of the games are being handled poorly, but Caf is silent on that, and you Zambians making silly comments are you not ashamed of yourselves, if really you are Zambians? Janny is just a human being like all of us and he can make a mistake, can you please come to your senses!!!!!!

  39. Chiko jnr

    Sorry big man..KARMA

  40. Nicholas Mwansa

    I hope you exculpate yourself satisfactorily JS otherwise I will be very disappointed with you after your highly credible performance as referee at the world cup. You have a very bright future young man and ex Santos!!

  41. Mark

    Why sikazwe not bondo

  42. Kaswango

    Jealous, they don’t want Black’s to b on top.if remember the dayz of liwewe ,he wz a best comentetor but they step on him

  43. Janny

    i ve learnt a lesson please forgive!

  44. Mwandila

    Too bad for our man JS

  45. Gerard mulyata kazumba

    Yes its true coz i Watched the full game sikazwe was using corruption not experience…. yes it true

  46. Sk

    Too bad Mr Man u are destroying your carrier, y Zambians are becoming corrupted like this

  47. Razor

    He has been caught getting bribes through whatsapp messages which also proved his bias that’s why he has been suspended. Career ending in disgrace.

  48. legicalnjema

    those AR the benefits of being biased,azamuziba jesu.

  49. Janny Sikazwe

    guys bali lyishamo sininga gone na njala atase you think I can eat soccer rules when there is only ka pamela mealie meal in my house panyo panu ba CAF



  51. Zambians zambians,always negative when it comes to each other,first all,how many of you watched the full 90mins of the Esperance vs premirio de augusto game?I doubt if any did,I watched it,and decisions made by jani in that match are made world wide by so called world class referees,watch that game then comment!!Don't just criticise something coz everyone is!!be analytical


  52. Chilufya chota

    too bad Mr JS..

  53. papa G

    This is not a good thing Mr Sikazwe try to be honest in every thing that you are doing see now what you have done to yourself.

  54. Albert albert chibolya

    too bad mwe, nga Bali bias mu bola nishi tebakutrasta naku ma exam papers

  55. Janny Sikazwe

    iwe ka Papa G I’ve already confessed I can’t eat soccer rules atase even the prostitutes have told you I dished a lot of money ahh guys

  56. AK

    Caf Start Using Video Assistant Referee

  57. Janny sikazwe

    Sorry bazambia de money was too big I won’t do it again, about$98,000iwee ungakanee🍟🍔🥞🍗 sorry.

  58. Abashitina

    I wish caf will suspending js forever, very bias.Do you think we were happy to disallow the goal scored by Mbombo against power dynamo

  59. fundi musuma

    Serves him right, he thinks he has become a god.

  60. Paxil lutumba

    Yes, JS had robbed our team, football fans in angola are yet to swallow Mr. JS action as a neighboring country and SADC allies.
    Still did not mean anything to him.

    MR.JS will never be forgiven by the angolans unless he apologise publicly and diplomatically

  61. Madaliso phiri

    lts realy sad that Zambians shud express akalijo on a fellow rising Zambian J Sikazwe.We ve of late watched a lot of poor officiating coming from refferees which hs gone without say,bt nw why Sikazwe of all the pipo? The man is destined 4 greatness want it or not.Mukomfwa nensoni.Cant suport a fellow Zambian sure! after all who does’nt mk mistakes if he made any? Fifa dont doze around feeling akalijo help that man!!!

  62. Kas win

    Too Bad for him and Zambia at rage,coz this has dirten Zambias reputation over the unfairness during the Game.

  63. Cletus K.Chisanga

    Hw do they mete out suspension b4 expalting oneself????That befits th rules of natural justice. One z innocent b4 proven guilty. !!!!! Yes we demand fair play & fair justice.

  64. Joseph Mpange

    ba people don’t be so talkative on someone’s mistake, we all learn from the mistakes.i am still proud of you my teacher.

  65. Francisco

    I never seen in my whole life referee with this behaviour. He took 1 de Agosto from Africa Champion League. He has exploded his life because of money.

  66. Brian

    mmm to bad for JS

  67. Jombo

    Too bad sikazwe

  68. Gosp

    Ubomba mwibala….#corrupt teachz ECZ mst tak note of such becoz dey ar de sam teachz link de examz

  69. Mm

    The Angolan club are complaining not because Jenny was bias it’s because he is from Zambia.There thinking is that they eliminated Zesco FC,so whatever Jenny did in that game was not good to them.In Angola when Zesco played that team the March was suppose to end in 93m but it ended in 99m they scored the winning goal in 98m We didn’t complain why should they.Its game caf/fifa should leave our ref alone.

  70. Jah

    I conquer with u man that referee was also very baise by now he wud av been punished .

  71. Smith Phiri

    Too Bad For Mr J.Sikazwe


    Is not fair

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