CBU Unions Threaten to Sue Luo

The unions at the Copperbelt University have threatened to take legal action against Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo should she fail to make known recommendations by the University Caretaker Committee following their calls to have Vice Chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma removed for alleged failure to run the institution.

And the Unions have stated that the closure of Copperbelt University School of Medicine vindicates their calls that the institution is being poorly managed.

Stakeholder Union Chairman Dr Derrick Ntalasha said the unions have been patient enough waiting for a pronouncement by the Higher Education Minister on recommendations submitted to her by the university caretaker committee.

He has expressed shock that the Minister is failing to take action against Professor Naison Ngoma but finds it easy to demean union leaders with the interest of ensuring better ways of running the university.

Dr Ntalasha said the stakeholders are disappointed that the minister is failing to give leadership on an issue that could lead to a compromised learning system.

He however states that action by the Health Professions Council of Zambia to close down the school of medicine as a result of some irregularities vindicates the Union.

Dr Ntalasha has asked the engineering institute of Zambia to consider carrying out inspections because standards at the university have drastically gone down.


  1. zedoc

    CBU lecturers failed to remove Ngoma the first time they blew the whistle against him. Now it is like they want to continue fighting management the whole time. No where in universities outside Zambia do academics behave the way ‘impotent’ CBU academics have been behaving. Naison Ngoma should also learn that when people do not want you, it is best to look for a more opportune time when noise has subsided and opt for a more dignified exit. Both Ngoma and CBU lecturers share the blame for the length of time it has taken to resolve this issue. Academics should be seen to behave like learned people and not look like charlatans on the streets.

    • abilima

      zedoc – You have hit it right on. The starting point is that CBU academics themselves are of low quality.

  2. muntungwa

    This is the more reason I opted to send my son to Mulungushi even though sending him there wiped all my life savings. You are right zedoc and abilima.

  3. John

    the quality of education is still excellent its just the internal politics that need to be resolved

  4. Joseph

    How many students has CBU graduate? by then just to count how many ,there are many graduate but all this past years they never investigated the university, why this time why this. That institution is a public institution and the second best unversity why cant they just renewal it and regularity it in the manner the HPC wants

  5. Tefyo

    Please don’t take my pretty nkandu to court

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