Hichilema to Appear Before Ndola Police Today

Police on the Copperbelt may have a double shift this morning as UPND President Hakainde Hichilema appears before the Ndola Police command after being summoned last week.

Opposition UPND youths on the Copperbelt have pledged a solidarity procession to the police station while their National Democratic Congress (NDC) counterparts have also been directed by their leadership to render solidarity which could spark a showdown.

Ruling party youth have also been put on alert by their Copperbelt command just in case they are provoked.

Hichilema has been summoned to appear in connection with his remarks that ZAFFICO has been sold to the Chinese.

His sentiments allegedly sparked riots on the Copperbelt against Chinese investments.

The NDC youth leader Charles Kabwita says he will lead his party youths to Ndola Central Police.

“We are together in the struggle for a better Zambia and we are ready to die for our great nation. Fear and intimidation will not deter us from thronging to Ndola in great numbers,” he added.




  1. Bk

    Youths just work hard and be creative Don’t be decieved by this Desperate Satanist Once you are Locked Thing thing called hakaname Hiboza will not there for you.The waste thing Is that he doesn’t know you.

  2. Ba specialb

    He needs law

  3. Ob

    Paipa pano…………

  4. Majoni Tyson

    Whatever fate awaits you,our president God will stand for you. Continue fighting for the poor Zambians. No weapon set against u shall prosper until you redeem this country from the cruel shackles of poverty imposed by the pf gvment. Live long president Hakainde Hichilema.

  5. Sibweni

    Youths get money buy favourite beer drink and when u done go 2 slept 4b they arrest u. Don’t Dear police are trained security men and women knows yo weaker parts of yo body u endup deadin. Politican’s always use pipo has sheld 2 avoid justice and that is tactic unpd is using 2 defend it’s party president. Human right is a global sung by sam human 2 cover they sin and it’s used 2 cheat pipo misbhav against gov’t . Any show down with police pipo wil dead

  6. Esdras

    Dying for someone who doesn’t know you? Just work relentlessly and earn your own respect and wealths not to be used as defence weapon or as a killing agent.

  7. mr president

    God with u my freind & 2 the youths make good alegement do’t let my freind get arrested

  8. Wiseman Alfred n

    May God help our land because innocent souls will suffer

    (Www. the gospel of Jesus international ministries with pastor Wiseman Alfred n. com)

  9. Sibweni

    Since 1992-94’s privatization of state owned companies our country has never bin the sam bcoz majorite zambian’s lost employment. MMD has 2 promise us better zambia than kk gov’t gave us but sadly all those comments where fake and frm that time zambia has never recovered economic. The consults knew the dangers of selling companies 2 foreigns not list it to lusaka stock exchange 2 rise capital 2 save jobs but now are here 2 fix it and is lik create a disease and discover a cure 2 save lifes 2 b praise has a saviour.

  10. Mulenga

    Comment: idiots will be in support of pf

  11. Bester

    I go for upnd for the next presidential elections

  12. Chris mainas

    Government ya chuzhi so don’t try again

  13. Mr makandauko

    Imwe Baku Ndola changamukani.please upnd youth don’t let our president by his own work together as we move forward. Police leave hh Alone ,mukamata_ mata haiba mutwaezi kueza zabukuba

  14. Zambia Army Commander

    Please kindly follow what is being required otherwise if you jump around,how send my boys there.

  15. Mpombo

    Teti votele mu Tonga ine

  16. D L B

    as long as you regard him as your messaiah, calamity will always be upon him not until he learns how to submit. Zambia for Jesus!

  17. Muntu mufunelo

    Wake me up…. Am sleeping… What is happening???? A normal youth planning to do that………

  18. mulobezi

    Iet the satanist”s sympathizers bear n mind tht copabelt is pf stronghold if they misbehav they wil face guantamo

    • Clever

      Yo brains are rubish u think like a toilet who is toking about strong holds u the same pipo causing problems koswe us we want peace

  19. Daniel Banda

    If that man is worth to be a president, he should ensure that his followers support our laws and he must be truthful. He should know that any life lost from his emotionally charged cadres will be attributed to his leadership. Just make sure that you recognize the silent majority.

  20. chinangwa

    Innocent until proven guilty by courts of law.

  21. Eastern

    Instead of developing the nation people are business interfering others. Freedom of expression is a Zambian law.

  22. Tenji

    In steady of working on the poor Economy of our country, people are busy following up things which will not even help our poor country in any way after discussing them.

  23. chendabusiku

    Well, Hakainde Hichilema is not very smart, he wants fame at all costs even at the los of people’s lives. Well no one will stop any one who has decisded to die it is their democratic right.

  24. Intelligentsia

    Iliko bad, bafikala fya baninenu ba UPND watch your fucking back…. otherwise walasha itole ku kopala. We enjoying fighting and we are deep were fight is a norm of the day. Kosa nga walikosa sitanyoko noko ichinyo.

    • Clever

      Atase kwena ulimbwafye enjoying fighting kwati walafola instead of thinking about the solution anyway 4rom the way u toking i can tel u come 4rom a very poor family u dad was a dou idiot niwebo balaposha itole pantu uli chipubafye

  25. Intelligentsia

    Iliko bad, bafikala fya baninenu ba UPND watch your fucking back…. otherwise walasha itole ku kopala. We enjoy fighting and we are deep were fight is a norm of the day. Kosa nga walikosa sitanyoko noko ichinyo.

  26. Busy

    After interrogation,arrest hh is a BIG demon in z🤣😂🤣😂

  27. Smith

    Don’t expose your foolishness u coward, street kid iwe, uliwakumushi sanna iwe

  28. Smith

    U think insulting will make u normal or make u strong tabakupononapo iwe I think
    0974934120 follow me I show u
    Strong pipo doesn’t show themselves, u just exposing u dullness and foolishness, u a big guy no brains

  29. Hamoba hangombe

    Smith, are you hh or Smith uzafa chikubaba atop insulting hh must be jaied for he is fool of demons idiot together with him

  30. The disciples

    People who support nonsense have no future for themselves,there children and so on.the fact is despite economy having declined since MMS came in power but a normal person can differentiate between the rule of mwanawasa and the mighty Michael chilufya sata.idiots can’t see the source of these complaints

  31. Trevor Pambwe

    God fo Zambia jst like in Israel,HH cnt b arrested its a game of politicians nt u.

  32. Puki

    Seriously pipo

  33. KUPUSA

    Katanga dont waste time use electric pliers to squeeze his small testicles

  34. Me

    Please pipo don’t play with zp if you have never been beaten before ask me please don’t provoke them those guys are trained and you you just know nothing and you want to go fight with them if you guys want to go to the grave yard before your time go you are free to to do so

  35. Zam

    Don’t gave up go go forward

  36. Revelation 1:7

    Kikikiki ba NDC umungulu mukafwile canyongolo is that yo case yu initiate yo own riot to much utucawa atibamitemwe ba hh

  37. Self nyokozi

    Hand in hand we work youths

  38. Jonathan

    Paipa pano. Noishiba bwino utuntu

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