Police Warn and Caution Hichilema

Police have recorded a warn and caution from UPND President Hakainde Hichilema after he appeared for questioning at Ndola Central Police.

Hichilema told his supporters in the aftermath of the interrogation that he had opted to exercise his right to remain silent.

“As per our constitutional right, we decided to remain silent during the interrogation process. A warn and caution has been recorded against us but we will not stop speaking for our people and against those abusing our country’s strategic assets,” he said.


“And remember, it’s Zambia and Zambians first.  People power! Our power! Our land! To all of you, thank you, thank you and thank you for your continued support.”

Meanwhile police in blocked Journalists from the private media from covering the questioning of UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema who was appearing at Ndola Central Police.


And ZANIS Reporter Frank Ching’ambu has been detained for filming the arrival of UPND leader and his entourage at Ndola central Police.


The officers sealed off Ndola Central Police allowing only the national broadcaster ZNBC to cover the proceedings.


Muvi TV’s Mike Mubanga who tried his way was flushed out by heavily armed police officers while Journalists from other media institutions watched helplessly.


Hichilema was accompanied by his vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba GBM ,Causel Keith Mweemba and Gilbert Phiri.


Others are Opposition National Democratic Congress NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili who are there to offer solidarity to their counterpart opposition Leader.


  1. Patmoll

    Why blocking the private media? Just wait.

    • Hammer

      Silent when questioned by the police but talking to the people who haven’t even asked him anything . The same people you are trying to cheat wanted to know your
      responses to the charges , now you have proved your reckless talk and your non leadership quality , as for NDC why not calling your children to come and support Hechi Hechi . Why inciting our children when yours are drinking tea in London ? Why?

  2. Boma in boma

    Use tufuna uyumunthu azibe ati boma iliko


    fuck off people im not with stupid muvi tv

  4. Twaileta

    One Zambia, one nation

  5. Christopher youngsaka

    Why should the. Opposition leader remain silent when things in our country are not in order?,

  6. Umwina Zambia

    Why mwakanisha ama privet tv station, mwasuminishafye ZNBC. That’s not fair coz ZNBC tailondolola bwino ilyashi ila favor Government

  7. B@rcelona Managers™

    Law ni law my guy, just a ka simple call out on paper wayamba kututuma. I think chimboks and mukoz maximum prison taught you to obey yours and our president’s summons. Kkkkkkkk

  8. Sibweni

    Youths move with yo life bcoz pipo use u are cheatin u but benefit 4 themselves 2 repay their financial lose 4 the past 20year in opposition. Open yo eyes bhind the cameras are laughin and drinkin coffee 2gather.

  9. Nkhuku

    Lungu Is A Dictartor Am Telling U.

  10. esasa

    That’s very good bt HH z clever

  11. Oze caspo

    Watch muvi tv news tonyt tuliko we v covered everything znbc kwff

  12. Felix flextwo

    This is not fair how can they only allow Znbc as it if like is the only media in zambia but i always support government in all means but not this whats the reason of not allowing them. Watch out ba government

    • Ggg

      Go ahead hh, a man with powerful leadership, no more these goat’s

  13. Oscar kampamba

    Why not allowing this other Media has if znbc is the only Media??? Ba government come on What you are doing is not good at all.


    Hichilema the great warrior

  15. Treason

    Go Go Mr H H This Is Our Land Don’t Allow Them To Destroy Our Wealth.

  16. One Simbotwe

    Mukamwenako imww bakembo

  17. Albert

    Why exercise his right to remain silent if what he said was the truth and he has proof?

  18. Self nyokozi

    Just allow them to do what they are entitled to.

  19. Muntu mufunelo

    Mmmmm ati don’t allow them to destroy our wealth………. That’s why most of u are dull …anyway this is Africa where people forget easily…..

  20. Mkb5

    I see a lot of villens in this satare……watch out for 2021 UPNDC pact!

  21. Bushiri

    Viva Mr President,i will keep on praying for you

  22. Razor

    Very few people if any watch znbc so this is just as good as a media blackout.

  23. one shu

    Mawe mawe one zed one nation Boma ni boma

  24. Mpombo

    The issue here is the big thief doesn’t want assets to be sold thinking if and not when he becomes president he won’t have anything to sale

    • hanene

      The privatisation program was done during the chiiuba reign. In 2001 Mwanawasa became President. Mwanawasa made the kwacha have the respect from major currencies. The U S $ was trading below K3. Did hh undertake any further privatization after the death of mwanawasa ? The fruits of privatisation were seen. There was no need of a microscope for a person to see what is happening. These days ypi are busy singing about development which is seen by just a few individuals singing the hallelujah development. Children have these days known what is known as a dollar. Be genuine bane sivimtu. Someone said I have no vision and as Zambians we said izaoona. Let’s wait and see as to where we are going.

  25. AMAFI

    im told muvi tv is now called MUVI TUVI kakakakakakakaka

  26. Majoni Tyson

    HH spoke the truth that’s why government has spared him. Keep on fighting for Zambia Mr Hichilema.

  27. Evans mwiinga

    wat kind of police officers are these who dont know the laws of the media u government teach your so called police service they are dull and grade q2 failiers

  28. Jahman metal

    AMa story yamo awemwe you know people change is he only permanent thing in life .

  29. Revelation 1:7

    Ati let’s protect our assets 4getng that u are the one who sold them u are the one who destroyed the Zambian assets when you sold the companies umungulu bati u are just after state house u just want a title of presidency kupangako zina

  30. Boko Haram

    Now tell us about the body of a taxi driver still in the mortuary

  31. Trevor Pambwe

    Dora siliya u said u will resign if HH z right,tiye yambapo manje u thot our leader is dull


    God bless you my president Mr HH

  33. Jackson k

    Hh for life, go go no retreat no surrender

  34. Busy

    Police I told you to lock him after interrogation,and u let that demon Togo freely AAA cow 😂😂kachema

  35. BM

    Zambians be very Careful there guys are Real Mafias. in sheep’s Skins but inside they are really Criminals. One as you already know is A mansion which terrible Cult.BE WARMED.

  36. MM

    This person called hh has become a god to a certain tribe I really Pity HIm.Wait for 2021 GOD is alone on the THRONE

  37. Barotseland

    Foolish action by the Police for refusing other media to cover the strong opposition warriors warn and caution process and some of you writers should learn to control your tongues bcos insults shows how dull someone is .

  38. Mr dundumwenze

    If hh he lied why the police haven’t arrested him? Number two why they refused other media? Number three Dora siliya are you going to resign or not? Dora siliya uzisamala mau ndiwe muntu mukulu-kulu mu government, and I am sure there’s something wrong in your head nowonder you can’t control your mouth.

    • Fyakuifwaila

      For sure let her risen with her foolishness that’s why her husband left her she is not macured then she still urinating on bed said her X husband

  39. Jb

    Wolooooo shame on you ba pf big pipo are big pipo…..

  40. central provice

    I hate hh like feces …..elo wamupapamina kwati nimbwa yapa chimpembela. Epowayambila amapolitics you competed with mwanawasa, RB, sata up to the humbled intelligent and blessed president (ECL) can’t you see that people don’t like you? See in the next comment.

  41. central provice

    When I look at your history, you don’t have good education. You have just forged your results through corruption. How can you be a leader? Take a look to happened to mr Sata, he failed many times but We never heard him to disrespect the Gov. If you see that something is wrong go with your guards, mend and stupid advisors in a polite manner And advise. Than what you are doing. No one can learn from your stupidity.

  42. central provice

    Police acted professional. They knew that private media will miss lead people because are being corrupted elo babufi kwati nilasita hh.

  43. central provice

    Police acted professional. They knew that private media will miss lead people because are being corrupted elo babufi kwati nilasita hh. Because of dullness hh can’t see that many who clouded there are pf members not all are hh we shall just chew your money and vote for pf nrc and v. Card are ours kkkkkkkkk wanyala

  44. Tuli Bantu

    Ba central province mwaponta maningi, vamene mwaponta nivazoona, ask your self this question, tonse tili namavotazi card, we will cust our votes without fail, we will make sure muntu wamene atigoneka njala nakutibela ndalama zantu acione,sindimwe mweka muzakavota, citibaba posanka muntu wamene azilemelesa eka, pf talema nawe ice .

  45. Joseph Mundia

    its only in zambia, where we ve a buck of maggots coz of tribalism.

  46. Muntu Usiya

    Zambians wake up.

  47. Jms

    He will be among the WORLD DICTATORS

  48. mr president

    order!!!,,.-2o2! is 4 HH. SILENT PREASE!!,. GBM A VICE &ECL A STREET MANENGER.ORDER.!,!.MBO MBO MBO..,….

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