Pres. Lungu, Hichilema Hold Face-to-Face Meeting

The three Church Mother Bodies have revealed that they facilitated a face-to-face meeting between President Edgar Lungu and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema as a prelude to the national dialogue.

In a communique the Church Mother Bodies have disclosed that the meeting was held on November 12, 2018 with the two political rivals expressing camaraderie.

President Lungu and Hichilema committed to an unconditional dialogue process.

The Church Mother Bodies comprise the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB).

“In our continued effort to build consensus on the processes and issues that need to be taken into account in the national dialogue and reconciliation process we facilitated a meeting between H.E Mr. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Mr Hakainde Hichilema on Monday 12th November, 2018,” read the communique.

“We express our profound appreciation and gratitude that the two leaders were able to have this meeting facilitated by the Church without any preconditions. The landmark meeting was held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. The Church is also delighted to note that they addressed each other as brothers with great respect for each other.”

The statement further added: “The two leaders expressed unconditional support to an inclusive and Church led national dialogue and reconciliation process. They assured the Church of their availability and commitment to future direct engagements.”

“In conclusion, we the three Church Mother Bodies would like to assure the nation that we are full of hope for a quicker and successful national dialogue process. We remain committed to carry out the mandate entrusted to us by the Zambian people, and with help of all well- meaning Zambians and the mighty hand of God.”



  1. Elijah

    We thank God dats what we want in our country

  2. HH

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    • Majoni Tyson

      Mind the way u utter yo foolishness. Insults Will never take u anywhere and stop using the names of important pipo to portray yo stupidity.

      • Pwetekani

        Yes brother, tell them.Some individuals have evil minds.When they hate someone, they will even escort that person up to the grave.If we are really a Christian nation,is it not good that the two leaders meet and iron out some differences for the good of our country. In mother countries some opposition leaders simply organise rebels to fight the government which is not a good thing to do.I commented the church for this initiative please continue seeking God’s guidance and end this hatred among our general citizenry. One Zambia ,one nation should not just be mentioned at ZNBC news time but practiced by every one of us.

  3. Baldwin Zulu

    People talk? speak out @%

  4. Trevor Pambwe

    Gud move my fathers jst b inviting one another like dat yo followers cn sy we r 1 in gzas name.amen

  5. D L B

    let peace reign in this our beautiful country, people who preach violence have nothing good they can about this nation. we bless God almighty for this message of peace to the icons of this country, E C L and HH.

  6. Big mule

    Some are used as tools for violence, while leaders meet and discuss important issues and have meal together, but us fighting for things we don’t Even no

  7. tembo

    gud move

  8. Zed Brivens

    I like the move,this is wonderfull they were even surposed to eat togather as brothers.

  9. Xi Ping

    im cutting aid if you reconcile with this HH monkey shit-hole

  10. Dee

    That’s a good sighn coz all we want is peace in this beautiful country.

  11. HH

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    • Majoni Tyson

      Were u breastfed with insults? U are the most useless person on this planet. U don’t even understand politics but u still want to b part of it. Just continue drinking yo chibuku.

  12. That's a good 👍 move for our leaders 👑.... Its 🚮 a good 👍 way 🚦 to go for mother 👩 Zambia 🇿🇲 to prosper.. Only those still in ducknes will hold 👫 to the fullish 🌝 and violent acts... We know, HH and ECL they are 👍 good men's 🙆‍♂️,, its 🚮 only those stupid and useless diggers behind ⛅️ behind hem who are spoiling their names.... And I want to worn these people 👨‍👨‍👦 using the name 📛 of HH and ECL on this media to post 🏣 band 💍 comments that we know u and don't be surprised 🙀 when the law follows u and don't think 💭 u are 📵 not know but we really know uuu, wait 🚏 gona see. Big up 👆 to the church.. God bless 🙏 you.

    Kay2 packM

  13. Kay2 Pack M

    We love ❤️ mother 👩 zambia 🇿🇲…. Let the dialogue be spearheaded just like 💗 that,,, HH and ELC u are men’s of peace though those looking ✉️ 🐾 for food 🍞 by violence 👊 👊 👊 behind ⛅️ ⛅️ you two have spoiled your names 📛, show 📺 📺 them that u are not 📵 📵 of that acts,,,, bcoz even on this meandia still are there who are using your names to comment insult’s….. We like 💗 that spirit of love ❤️ ❤️ pliz ba church ⛪️ ⛪️ go on….

  14. Lemmy cheba

    Guys Guys please no need to insult we are one zambia one people. Congratulations Good move.

  15. Prince Mande

    Where the church is involved there is peace and harmony. All parties that are God fearing will no doubt humble themselves before the Lord’s servants, the clergy.
    You can be rest assured that dialogue facilitated by the church will bring reconcialiation, peace and hope in this nation. I congratulate both President Lungu and President H Hichilema for the humble and reconciliatory guesture shown, showing interest in the nation.

  16. One Zambia one Nation

    One Zambia one president

  17. B@rcelona Managers™

    The photo itself and the postures of the two speak volumes of who the big boss is

  18. B@rcelona Managers™

    The photo itself and the postures of the two, speak volumes of who the big boss is

  19. Muntu mufunelo

    Mr Edgar my humble president



  21. Busy

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  22. Boko Haram


    • willard

      comment let’s mind the way we address our elders.Insults and hate speeches will not help you. Think of how best you can contribute to the well being of our mother Zambia. Well done ecl and hh. Church mother body job well done. peace reign.

  23. Revelation 1:7

    Ameno mafupa just luk at their faces

  24. Abashitina

    Zambia is a Christian nation, let us forgive one another,that is what Jesus taught us, a good leader always led by example.

  25. medrick mukanzu

    we ar one zambia one nation

  26. Mr dundumwenze

    Hamaleke and bonyolo.



  28. chagwa lungu meno meno

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  29. Muntu Usiya

    “lndeed u deserve Respect 4rm all well meaning zambians.Great leaders, we love you & respect you always!

  30. Tilipo che

    Great move

  31. Ks

    Like that we can overcome our challenges as one Zambia one people

  32. Bunka jackate

    Good mov

  33. Treason,

    Muntu Ni H H.

  34. One Mate

    We need peace in our​ country Zambia

  35. chrispine hantebe the governor

    God time is the best, bible declare that brother will rise against brother

  36. chrispine hantebe the governor

    Why involving a church into politics why why?

  37. Alexander Fumbelo,

    hypocrisy,people thrown what is at hand not the heart

  38. given mwimanenwa

    prophecy is being fulfilled, be the positive fulfiller not the negative one, live at peace with all men, the Lord is even at the door…

  39. One Aisha

    Ukuzinkimana pamenso kwati alelya ama lemon

  40. Chendabusiku

    Given how much ground HAkainde has lost since the last election, one can only agree to negotiate with his excellency. There are no two ways about it. Violence will engulf everyone including those who perpetrate it. Thieves have taken advantage of careless utterances by disgruntled politicians. We cannot tolerate rudeness on the party of the opposition. Our nation is greater than one rude individual.ECL has been made stronger by the childish, and unstatesmanisp bevavuior exhibited by Hakainde. Take it or live it Hakainde is only popular on social media. If he were popular with the electorate he would have retained his councilors and MPs in all by-elections. Unless he is completely engulfed in his un matched ego he must have realized that his political fortunes have been reduced by his political bankrapucy. ECL must just show leadership and only negotiate in the interest that we have always known him to be the father of our great nation hence the solid support by the majority of our citizens who are interested in building our country.

  41. Hamaleke

    One president one nation. God bless Zambia

  42. Hamaleke

    One president one nation one black skinaro namanje!God bless Zambia

  43. Ba Nyele

    Nice move tiyene nayo!

  44. Arnold Lukwesa

    Keep it up Guy’s.

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