ZANIS Journalist Ching’ambu Freed

Journalist Frank Ching’ambu who was detained by police in Ndola for filming the arrival of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema for interrogation has been released.

Ching’ambu had been detained in the mix of an altercation between the police and journalists.

Police barred journalists from the private media with only ZNBC reporters allowed in the interrogation area.

“Zambia News and Information services (ZANIS) reporter Frank Ching’ambu who was detained by Police in Ndola earlier in the day has been released,” stated a media newsflash from the Copperbelt Press Club.

The UPND leader has since been warned and cautioned and released.

Hichilema was summoned in connection with his utterances on privately owned Sun FM Radio where he alleged that ZAFFICO had been sold to the Chinese.


  1. combat

    Dictator government how can you block privacy media

  2. Tefyo

    Freedom of press moves hand in hand with democracy no freedom of press simply means no democracy full stop

  3. Non partsan

    This is CHAMBIA boss no freedom, justice, peace,or respect for citizen only to suit their evil does.Time is the master days are numbered.

  4. Twaileta

    Z.N.B.C are puppets, coz they don’t dig deep in their reports.
    Listen to their news,9 minutes are reports of pf ,3 minutes are reports of national development & the other minutes are for adverts of cadres.

  5. man de p

    this is madness because these people in the media have the right to bring rumors to life,introgate anyone and also the fréedom of press is just given to znbc who govt controlled pips & this mens that certain truths will be hiden from the public.

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