31-Year Old Kasama Taxi Driver Defiles Five Year-Old

Police in Kasama have launched a man hunt for a 31 year old Man for allegedly defiling a 5 year old girl in the District.

Northern Province Commissioner of Police Richard Mweene said Mathews Mulenga Chewe, 31, of Mulenga Hill, a taxi driver defiled the minor recently and is currently on the run.

Mweene said the suspect had been engaged by parents to the victim to be taking their child to school but in the process he ended up defiling the child.

He has expressed disappointment that elderly people entrusted with such responsibilities are conducting themselves in such a manner.

“We had one incident of defilement in which a 31 year old man identified as Mathews Mulenga Chewe defiled a minor aged 5, what happened is that this taxi driver was hired to be taking the young girl to school by the parents but unfortunately he turned to the child and defiled her,” he said.

Mweene said the victim sustained painful private parts and has been placed under medical examination while the suspect is still on the run.

He said Police will not relent until the suspect is brought to book.


  1. Mr dundumwenze

    Or ninyele sure iwe chimu Bemba unganyenge kamwana ka five years? Kuba Bemba I think kuli bupuba mwe.

  2. BRIAN

    Give him a stiff punishment so that he learn something please.

  3. BWALYA'$

    Sad news, he is inhuman

  4. medrick medrick

    u bembas why ar u like raping under age

  5. Cowsbegg

    Aah manje kachepesa nasatana ADABW😨

  6. Mattis

    Bembas like raping & defiling under age girls.

  7. Kadaff olomi

    Mr dudumwezi not all bember i Kow u mapolo yamaibsko don’t u Know that bembers are the Kings of this land,nobember nozambia nocopparaaa,stop playing with bembers 😀😀

  8. Kangwa mambwe

    He needs to serve kumukaka

  9. Mr Easterner

    OK Bembas,its now too much. Nyere monga kolwe. Muli bafipuli.

  10. Ozi-Geey

    mmm… l pity the child but for the defendant,

    please would you punish thy man severy so that it may be an example even to those who have such intentions of defiling children.

    May God forgive him though..

  11. Sampa

    Very sad indeed, Please fellow Parents where it’s possible let’s avoid hiring a cab for one single girl child it’s very dangerous. School Buses are far much better

  12. Patrick lungu

    these Bemba’s awe MWe , he deserve a coporo punishment. fwakumwena kubukulu ifi

  13. Mandzukic

    Bemba people now has became the stupid people.

  14. Sakala

    Bemba people now Zambia destroyer

  15. Kadaff olomi

    Sorry Mr dundumwenze for insulting you, I am very stupid.

  16. Çhêd Dhæ Røman-kñîght

    Iwe chikala ni cha ..
    Why evolving all Bembas?

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