Hichilema Gives Police Rare Credit

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema broke tradition with his uncouth attitude toward the police and commended them for having “professionally” conducted the interrogation.

Speaking after the interrogations, Hichilema said no charge has been slapped on him further stating that the interrogation does not scare him.

He said he will stand for the Zambians regardless of how much he will be intimidated.

“Scaring Hakainde? The issue is not about scaring or not, the issue is about standing for the people of Zambia. First and foremost it is our duty to stand for the people of Zambia. When you stand for the people you don’t front fear, when you are afraid you should never seek public office,” he said.


Hichilema was accompanied by his deputy Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and opposition political party leaders Chishimba Kambwili (NDC) and Andyford Banda of the People Action Congress.

And NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili said the continued arrest of politicians has been going for too long and should not be allowed to continue.

He said opposition leaders need to stand up for each other.

“The idea of arresting opposition leaders for no apparent reason has been going on for too long and the reason is that every time one is arrested the others don’t stand with him, so I think we need to have a new dispensation where we can say no and that if one of us is touched then all of us are touched,” Kambwili said.

Kambwili has asked opposition political parties to support each other and speak one language.


  1. king

    that is good idea Kambwili let us put hands together. Osa gona

  2. Chamajohn

    Yes Mr kambwili you are right but what you should know, is that.no one is above

  3. Humphrey

    I am with you don’t gate tired

  4. Chamajohn

    Yes Mr kambwili you are right but what you should know, is that.no one is above the law.yes support each other in a political order but not in a violet manner. don’t cause riots for irrelevant reasons that u can just solve within your adminstration. Try to put your versions in actions for people to see that u are irigible to work as good leaders in 2021.but no more violence let’s try to maintain tranquillity.one Zambia one nation together we can stand.lets fight against this Chinese people for our own good living.

    • Eric

      How can we fight Chinese, meanwhile we are the one who brought them in the country?

  5. Sibweni

    Kambwili is usin a tactic 2 save his tarish image but pipo stil see sam useless in him bcoz he talks 2 much and those he pay in lusaka praisin him and thinks evry1 is happy. Mangango seat pf wins again and now unpd concernd it’s leader appeal 2 police in ndola cause them 2 lose. Kikiki…politicans of 2day who demand contracts than laws control gov’t workers, mp’s and ministry 2 win gov’t tenders.

    • bombo

      U ar a fool u cant see that he is taking sensible things

      • Mr Does

        Acule imwe supporting mad opposition leaders. No zeru always what comes from them is insults lying and hatred. It is a company of a big Devil and you their supporter. (Snogial)


    Ba kambwili muli bapuba n hw u support ur friend wen sometimes he z wrong

  7. Chris mainas

    Where ,we’re are u,come on lts work together as one,coz HH z the only strong man in Zambia apart of lungs, so let’s be united

  8. Chris mainas

    Zambia z Christian nation dnt rule as like in Zimbabwe & other countrys

  9. Muntu mufunelo

    Mr kambwili sir !! You are just too talkative ,that’s why u are not even a political factor..

  10. Mr dundumwenze

    I salute Mr kambwili well spoken.

  11. Muntu mufunelo

    Mmmmm I have never seen a father supporting his son when he has stolen …some of these things u don’t need a PhD to understand them..

  12. Emmanuel

    Keep on fighting people of Zambia.

    • Joseph Yankho Zulu

      Keep on talking whilst God is appointing someone else.
      Remember Our Jehovah can only choose who’s heart comply with peace.

  13. BWALYA'$

    Ichikalipa chumfwa umwine

  14. supu saladi

    “icipongwe cacinwa cakapwele caletelele pwele” kambwili u ar such a fool without vision amano kwati lihule lyamu comboni.

  15. ERIC

    Genius man, I wish you where UPND member.

  16. Bk

    Timely advice the Riots you are instigating, the UNZA.and the recent one are making you use stance Politically. Remember One student died and her blood is crying upon the causer of her death

  17. mutule

    Super saladi bawiso ameno kwati nimfuko

    • Dj one

      This is totally foolish and idiotic how can one say the habit of arresting opposition is to much,if the opposition are the one seeking for the crime if you don’t have anything say to the people of this nation you better keep quiet than making some fake useless stories ubufumu buichindika ubwine if you don’t respect yourself no one is going to vote for you ,my humble advice to the opposition is that they should not behave like cowards by involving themselves in crimes and pretending that they are suffering for the people of Zambia no it is a lie you lied that ZAFFICO has been sold and you don’t have evidence what a shame change the strategy than involving yourself in crime trouble leader.

      • Joseph Yankho Zulu

        What a nice speech. I think HH should go through your wonderful comment. I salute you

      • Clever

        Mr Does you are very stupid, if you don’t have anything to say zip your big mouth

  18. Baldwin Zulu

    One Zambia one nation

  19. Trevor Pambwe

    U pipo supporting dis gvmt 1 day it will attack yo sources ov money dats u gona say sembe sembe.watch out 4 de pact UPNDC nd c.god bless zambia nd her pipo

  20. pj

    That is the good spirit mrkambwili

  21. Bunka jackate

    Our nation Zambia is blessed and we need to support our nation hand to hand no tribalism we are all one.

  22. Wakishale

    We’ve laws in this country that must be respected in totality. If our politicians want to ignore these laws, our law enforcement agents double their efforts to arrest and prosecute them.

  23. Ks

    I love Americans, when one is a republican, they never change to be come democrats but Zambian ni ma kolwetetion jumping from one part to ano

  24. Ks

    I love Americans, when one is a republican, they never change to be come democrats but Zambian ni ma kolwetetion jumping from one part to another & clamming 2 serve de people but not

  25. Mulenga

    Police men fear HH alot.Banayunjikana monga monga bayenda kupeace keeping palimuntu umozi chabe kikiki benze banamupingila.Osapingila muntu sivingachitike vemuganiza shame.It cant happen HH is a man of God,pipo who hate HH wil die like a dog.


    One Zambia one national

  27. Barotseland

    That’s the way to come together and support each other like bees . Viva upnd .Zwaaaaaa pf

  28. Trevor Pambwe

    Vibwana amano yonse yaya mwijombo so ngabaponda panshi imitwe shilalubana,be de Greens (ZNS)busy feeding pipo with vegetables nt BUJUUUUU




    That is powerful

  31. chrispine hantebe the governer

    Nice one mr hh and the group don’t give up, God time is the best

  32. mr president

    they are againest him couse they was about to sold zaffico why accusing hh & one who are againest hh they ar devils couse what will be next they will sell them too@k50 to the chines pipo.

  33. Jose

    Kambwili uli mbwafye cause insele ne ciposokanwa the bemba proverb kosengaapelelwa alengila kubwacimpelesha

  34. Mulefilwaukwikatana but mupontela umunenu tamwacitapo nefinkakala muyamukukula ifintu kufyalo fimbi ninshi chimba mwalikwata amano nabanobe mulepangana nabo ifya bupuba elyo wila icilinganya uli wamilandu kambwili icipongwe ecakuletela

    Mulefilwa ukwikatana but mulepontelafye umunenu muyamukukula ifintu mufyalofimbi ninshimwalikwata amano chishimba nabanobe kwateni amano namukula umule onaula nefintu fya govrnmnt Kaunda alicitapo ifyo muletita muleumfwako insoni bafikala mulekeni lungu

  35. Jms

    The police shame infact the police in chief is under words that’s why All police service is useless cowards how can you support the wrong. Thanks to the Almighty for opening third hearts and fight for the truth

  36. Jms


  37. Me

    I just want to know who will be a President of upndc pact nga ck aba vice presido GBM mwalamubika pesa am just watching

  38. Gibson Kabwe

    Mr Kambwili just return the money u stole while u where a Minister than wht u talking

  39. Jms

    No matter what you say the people among that situation has been lined already by God through his true lovers

  40. watson

    These politics of this country is making us young growing population disturbed.

  41. Ndudo yake

    Andyford Banda makutu janganda paba Tonga alaa ndiwe chikamuvgimbi iwe matama nge nisanguzi

  42. Stata ni diba

    Imwe ma Zambians wen are u going to wake up and stop taking sides, these so called politicians meet and even share laughter, hw many have said bad statements , but wen offered a position they forget and reverse all opposing words , and hw many claim to expose the truth about corruption only wen fired. Bane batisobelesa aba Bantu, ine program ni stata ni Diba , muzini funsa…

  43. Mr wick

    Some pipo belong to a certain part nt becoz they lov leaders who runs the part, bt becoz they have hope of seeing better things coming out of those leaders one. Ever since i came across chapters abt hope nothing has ever existed as fake hope. For those whose hearts ar telling HH cn make an impact stand strong ad determined becoz u whts better 4 u……

  44. Melvinkabbaku@gmail.com

    One zambia one nation

  45. Kaponya number1

    Politics awe sure..

    • Muda

      It’s very unfortunate, we busy talking about people who are busy going to court instead of fighting for development what’s wrong is that we have never heard HH say l have dug a pit ratrine for people but only court,court and bakafanta as well let they work for people and it’s the best lawyer for them not ukuisekeshafye and investing outside our country mungulu uyu .
      HH was there to privatise companies and he benefitted a lot what’s he saying can he bring back our mines which were state owned he could have worked on measures of transformation and not encouraging the selling. God will never forgive selfish people and forget the poor

  46. Bubbex

    Zaffico was about to be sold, they just withheld it because they were exposed by hh.. Open your eyes pipo, we should be realistic regardless of our various parties.

  47. Muloongo

    This is a good spirit we seek from our political leaders.
    I’m totally glad Mr Kambwili for that humanity, because it is a source of Unity and where there is Unity, there is also National Development for everyone with better lives.
    Although it is Political but in politics, there must love with respect for each other in order to minimize Crimes especially blood shedding.Thanks.

  48. Orator

    the only thing i can say is, “go forwad HH we will always support you, we are really sure that your time has come and we promise to give you a protest vote in 2021.”

  49. Zeezo Clemz

    That is Zambia.

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