Hichilema Tasted Own Medicine on ZAFFICO-NCP

National Congress Party (NCP) president Peter Chanda says no single person is victimizing UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema because he tested his own medicine by making unfounded statements against the sale of ZAFFICO.

Police in Ndola on Tuesday, November 20 recorded a Warn and Caution Statement from Hichilema.

Police have stated that Hichilema’s  statement likely breached  section 57 (1b) as read together with section 60 (1e and f) on seditious practices and layer informed him that  he might be required later.

This follows allegations that Hichilema incited or caused people to riot in Kitwe when he issued a statement that the forest company, ZAFFICO was sold to the Chinese.

Speaking in an interview, Pastor Chanda has charged that  nobody pushed Hichilema to say what he said as he said that  thinking he had the freedom to undermine the law.

“Hichilema is on record of making a lot of verbal mistakes I don’t understand whether he has a vocabulary problem, I don’t know”, Pastor Chanda said.

Chanda has since appealed to the the Zambia Police not just to end at arresting and prosecuting Hichilema but should also add UPND Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka to the charge for making a similar statement on the alleged sale of ZAFFICO including anyone who has been

He says police must further arrest whoever consolidated on the statement alleging that ZAFFICO has been sold to the Chinese by the Zambian government.


  1. Pythias Mambwe

    Thanks to all security wings for portraying your professionalism in handling this issue. Keep it up.

  2. Mr dundumwenze

    Iwe chi pastor chanda panyo pako why so bupuba chikala.

  3. Hammer

    I believe Hechi Hechi knew exactly what he was doing by those false statements about ZAFFICO. He knows very well that he broke the law and is hoping to be arrested and incarcerated for political gain. He has seen that his popularity is dwindling and the international community have come to know the truth about Z. But him incarcerated his minions will accuse Z of persecuting opponents and the whole world will scream political intolerance .
    So how do we handle law breakers who hide behind the name of politics .

    • Whiteson

      Hammer, you are right, and that’s a serious question which needs serious mind because in the process of handling or failing to handle offenses committed in the name of politics life, property, time is lost and individuals directly or indirectly affected. You remind me of “politics is a dirty game”. However, your question still remains unanswered.

    • Whiteson

      Hammer, let me try to look at your question, I think 1.is for us citizens to resist politics of the belly or politics of poverty by siding with political law breakers or those in authority in order to gain, and blindly. Once we achieve 1 above then individually(like you have done) and collectively go on Media and constantly and strongly expose the political law breakers in order to defuse their evil motives.

  4. Majoni Tyson

    False pastor chanda, u ar not on the side of citizens u ar just a fortune seaker hence, u don’t deserve to be a leader at all.

  5. Gangsta Grabs

    Is Chanda not the pastor who stole k70 pin from a tooth woman and arrested after one month of ponyo ponyo.Niwe nyina bani kambwanga

  6. Non partsan

    Chanda never put the term pastor on your title if you know what it means.you are just a pasture of all idiots in the land of devil.HH is a citizen who is also regible to work on his call of being a leader through political arena.HH is in Zambia were democracy is practiced at all level .if your denomination of ination consits of you and grandfather we’re you need tithe forget you false and pretend christian.shame on you.

  7. Andrew chaambwa

    pastor chants you should get born again because a man of God is known by his character

  8. The scientist

    Serve God and him alone. Do not paddle two boats.

  9. mengmoreler

    Ba pastor abo sayng that ga!hmmm!ni mpumpu iyo yi pastor!

  10. mengmoreler

    if he was proved guilty y not arresting hm or make him to pay somthng for dat.

  11. kalob

    I wonder why these pastors are called for..are you called for politics or to lead people for salvation go to church maybe you are lost let people who are called for politics do politics not you why troubling innocent HH maybe you are looking a job in the government…..

  12. Zeezo Clemz

    Why waisting your time pastor?

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