Nigeria Too Good for Shepolopolo

The Shepolopolo have suffered a 4-0 bashing at the hands of Nigeria in their second Group B match at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations.

Zambia simply had no answers for the questions asked by the Super Falcons who recovered from their 1-0 loss to South Africa in the opening match.

The 4-0 bashing Zambia blighted their 5-0 win over two-time champions Equatorial Guinea.

Nigeria opened the score in the 43rd minute through Ugochi Desire Oparanozie with Francisca Ordega making it 2-0 in the 70th minute.

Ajebade Rasheedat make it 3-0 in the 75th minute before second half substitute Grace Okoronkwo completed the rout in added time.

The Shepolopolo were without star striker Barbara Banda who is injured.

Barbara was suspended for the opening game against Equatorial Guinea.

Zambia will play its final match on Saturday against South Africa.

The Shepolopolo staged an exhibition of football when they whitewashed Equatorial Guinea but will now have an uphill battle when they face South Africa.

Top two teams in the group qualify to the semi-finals.

Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroeck proceeded to Ghana to beef up the women technical bench after having overseen the disastrous fall of Zambia to Mozambique on Sunday.


  1. Aaron gadama

    Work hard girl we love u

  2. Reagan mwape

    What is this c

  3. B@rcelona Managers™

    Who permitted this man to take his minyama to Ghana kansi? Ahrrrr!

  4. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad for shipolopolo

  5. Clement mwale

    Who permitted Sven to go to Ghana
    The spirit of losing is still In him
    And as for banda be well kaili tuba pweshe baiche

  6. Reagan mwape

    I mean what is he doing there coach Sven,let him just come back home and explain to the nation about the loss in Mozambique than wasting our taxpayer money

    • Mm

      Was he the one who was playing in Mozambique?let us be fair enough this coach replaced the so called wada, and why was wada sacked, because he had proven that even going further he was not still going to get positive results thus Sven also came when damage had already been done.look also at the careless play by some players who wasted chances or lost possession dangerously and you shift blame on the coach.lubambo musonda mwepu kabaso chongo sunzu were not convincing,just the whole team lacked the good flow of play and and yet the chance to prove their worth was given to them all.the whole matter is on the executive and crop of players.

  7. Kaswango

    Please let seven come back no wounder why we loose,afumeko uko

  8. Chiza Sinyangwe

    Now i know y the girls lost

  9. Tefyo

    Why did faz take that national team coach on the technical bench after he failed in the men’s team…

  10. Ackim

    Work hard ladies we really love you

  11. kedrick siame

    Come back man ad to bad for shipolopolo Sven u must cme ad explaind to the zambian people u don’t no them ka soon u will go i even dislike you, no good job u job finish chanise english.

  12. SVEN

    I went to Ghana to fuck the shepolopolo nyini kuwama that’s why they were failing to run kakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakaka

  13. Trevor Pambwe

    Don’t disturbe my sisters pls

  14. Mr dundumwenze

    Another question to the shepolopolo. this girls they are going nowhere because there is no peace in our country, can God bless this country full of thieves,insults,corruption,jealous,prostitutions, witchcraft, selfishiness,visionless leader I am sorry lungu.

  15. Benet Means

    No wonder there is even this man with loosing spirit let him come back the SHEPOLOPOLO coach has failed to lead the game.

  16. medrick mukanzu

    too bad to our shepolopolo team

  17. ANDRE

    We love girls go-go shepolopolo

  18. ANDRE

    Never lose hope

  19. edgar chagwa lungu meno meno

    Baninenu umungulu

  20. Ccm

    Ubwafya fwebena zambia tatwaishiba ukucindika ubupingulo bwakwa lesa tufwaya nifwe tulepingula lesa eco tatupalilwa

  21. Mr simmz p

    It must be HH causing all these undiserable results. He should be summoned and cautioned

  22. ANDRE

    We love you girls go-go shepolopolo

  23. king williams

    sven should leave the place ali nama loose,he is disturbing the coach.After ayendako magelo a luza vaupuba.

  24. Stata ni diba

    Easy bane, these girls will qualify , they will win the last game but , the biggest worry is if Nigeria win by more goals…

  25. Ngosa

    Why let the chipolopolo coach head to Ghana when he has failed the boys team? Waste of Tax Payers Money Kamanga

  26. mutule

    Nigeria continue the spirit of wining and thank u very much for teaching useless girls a lesson

  27. Mr southern

    Vinyengewa maningi they are going nowhere, too much sex this girls.

  28. Busy

    Slven come back you know nothing about football poloyako unibabisa mutima bati.

  29. Chibale mwape

    Ma hule ya pa pops

  30. Robert

    Work hard girls

  31. Robert

    Chipolopolo will going to make us happy not chipolopolo we all love you girls

  32. Robert

    Shipolopolo will going to make us happy not chipolopolo we all love you girls

  33. DJ KUNDA

    Shipolopolo girls please make it , we are there for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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