The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has scooped the Mangango Parliamentary by-election with their candidate Goodwin Putu polling 5,618 ahead of his closest rival Akakandelwa Mwendoi of the UPND who got 3, 987 votes.

In third place was UPPZ candidate Chingumbe Kabindama with 607 votes while NDC’s Yuvwenu Kashandola was the tail-ender in the race after amassing 122 votes.

Returning officer Chipango Musangu declared Putu as winner at about 04:00 hours with 39 of the 40 polling stations counted.

Musangu said that despite results of one polling station remaining they could not overturn the wide margin Putu enjoyed.

The seat has been wrestled from the UPND whose incumbent Naluwa Mweene died in August in a road traffic accident.

Final results for Mangango by election

NDC 122, UPPZ 607,  UPND 3987,  PF 5618

10448 total votes….114 rejected

Nalulembwe 388


  1. petrus chipuluka

    pride goes b4 a fall viva pf viva mangango

  2. political supporter (j. m)

    PF nipatali….

    • judge not

      OK pf nipatali but just look at the battalion of people who went to support HH at the court in Ndola and add them to his votes


    Ifintu nipa ka green. But these otbers will accuse the chinese.kkkkk

  4. Mr. Bemba land is great

    The loved president chagwa lungu at it again beating hakainde who is immune to cholera at his home ground zambians be awake hakainde will doom you to death his vision is to represent Tonga’s at state house not all tribes upnd is for Tonga’s GBM can’t be republican vice president to hakainde leaving Gary nkombo hakainde does not recognise the constitution that his excellency signed so mwamba is used to fool bemba tribe thank you pipo of mangango for being a wake god bless you for ever

    • Chamajohn

      Hello Mr, can you write God with a big letter G not g cause g meaning u are talking about an idol

    • pf

      You don’t have brains. How do you make such a comment? U are the same people that talk about tribalism. Stupidity at it’s pick.

    • wise one

      Another stupid chap

  5. HH

    But bola naikosa,losing in my bedroom,Gbv oo sorry Gbm boi nichani chichitika?LUNGU how do u enter my bedroom? Ndiwe chikali,but 2021 nipaseko chance nikhale president napapata u are my brother elo u are a Christian my brother.

    • D L B

      ba hh don’t worry lungu is my neighbour i will talk to him for you okay?

  6. Mr makandauko

    Mmmmmmmmm……kusila kwa zinko,how come pf worn to mangango elections? poverty is killing us ku Western…………..

  7. Proud Geor

    Strong Hold 4 Hyna Hanyala hh in short you’ve lost both the parliamentary cit and mweene,people have spoken through the ballot.I see hyna hanyala resigning in 2021 after loosing to President ECL.Muzamuziba Yesu just wait

  8. D L B

    whaaaaat?! Again? P Force is coming very dangerous mwee. What more 2021? Kule ci dununa fye.

  9. Chishimba Kambwili you are next in Roan, better be ready and ask for help from Kalusa and his brother

    No comment for now

  10. Edward Tembo

    Well done Pf

  11. Big pipe Aisha

    No strategy at all, bakuponona in your bedroom and they grab your wife, at I it’s OK. OK kuti, wakeup sleepy head

  12. Pythias Mambwe

    Wait for a big one in 2021.Congrats PF!

  13. Rocky

    Very interesting kaa, people complaining that our economy has collapsed because of PF government, but the ballot has spoken itself that this gov’t is working hard. Eventhough their lapses here and there, but basically Edgar ‘s government has performed well as compared to the mistakes they’ve committed. In my view I give them 7 out of 10.

  14. Hotness

    Congrates pf

  15. claver kolwe

    Comment congratulation pf for scooping it

  16. Peter Kabali

    Congrats PF you ve beaten Upnd in their own backyard, work hard upnd is not a walkover party you ve to do more especially 2021 sweet victory.

  17. Albright


  18. chitu hingandu

    Comment i like it! where is kapena mwamba and larry mweetwa


    Ba hh mukali nanthota?

  20. Mr.bemba land is great.

    Hh is a good person to lead the country, and if you don’t know the way hh he behaves it is very clear that 2021 niyake.

  21. Whiteson

    Yah! Rocky, very interesting indeed, serious headache for HH and agony is to be told to dialogue with someone who enters your bedroom(constituency), your wife(upnd voters) inside, during daytime(losing big margin).

  22. Muntu mufunelo

    Never force things if they are not working out Mr hh ,people say u have money but why should u continue to have heartbreaks like this??? Sir if you were not designed to be a president ninshi nifyo fine…,..

  23. Chimuka siamatika

    My president HH never loose hope we r just waiting for a ryt tym our dreams will never end till state house we r not backcyliders

  24. Luck Muwaya

    Congratulations pf for scooping managing by-election.

  25. Osei

    Congrats let those who have eyes see the hard working government and deside to work with it.

  26. Bk

    When the Creator GOD sayS YES no man can Say NO

  27. HH

    Dear country men and women,am here to announce to u that I have resigned from active politics after being hammered, butchered and white washed to this so called presidol hachagwa, and now i believe ,,,,,,,”maama ndaboooola ku mazabuukaaaa ” kulusaka kuno vintu nivovu or kumangango iyeeee😂😂😂😂

  28. MM

    Please advice hh he has turned himself into a god he is too proud. Look he had rremined with southern only.

  29. Sibweni

    Mangango pipo u hav chose developmt not fake promise of havin mp 2 pliz the party which chose him or her 2 b on a seat. Zambian outspoken opposition leaders hav nothing 2 offer the pipo of this constitutency. Normal man and woman wil support pf bcoz job is bin done and thank u once more 4 yo vote.

  30. MJ


  31. Skb

    Victory belongs to the VICTORS !! Next stop ROAN. PROPHETS of DOOM you can still go back to CONCOURT and cry your rigging anthem. It’s you constitutional right which you enjoy to abuse so often.VIVA ECL. VIVA PF. Muzazonda ,muzalema.

  32. Hammer

    UPND’s stronghold is social media where fake names are order of the day and one individual can be using 100 names.
    Mighty PF deals with real people. Just watch The space .

  33. Kasanga

    Keep it up Mr putu, the only problem that I witnessed in mangango is that the who contested in upnd was not in the interest of people for mangango due to his past failures, so upnd should be careful when adopting candidates,no mater Pf has scooped mangango is still remain to be a strong hold for upnd.go and enjoy putu.

  34. C2

    I wish it was in North Western where the majority voters are blind Viva pf

  35. Majoni Tyson

    Bye elections can give u a wrong picture. Come 2021 general election. This has marked the end of this cruel party of pf.

  36. Majoni Tyson

    Bye elections can give u a wrong picture. Come 2021 general election. This has marked the end of this cruel party of pf.

  37. mengmoreler

    We knew it kayili he ored said dat if u want to eat well then join us and ubomba mwibala ulya mwibala.so wat do u expect,bt com 2021 ask RB knw how thngs are wina azalila.

  38. Kaziya narycious


  39. Cliff

    If u cant beat them, join them

  40. Majoni Tyson

    We have decided to vote for pf so that we can finish the money we borrowed from China and that we’ve sold Zafficco together. A gud lesson is coming upnd for life.

    • mulobezi

      Wen u hav lost jst admit,pipo hav seen nothin in th opposition.bravo westen power waking up.


    Madala politics of long ago is not of today or tomorror so there a big different or like boxing.just admit that bola yalula badala you are no longer popular what more 2021. the problem of upnd is they like waisting too much time on things which are not hopeful, be like the late sata. not always bosting that im more educated what matters is to have wisdom.

  42. Paul tena

    Awe Bwafya

  43. Doson Lupunga

    Nayonayo iweeee,hh is my friend sure

  44. Mmm

    Do not be deceived PF is a very Strong Party.They have Strong stractures on the Ground unlike other Parties that are strong on Paper. The 2021 Picture has been set.Humility has paid you Your Excellence MR CHAGWA LUNGU.Zambia bigger than Individual riches others Talk.Indeed GOD Lifts the Meek and Humbles The Proud. We Love you Sir May GOD Continue Protecting you

  45. HH

    Awee awee I won’t accept this time Edgar munene wanga wandijata mavote kumangango badaala hii kamwamba basaa🙈👹👺sure imwee.

  46. Upcoming president

    Most of zambian people are blind in terms of voting they vote just because its voting day thats why in zambia we are choosing leaders as if we are picking folded papers where there is numbers you cant see when you are choosing until u are unfold that paper and other reason is that most of zambians they dont listen to the news and to search information about what proble. our country is facing

    • Bk

      My bro theyknow that is why they is campaign period 60days it’s not Joke.But Leaders Like the person you know they have nothing to offer and what say.Instead of telling pipo thier agenda they are busy preaching Hatred and riots

    • Bk

      My bro theyknow that is why there is campaign period 60days it’s not Joke.But Leaders Like the person you know they have nothing to offer and what say.Instead of telling pipo thier agenda they are busy preaching Hatred and riots

  47. central power

    One zambia one nation………mangango people you have chosen what is right.but work together with the mp to develop your area.politics over ….may the soul of your former mp rest in peace…Amen.

  48. Kanyembo Terry

    Great performance there! Congrats

  49. Jms

    We know 5618 are the rejected once don’t lair us

  50. Umwana wamano

    Haleisa Haleisa mukulusa nafuti

  51. Me


  52. Jd

    Chishimba k Chifentefente is the chola boy to radical hh kachema very strange and how an opposition leader becomes a cadre?

  53. Kaswango

    Let them talk, while you’re working. Ndola supporters no problem Zambia ikulu

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