Pres. Lungu Hands Over Retirement House to RB

President Edgar Lungu will hand over the retirement home for Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda.

The house is located in Lusaka’s Makeni area.

Banda served as Vice President from 2006 to 2008 and became Republican President from 2008 to 2011.


  1. Sylvester Moomba

    In one breath the same person says no one will have a house built for sitting past presidents. And how come we have never heard Mwanawasa, Chiluba, and that of Michael Sata. What for Heavenly Father,s sake is so special about Lupia Banda? My condolences to mother Zambia with this kind of comedy every day.

  2. Chipata boyz

    Did they only did for sata and others

  3. Chipata boyz

    Did they did for chiluba and levy ?

    • Chilankalipa

      Your English is pathetic Chipata boy, waleimba imbeba ilyo abanobe baleya kusukulu? Mambala wamona nomba waishiba fye did did did. Mungulu one.

      • Mbuya

        Mbuya mwebeko umwaiche wandi. Did he did to did school? 😁😁😁

  4. Bemba Land

    Don’t be surprised of that because we all know that R.B is the who is running this country.

  5. Ambassador Mosmuk

    Question tag

  6. supu saladi

    Serving once as our nation president cant he build a house using his money mrover he gets paid, who is rupiah and wht legacy has he left being a once leader.

  7. Dodom

    Nice move, build even for all teachers once they retire

  8. Dennis Mulenga

    wako ni wako is real!

  9. King cool

    Rupiah Banda left wakoniwako slogan…

  10. Muntu mufunelo

    I think here the government has got it wrong… Why should we build a house for someone who is paid??? Why can’t he build for himself using his own money ??? That money should have been for construction(s) …amasukulu bambi tabakwata nefipatala

  11. Muntu mufunelo

    You people in authority should ensure that you improve the lives standard of the people not ifiiii aweeeeeee

  12. Rabecca

    Free body guard
    Free garden boys
    Free maids
    Free salary (coz they r not working anymore)
    Free cars
    Free school fees
    Now even free mansion’s.
    Nowornder will continue being poor as a country.
    Plus am sure they don’t even pay tax.
    Almost everything is free for them.

  13. Chi Gelo

    Where can I find these builder’s, I have a square mile plot in mkushi and I want to build something like this

  14. Kang'ombe

    Tata somone abakankala baletwalilila ukulyila abalanda amasuku pamitwe, elyo baletubepa ati mu calo tamuli indalama.

  15. Most Hachoombe

    The Government Have Lost It`s Direction,it`s Helping People Who Have Money But Widows,orphans And Street Venders They Ar Suffering Country Wide.GOD Z WATCHING.

  16. Baldwin Zulu

    Mr Banda must be lucky if you ask him he will answer in nsenga

  17. DJ KUNDA

    Jealous people never win

  18. mengmoreler

    This gorvment z spending money uselessly ai!any way ni tondolo fye kayili ngawalandako ati ni jealous no niwa opposition ,bt plz somthng jst keep them secretly bcoz they jst show how a foolish father u’r .then y ddnt u build evn for KK,sata and rest ai?any way evn we say tongaz are tribalism yeve iyi ndiye real wako ni wako.

  19. Mo

    He doesn’t deserve it, The only president to deserve a retirement house is kaunda. You build mansions for them and mansions on their graves. This has to be stopped. This RB idiot has many and he refused to have the a house built for him in stead he asked to be given the money but because EL wanted commission on it. Now ask about the cost you will hear that it’s 1.2 billion dollars

  20. Kas win

    Mmm nice.Manje what about the homeless,coz RB is already ($Riche)and not homeless evein if without that new house build for him.

  21. Stata ni diba

    That is too extravagant, nabazungu sibamangilana so… Lungu and his people will pay dearly, he himself won’t have such an estate built for him…ala tilangana bati bela muzuba.

  22. Jms

    Their is innovation these days WHY CAN’T YOU LET THE COUNTRY MAKE MONEY INSTEAD OF WORSTING JUST BUILD HOUSES FOR THE LOCAL PEOPLE TO RENT Three (3) roomed to Five (5)roomed houses and let the country improve its wealth

  23. Chitamuka joel

    Surely the rich becoming richer, when people of shimalingu, shikamushile, mwewa ipombwe villages of chifunabuli district are wallowing in abject poverty awe tefyociba bane why giving him a house? No foreigner is destroyer this country but our selve…..

  24. Majoni Tyson

    RB worked hard no wonder he has continued enjoying more privileges. Nothing to surprise, he is a former president and he deserves that.

  25. Mr. K

    Fools why are you always at the neck chagwa blame the constitution of Zambia approved by ordinary zam bians and passed through parliament for a president to have a house as s retirement package including 80% salary of the sitting president the president is doing according to the law that is why hakainde fights to be president it is bcz of a house

  26. BWALYA'$

    Banda has worn a loto

  27. kedrick siame

    A barber leaner learns how to the shelving fools, hh has aredy build very nice house he’s just want to help us poor people now is this a help rich to rich uzamuziba Yesu wet.



  29. Santo

    I don’t think if the money you have used to build this house could failure to construct a class block it could be better to construct a class block than doing such thing.
    Let me ask have you forgotten that Mr Banda is still being paid, people give you authority to develop the country not for personal gain or for individual and friends to be rich……………

  30. RAS L.L


  31. Cletus K.Chisanga

    Certain things r difficult especially wen it passed thru parliament.whose to blame?????

  32. Douglas Samukolo

    Thats waisting money who is bwezani?You spared him for not locking him up now you add mbasela on top .Elo ba PF you have teamed up with the so called mmd to cheat us and cover the wrong things mmd did in the last 3yrs.

  33. virtual hoods

    mmmm…..wonders shall never end

  34. Razor

    The constitution needs to be amended so that once someone leaves office all these perks are also withdrawn. You go back to where you came from as an ordinary citizen.

    • kakoma costa

      Only God knows mwe pf n upnd they are creating problems in Zambia mwe

  35. pike kadosi

    poor wil become poor rich become richer mwamonaka,he thought maybe people wil be happy nw nobwinobwino

  36. Kn frank

    Its not ok

  37. Kaps

    I cant believe this coz I think Maureen mwanawasa deserves a house coz her husband did great things to this nation. Just my opinion

  38. PILATO

    Am just from the clinic and they just gave me a prescription to go buy medicine from somewhere the clinic hasn’t got any medicine not even a simple panadol

  39. Mr dundumwenze

    When I say visionless leader at wayamba, problem ya lungu beer behaviour.

  40. El

    Siame inhibits na child hh chobe let the rulling Do what they want to Do

  41. mata

    Why him people are suffering in streets childrens and aged peaole ??????

  42. Surprised Man

    Wanyeka muzi

  43. mulobezi

    I ve read all yo comments serpents,th fact z dat u ar bitter coz u lost th mangango seat.continue voting via social media at th end its u nd upnd hu wll owez b cryin foul for nothin.

  44. Skynet p51

    F… K all the negative comments

  45. chibale musende

    mwilaibepa kumfwa no kumona baneeeee

  46. Joseph

    If the house has to be built to Lupiah for serving 3years which is believed to be the late Levy’s own,then We count it as a term therefore Edgar this is your 2nd term. Don’t argue about it at all. Thanks for your kindness to your fellow big brother

  47. Lulu lulu

    Chey !!!! Whats so special about R B , if mwanawasa was alive and chiluba am telling this was going to be a war in Zambia may their soul rest in peace . Hop you will construct another mansion for kk a big one than that one infact first come first save so can you deviate that mansion to kk coz he deserves to have mansion he is tiresome compared to RB .but olemela ba lemelelako Bo sauka ba saukilako.its true.


    KK was given a house well constructed,LEVY they have already started, FTJ the house is being constructed at bolbulb, ba sata the land is being sourced where they can build his house.Its constitutional right for former presidents.SO RB has just been given one .where is the problem.

  49. JAE BANX

    Mmmmmm ndelololeshafye.

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