OPINION: Lungu, Hichilema Meeting Should be a Signal for Cadres to Cease Fire

The recent meeting between President Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema is by any standards quite historic. These are two towering personalities that have spent the last three years shadow boxing and casting innuendos at each other. Nothing good has been possible in the other from wherever each one stands. More disturbingly has been the army of rabid supporters each one has recruited to discredit the other. Some of these rabid supporters have carried their roles too far with the capacity to cause harm in the name of their leader. Families have been torn apart as this political animosity has grown and almost encouraged by the two leaders. There has been no limit as to how much harm one can cause in the name of President Lungu or Hichilema. Some areas have been declared no go zones for rival supporters all in the name of politics.

For the first time in our politics we have seen the emergence of non-military personnel enlisted by political parties to defend their candidates. They unashamedly address each other as commander and at times embarrassingly wear military regalia with no repercussions. They are more powerful than conventional security personnel. All these things have been done in the name of politics.

The more civil and sober minded people have been ostracized from politics because they cannot cope with the hate and lack of civility in the political space.

It has become a preserve of unruly and almost always barbaric personalities who are idolized not for their political astuteness but for the amount of violence they are capable of inflicting and where they can’t participate they can procure violence.

Individuals with less money and no stomach for violence have been shut out with no following.

All these crimes have been committed in the name of President Lungu and Hichilema. The country has been driven to the edge almost to the point of disintegration because of hating in the name of President Lungu and Hichilema.  So our question while all these political party cadres have been willing to maim and kill in the name of President Lungu and Hichilema, the two have been willing to come to a round table and share a drink. None of their children is exposed to the violence that cadres propagate in their names.

We implore the political party cadres on both sides of the divide to take a leaf from this example. No life should ever be lost in the name of politics. We understand the confusion going on in the minds of cadres as they witnessed their two gods embrace whilst they maim each other in the streets. We have not forgotten the confusion created when late presidents Michael Sata and Levy Mwanawasa reconciled. It left bitter political cadres in a confused state including then PF vice president Guy Scott.

We hope the cadres that are too ready to harm each other have taken the signal.


  1. David Ashley Juste Kalala

    I am very pleased with the good work of God to allowing the angels come to abolish the bitterness that has for a long time existed between our two beloved Zambian leaders. Praise God.

    • Whiteson

      David, this has nothing to do with “God” who does not exist, this is about President HH and ECL, don’t insult human achievement, we need to celebrate individual and human achievement.

      • Lupiya

        A fool says in his heart that there is no God

      • Lazi

        Only a fool indeed can say there is no God. The evidence is all there that God exists… start with the Bible, once God blesses you with his grace to understand the Bible, you will never go back to be worldly in your life again.

      • mulobezi

        U say thea z no God, anyway I cnt blame u,coz hakainde haz ored initiated u no wonder u regard hm as president shame

      • Febian

        God is real, he is your creator, the maker of rains, life, without him its impossible to breath. Believe have faith, you will experience God.

    • lucky

      You are right these are the two Leaders who can save our ZAMBIA

  2. Hotness

    That is the way to go.

  3. Moses

    Yah muleumfwana mwebantu lolesheni KK tabalandanokulanda bamitambafye kuleni thankx HE. C LUNGU for that spirits God boss you

  4. N Z

    Nice move


    God bless you all

  6. Mambo Edgar

    God bless you with many blessings to come over here like that .

  7. Cmk

    Mwefipondo lekeni bumpula mafunde
    Mwalebepekesha mukupusana kwa ntungulushi shesu ECL na HH emo mwaleipaila abakaele. Mwalapila nomba this time tuzamigwira NA kumipeleka Ku police bamifake mujele. Work well done ECL and HH bamikusha imitwe pafula kulibamukulu. May the almighty and ever living GOD bless you both. I wish you success in your political career.


    fuck you what will we do with those pangas, screw drivers, sledge hammers, knives, folks, pliers, slashers, spoons, axes, tractor ploughs, electric cables, stones, catapults, iron bars kakakakakaka they are meant for HH

  9. Zengwe

    Lungu and Hichilema i love you guys you have brought peace in our home .zambia we are saving a living God.

  10. familiar eve

    Nothing has changed from this

  11. vivi

    Comment let the will of God prevail in Jesus name

  12. Muntu mufunelo

    But I think nothing has changed about HH ….he was just pretending lol

  13. Benet Means

    It’s sad that the supporters are the ones who are fighting see those people whom you are fighting in there name there having breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner together.

  14. Trevor Pambwe

    Everybody lets shout loud ati( jeeeeesuuuuuuus u r alive) AMEN

  15. MM

    if that Picture is true the HH has my Vote in 2021

  16. Kelvin

    we have been wanting all along to hear from those fuckin judges

  17. Aaron gadama

    Gud corrabotion

  18. alinani

    may it b like that

  19. kilayelarry@gmail.com

    Of course nothing has changed. Lungs has so much to fear if things can come to a point where dialogue sets off. He has too numerous atrocities.

  20. kilayelarry@gmail.com

    I mean Lungu not lungsy

  21. Sarah

    God bless our leaders who are we to put apart what God has put together. Continue with the same spirit.

  22. Bwacha

    whiteson, if God does not exist, you are also not exist, but if you think you are exist and your parents exist fear God and do not lean to foolish philosophy of satan.

  23. Mukuka S

    We Thank The All Mighty God For What He Has Done …

  24. Operation Dundumwezi

    Titambila pa tower but still more Zambia shud go forward.

  25. Operation Dundumwezi

    Anyone with a song “baumpa COMESA” done by Tiger Mupondo (The Animal AKA Hustler)? Kindly share it with me.

  26. Nicholas

    God i love u soo much thank you for the life u have given me

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