Shepolopolo Booted out of AWCON

Zambia’s Africa Cup of Nations journey has come to an end of drawing 1-1 with Banyana Banyana of South Africa.

The result left Zambia on four points behind group toppers South Africa who ended on seven points with Nigeria in second place on six points.

Zambia scandalously had skipper and Spain based Barbara Banda playing no part in the tournament in unclear circumstances.

Banda recently signed for top Spanish side Logrono but has been conspicuously missing in the team with reports of an administrative hitch knocking her out of the competition.

South Africa scored through Chrestinah Kgatlana with Zambia’s Rachael Kundananji cancelling out the goal.

Zambia defeated Equatorial Guinea 5-0 and lost 4-0 to Nigeria before their final 1-all result against South Africa.

The ejection of the Shepolopolo adds another painful chapter in the Zambian game after the Chipolopolo failed to qualify for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.



  1. Muntu odyaka

    Try next time girls well done

  2. ti

    It’s OK ladies you have tried come back home

  3. TOP G

    Zambian football che…

  4. Charlie Koo

    Hard Luck Our Ladiez

  5. Umuntu

    Bamuna banachoka naimwe mwachoka ya chaipa maningi any way bola vimacitika lyonse maloose Zambia che apa nabunga bwadula muzafikila munjala .

  6. Hazard

    Chelsea we have lost this game 3_1

  7. Muntu mufunelo


  8. Elias phiri

    Mmm I have failed to hold tears
    Shepolopolo booted you again
    Whom should we point our fingers at

  9. Benet Mwanza

    You have tried your level best and your results are not that bad so far there is no one who has more goals like you 5 in one match.

  10. George

    nice try ladiez,,,,,,although they might say that u’re not the best team but atleast you’re trying all your best to be the best and to be the best team for us…am very proud of each and every one of you

  11. Ba Senior The Citizens

    But why???
    Bola yapa Zed???



  13. Phillip


  14. Mr dundumwenze

    Yes My dream has come true,well done south Africa ma Zambians balibe nzelu, let them come back so that tuyambe kuba nyenga chifukwa ndiye nchito yebaziba maningi.

  15. Trevor Pambwe

    Next team z(1)goal keepers (brisky nd kantu)(2)defenders(Wezi,mutinta,suwilanji nd wacheda)(3)midfielders(sister D,kanjiRachael nd Maya)(4)strikers(Judy nd mampilicious)

  16. Mmj

    Ok try next time thats the name of the game

  17. Henry Chingah

    Hard lucky girls lets hope you’re gonna to the semi’s then to the quarter finals and last to the finals. We are behind you keep up the good work girls

  18. Luck Muwaya

    Well tried Ladies, l Love you all, Good performance!

  19. CKK6-75MF

    Sinc Kamanga became FAZ president, nothing good has happened in the world of football. If I was Kamanga, I would have resigned in the interest of this great nationZambia. The Zambia nation team has failed twist to qualify to Africa cup of nations. Just because you hate Kalu you even hate greatly strong and qualify players who played during Kalu as FAZ president. Football Is a serious business and unifying factor, it brings all Zambian together and we should safeguard our resources.Government women loss again ,if yku are not there they win.spending a lot of money to improve football in Zambia which if used on other developments can help the nation.Kamanga you have failed the Zambian just resign let others takeover. Loosing to Mozambique home and away is the most painful thing in the history of Zambian football. The most foolish thing is to make substitutes 10 minuets to go when you are down and not playing well. The worst thing is to loss double , you make men loss and going back home in pain without without coach, you fly to the other side you make wome. We no longer need your service anymore , you , your executive and your coach leave us in peace.

  20. Commando

    Dis-organized nation only corruption organized. Yaaaaaaahhhh paazambia!!!!!!!!

  21. jay

    come back home ladies you have tried, every Zambian watched your effort you guys did.


    ni na boola nyini zao kakakakaka

  23. Lm

    Bad lucky ladies you have tried to beat e E Q and drow with S/A it means to pray very well the mistake you was game against NG so work hard you will be the gud team in future , but kamanga work hard we are not happy the way football is going on in Zambia

  24. Thomas Phiri

    you tried your best

  25. Operation Dundumwezi

    U were butchered ba Shepolo polo. It is a lesson to u so that u work extra hard next tym.

  26. Ephesians Kelvin

    Is it our team which cursed or it is just that we are not blessed with football? Chipolopolo, Shepolopolo they are all same. increasing the Bp percentage in Zambia

  27. Mr fix it

    Next time Girls you have tried your best Jah bless you

  28. Herve Lenald

    i once been the zambian coach,but atleas we celebrated in 2012 in which i created alot of players including Chisamba,Nkausu &so on.

  29. Kutiopi

    Hahahahaha!¡ bola nalesa bululu

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