Tayali Apologizes to Hichilema

Facebook-happy politician Chilufya Tayali has apologized to UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for the incessant attacks on him.

Tayali, who 24 hours ago had bailiffs pounce on him for an K86 million debt said that he had decided to reconcile himself to his political adversaries and open a new chapter.

The Economic and Equity Party leader held a press conference where he also announced that he had apologized to Justice Minister Given Lubinda.

Tayali has been on Hichilema’s case tearing the UPND leader ceaselessly with the former instigating a barrage of court cases to stifle Tayali.

“I am saying bamudala ba Hichilema, I am really sorry for everything I may have said against you and any inconvenience I may have caused. I am looking forward to a better relationship with you,” he said.

Tayali also apologized to President Edgar Lungu for some utterances that may have been offensive.

He said the recent meeting between President Lungu and Hichilema had opened his eyes.

Tayali said the meeting of the two leaders could not be downplayed as it was significant in diffusing political tension.


  1. Mr dundumwenze

    Hh just forgive him, he is your friend it was just a mistake, a

    • Obri Muleya

      No mistake. If I HH?

    • judge not

      The moment the bailiffs pounced on him I automatically knew why he was attacking HH,money,he thought by attacking HH pf would handsomely reward him so he could pay off who ever he owed but all in vain no wonder the apology.

  2. Mr dundumwenze

    And show him that you are a leader who knows how to forgive, nima politics chabe he is still your friend.

  3. Osei

    Wow that’s the way how human must live by ad meeting mistakes and open a new chapter.

  4. Osei

    Wow that’s the way how human must live by ad meeting mistakes and open a new chapter through forgiveness.

  5. Muntu odyaka

    Forgive him my president

  6. Charlie Koo

    New Chapter indeed & i hope its not hard Tymz ahead…..!!!!!

  7. Dashingwa futa

    Don’t ever forgive a fool as he will repeat his mistake again!!!! Why do you apologized is it because of the bailiffs pounces which occurred? Or you want him to lend you money to pay back the loan to retrieve your Toyota so that there after you insult him again? Be matured tayali

    • Obri Muleya

      On point my brother. We don’t need people Like tayali, he can do anything or join any party just to fatten himself useless..

  8. J45

    Do you know K86 million?

  9. Fwenkufwenku

    Tayali is the cheapest fool I have ever known. Uzamuziba Nebuchadnezzar mufana!

    • Febian

      tayali kulani, if we are take over in future, be objective. Why apologising if you pointed at a wrong thing, unless you are saying you were just making a gong sound.

  10. Jessan samapimbi

    Don’t follow a fool with his stupidity, just forgive him

  11. Bunker jacket (Obama)

    Forgive him and forget…

  12. TAYALI

    My friends,my colleagues,my family members I was blind to attack elders it is a sin I confess upon devil who cheated me . sorry am dead pliz ba HH sorry for my stupidity.banyamata nachiona ine !!!!never boast if you are nothing in life.

  13. Muntu odyaka

    Mr man that’s Iz the only way to go keep it up

  14. Lubuto1

    Madala Forgive and Forget that’s how we live

  15. KUPUSA

    Yeees that’s life nice wamuziba yesu mambala.kkkkk hahahaha kolwe I we unaeamwa ndiwe mbuzi mambala kkkkkkkkkkk

  16. Steven

    It’s just unfortunate that the apology has come after the bailiffs visit.

  17. Nana Borne Bob

    Please Ba HH forgive him he doesn’t knew what he was doing, he behaved like a drunker forgetting that you are his next leader and he will begging to you as his prominent leader. Guy please put this in your mind everything has got it’s own time that’s what the Bible says, you know what I mean let me not go into details.

  18. William Malama

    Yayali it’s nice your eyes are open now but I cant trust you may be you are just trying to run away from court cases that you now feel the weight.

  19. William Malama

    Yayali it’s nice your eyes are open now but I cant trust you may be you are just trying to run away from court cases that you now feel the weight.just wait for justice

  20. Moses

    Forgive and you shall be forgiven.

  21. Trevor Pambwe

    Wen we god z alive dis z wt it means,u r lucky HH understands fast ndaba sembe niuyu winango by dis Tim u kud hv found yoself mu kage ya 3months

  22. Education

    Ba Tayali it happens, it’s life, keep your stance. By apologising you are not being coward you’re just following the precepts of life. Good step.

  23. Mr dundumwenze

    Cristiano ronaldo left the huge gap to Real Madrid, sure to lost 3 zero to eibar shame.

  24. president leader

    u ar luck cause our president hh he is a good leader if was ecl u suporse to be jailed

  25. Musa


  26. Muntu mufunelo

    Mmmmm but some people aiiiii ,kanshi there is another president apart from ecl , are u from Zambia?? If so ,which is part of Zambia imweeeeeee??!!!! Wake up

  27. Gabriel Marcel

    Yaba elyo lwanya

  28. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    Politics is not for children who can control thre mistakes without people seeing that it was an accusation.now everyone will be taking u a joker

  29. Hule


  30. Edward

    Get out, Don’t forgive him let him learn a lesson, he is educated who helping him to open his mouth saying some nonsense, don’t and don’t forgive him!

  31. musutu

    Comment we lean through mistek just forgive him

  32. royd Vinda

    My President forgive the Man but don’t forget his name and what he did to you.
    And court cases should not be withdrawn.

  33. Mc dee

    Let the dog be…bark tayali , bark u dog.viva HH viva!!!

  34. The scientist

    Under five

  35. Gerald johns

    My dear leader, a fool is a fool.
    Just forgive him and forget his nosenses.

  36. Arnold Shakalange

    Such kind of apologize it means dangerously to his life.

  37. Ntoni Mpati

    Tayali’s apology rings hollow & insincere. Rather than engaging in dramatics, he should have addressed a written apology to his ‘elder brother’ retracting in full & specifically the defamatory allegations he self-assuredly and prominently made on his Facebook page that he had proof that the UPND leader is a Satanist whose political activities are bankrolled by South African based Satanists. Now that he faces the prospects of a damning judgment by the Livingstone High Court, where his libellous allegations have been escalated, he wants to escape a crippling order for damages and costs by enacting a generalised apology.

  38. Kabika

    Let President Hichilema Hakainde forgive Tayali in his capacity not as a Part UPND

  39. Kastiyo

    Politics nde mwe ilili

  40. Clever

    Don’t forgive him is very stupid remember next time he do again,Tayali who was a maths your was very poor but I blem your brain capacity is not working leave HH alone our President

  41. Sj

    “They stumble That Run Fast.” Pride Comes Before A Nose Dive. Comment



  43. Majoni Tyson

    I c tayali,s comments not constructive. Does he got even party members who give advises to this chap? Perhaps no, he is a lost kangaroo and he must learn manner not always exposing stupidity. I know his apology isn’t real.

  44. Dr Fonicks

    tayali must learn a lesson. talking does not mean saying anything that comes into your head. you have been quite critical concerning upnd president hh. defamation of character is a serious offence depending on the topic at hand. sometimes people say nasty things about others with a view that they think they are courageous. look at yourself now. many people were enjoying your comments about hh, here you are now appearing to be the most foolish party president. muliokela is far much better than you. you should should harvest what you sowed. now you see how whistleblowers with no facts end lonely ? mwaiche uletekanya, ukusosasosa takwawama. abaku tungilila bali kwi ? or where are your backers? ukulandalanda tekuba brave limo cilanga fye ubupuba. kwati tawapita ku sukulu. mwaice becareful

  45. Chimuka siamatika

    Mr Tayali u think of what u were saying about HH wen u were on rival wire program here in mazabuka n Dere u r saying Wat shame on you,but u r lucky my president HH is a good leader

  46. Edgar chagwa lungu

    Tayali remember I told you not to deep your nose in conversations I and hh we meet and discuss national issues in private , you’re forgiven my child

  47. Joseph

    TAYALI, he behavers like a small kid.

  48. Lovemore

    It is no use to offend always and use the prayer of confession and repentance.
    Repent for good and turn away from your wicked ways if you are to be sincere.
    Let us see the real change.

  49. Lc

    I don’t remember HH and TAYALI being enemies they only differed in political opinion the every politician differs with everyone that does not mean they are enemies

  50. UPND

    Muno Namo! Tayali uli shilu

  51. Charity Chanda Mwamba

    I never liked Chilufyas personal attacked on HH one bit and once cautioned him to be more objective than subjective in his submissions which were always unsubstantiated. I am PF but get unsettled when leadership even in opposition is being ridiculed. Opposition is there to give us checks and balances in our government. That’s why I am the happiest when ECL and HH can finally dialogue. It’s the way to go bane for our future generations to come. TAYALI not again.

  52. umuntu mube

    now that u ar broke u want reconcile. u ar a disgrace to Zambian politics

  53. Abekala calo

    President ECL and HH can you tell your supporters to stop fighting and insulting each other.From the looking of things some of ur cadres don’t understand Wat Tayali has done by apologise to you gays.

  54. H.E President for Justice

    No body z perfect!

  55. Thengolibeta

    My President forgive and forget but never trust him again.

  56. Akumawa

    Tayali y au apologising my president n wts av u done to kachema

  57. suntwe

    Tayali!!!!!!! Kuwolavye wayaya

  58. Danny



    And i cote facebook politician kikkkkk Tayali tabamwitile bwino

  60. Zeezo Clemz

    Tayali!!!!!!!! Awe!!!!! Mr HH just forgive him we all know that you are a nice man.

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