Kambwili Charged with Unlawful Assembly…as he is set to spend Night in Cells

National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili has been charged with unlawful assembly and detained at Luanshya Police Station.

Kambwili who was driven from Lusaka by the police after attempting to report to Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga for refusing to accept his request for a postponement of the interrogation.

The Roan lawmaker has been charged in connection with his having addressed AVIC International workers who went to complain to him over alleged poor working conditions.

Kambwili’s lawyer Evaristo Mukonka said Kambwili had met all the conditions for bond but the police decided to detain him.

Mukonka said the Roan lawmaker will appear in court on Friday.


The arrest of the NDC leader means he will have to skip court in another case tomorrow.

He has another scheduled court appearance in Lusaka before magistrate Mwaka Mikalile.



    What goes around comes around 4 sure. .!


    You TALL GATES PARTY nonsense. If you know you can’t control the country, step 👣 down. We know you don’t have manners to govern the country, and you don’t want to be advised by people with manners.
    And you POLICE SERVICE you are now being used


  3. Charlie Koo

    Mmmmm Advise Me on Dis 1 Mwebantu. Which z More Superior, De Court or De Police?????!!!!!

  4. Olas Mizi

    The bells toiling on CK will surely also toil on President Edgar Lungu,it is just a matter of time.2021 is just around the corner, President Lungu and his minions must adequately be prepared for arrests and detentions.

  5. Yangu

    AVIC state capture, who is next?

  6. Hev Rena

    Is this what things ar turning out wen u speak fo the voiceless.A nd its not only foreigners who ar iltreating workers.Even people like HH,Magande,Siatwambo etc,whose workers dont get salaries ar not bothered by min.of labour.Whats goin on?

  7. Break News

    CHISHIMBA Kambwili has questioned why President Edgar Lungu has ‘sneaked’ out of the country for South Africa without the government telling the nation his whereabouts.
    “I am reliably informed that he sneaked out of the country yesterday (Tuesday) with only the ADC (Aide-de-Camp). Now a President cannot leave the jurisdiction of the country without informing the nation. And why should he only go with the ADC?” Kambwili questioned. “He has left out all his aides, no any government official has accompanied him, he has only gone with his ADC and the government has not announced where the President is. You see we cannot run the country as extensions of our own bedrooms.”
    Kambwili said Zambia was governed by laws and rules and that there was no way the President could sneak out of the country to South Africa using taxpayers’ money.
    “Even the challenger [Presidential jet] that he has used is taxpayers’ money. We need to know, we deserve to know why he has gone to South Africa and why he did not announce to the country…so can the Presidential spokesperson or the chief government spokesperson tell the nation what the President has gone to do in South Africa because that is sneaking out of the country,” Kambwili said. “Not even cadres were at the airport to see him off as is usually done. He sneaked out of the country yesterday…they have not told anybody that the President is out of the country. It shows that the President has gone out of the country under very suspicious circumstances.”
    He said there was even an allegation that President Lungu left the country with businessman Valden Findlay.
    Kambwili questioned what Findlay’s role was in the PF government.
    “Even when Prince Harry came, he was among the government officials who took pictures with him [at State House]. And we have seen that wherever the President is, whether local or abroad, he is always with Valden Findlay. Can they tell us the role of Findlay; who pays for his accommodation, who pays for his travels wherever the President goes? We need to know; what is his role in this government because he is neither an official of the party, he is not a member of the Central Committee, he is not a ward chairman, he is not a district chairman?” he asked.
    Kambwili said there was an allegation that the President had gone to meet up with another Zambian businessman in South Africa, who had gone as an advance party through Mozambique.
    “We want to know, where is the President?” asked Kambwili.
    President Lungu’s spokesperson Amos Chanda did not pick up the phone when reached for comment while chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya promised to respond “in a minute” but never did by press time.
    Meanwhile, Kambwili said police on the Copperbelt have detained 11 of AVIC employees that went to his house to complaint about poor conditions of service.
    He said it was now clear that the Zambian government had placed importance on Chinese at the expense of nationals whom he said were being treated as second-class citizens.
    He appealed to Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga to release the AVIC workers who he said have been in detention since Monday without any charge.
    He wondered how police would detain suspects first then investigate the alleged unlawful assembly.

  8. MM

    I wonder I was in southern Province receently some guy working for Handman Handyman complained that doesn’t get paid.He is busy Speaking for others when his workers are going Hungary

    • Jay

      Then what did you do when you heard about that situation… Did you show the person where labor offices are?

  9. man chiko

    Zambian politics, awe mwandi they are always wait for someone to make mistakes for their benefit

  10. King cool

    Bulanda bushala

  11. Lc

    But to be honest this government we have is a rotten tomatoes

  12. Mr dundumwenze

    This country kaya mwandini kwamene tiyende, politician azinkala ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kukamba ni summon, pf government awe mwandini sure.

  13. ECZ

    The police are more superior than the court nowadays

  14. Bemba Land

    Is it this country become a dictatorship
    Awe Lungu twanaka with your uslessleadership
    Pack and go boi mmmmmmmmmmm

  15. Mr. Bemba land is great

    I am Mr bemba land is great idiots don’t write anything about me things that I haven’t submitted on this page you are fools iam I will never be one of the cartel of hakainde who sponsurs you to insult Zambians kambwili thinks through his ass just the same as hakainde you are very minute insulting the president and you say he is a dectator panyo pa noko

  16. Empire

    Mmmmmmm in Zambian are crying without tear

    • Whiteson

      Did Hon Kambwili address AVIC International workers? From the comments here looks he did. Was the meeting authorised or not. Questions Answers which which should be asked answered by Zambians who went to school and are able to post on Zambia Reports, not just blablablabla… you are a shame to Zambians of good will and foreigners.

  17. Moses

    Awe nishitakuli kulanda pafibipile atase mwaya sana BA police 2021 mukakonke ekomufinine ala chishimba ale filwa nokunwa amenshi ngalanda ninshi atula ig’ombe ilinso?

  18. EDDIE

    I think dr kambwili he is write.ba buju or charity katanga be careful because one day ukaba under kambwili’s gorvement or hh mayo utekanye y u call someone for questioning. because he said that 2mor ni ku court. mmmmmm


  19. Mr zambia

    Ala bwafya too much power ba PF…….2021
    Open your eyes.just thinking louder

  20. Tonnymax

    Ba president kwena apa mwakasa tetimwikate umutu apabula umulandu

  21. Arnold Lukwesa


  22. ok

    Ba Chishimba Kambwili you talk sense but there is some immaturityIin your talking. Whoever gives you a microphone u talk anything STOP

  23. Bamuna

    Same tactics: Arrest on Friday, spend weekend in cells. CK in trouble…pacifentelo lol

  24. Joseph

    Pfools, you ve to know that everything its time.

  25. Isaac Banda

    We can’t leave until we know the truth

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