Zambian Referee Gladys Lengwe to Officiate Women Africa Cup Final

Top FIFA referee Gladys Lengwe has scored another milestone by being appointed to officiate the final match of the 2018 Africa Women Championship between Nigeria and South Africa.

Lengwe who has been making great strides in her career already has a FIFA Under-17 Menโ€™s World Cup and U20 Womenโ€™s FIFA World Cup under her belt.

The Zambian referee is also tipped to be part of the 2019 FIFA Womenโ€™s World Cup in France.

Lengwe adds to the colourful achievements of Zambian whistle-men in the global game with Janny Sikazwe having been part of the 2018 Menโ€™s FIFA World Cup in Russia.

She will be assisted by Lidwine Pelagie of Madagascar and Bernadettar Kwimbira from Malawi as first and second assistants.

The fourth official will be Thioune Fatou from Senegal.

Defending champions Nigeria will go head-to-head with South Africa on Saturday at the Accra Stadium in the final match of the 2018 Africa Women Championship.

(Source: FAZ Facebook Page)


  1. Marker

    Congratulations Gladys be strong let no one derail you,the world is watching you I don’t want you to fall victim like nanny.

  2. Marker

    Congratulations Gladys be strong let no one derail you,the world is watching you I don’t want you to fall victim like Janny.

  3. mu queen

    What a great achievement I saute you mama for putting Zambia on the world map go mama go we are behind you


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  5. Gladys Lengwe

    Fuckoff chikambwili after all kambolo kuchepa monga baby

  6. Gerady Mubanga

    Congratulations Gradys we are very proud of you and be disappointed us Janny Sikazwe

  7. Muntu mufunelo

    Mmmmm but some pipo aiii ,u were busy congratulating Mr sikazwe when everything was OK but are now talking bad things about him just because he made a simple mistake…….., are u 100% correct in everything u do ???

  8. FGM

    Zambia needs such hard working nationals. Never allow corruption to catch you also. Be strong and focused.

  9. Logan Ngonga

    Go head u putting Zambia on de map

  10. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Congratulations mom

  11. William chofwe

    Congratulations my sister

  12. Kay2 Pack M

    Congratulations ๐ŸŽ† ๐ŸŽ† mama,,,,, good move zambian ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฒ lady ๐Ÿ‘’ ๐Ÿ‘’.

  13. Emmanuel

    do your best we are proud of you


    Congratulations mother

  15. Bamuna

    A breath of fresh air, at last: Congratulations Gladys!

  16. International Order

    Well done Gladys. Please make us proud by being the best refere you can be. The rest will be history.

  17. Mmj

    Congratulations my sister keep it up wish you all the best

  18. Sylvia

    Congrats our fellow Zambia lady

  19. The scientist

    Tells us about Sikazwe, how far has his suspension gone?

  20. Handsom

    Congratulation mama as you carry our flag higher and higher we are proud of you we still support you mama God bless

  21. Handsom

    We are behind you mama has Zambia at large

  22. John j

    Good lucky mama.

  23. Bunker jacket (Obama)

    Good luck mama that is your future God bless you..

  24. Habakkuk

    Do ur level best mama

  25. Habakkuk

    Do ur level best mama ,we are happy of you .

  26. Muller

    Congratulations grandys we re just proud of you as Zambian ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฒ

  27. Evans mwiinga

    keep it up mama lengwe God continue bless you

  28. Abel Philips

    Proud of you mama…God bless you..
    Forward forward…
    NO bribes.

  29. James kapapa

    congratulations to you we proud don’t do what sikazwe did we beg please

  30. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master




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