The opposition UPND celebrated its 20-years milestone of existence. Twenty years by any standard in opposition politics is a long time. Indeed they have metamorphosed from some nondescript opposition political party synonymous with being an offshoot of the MMD in 1998 under former MMD Bauleni Ward councillor Anderson Kambela Mazoka. Today they are can stake a claim as the largest opposition political party. At least in comparative terms to their competitors. It was a party founded on a strong transformational agenda under a team of highly qualified personalities. Some of the names thrown in the ring had excelled in their various callings like Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga, Dr John Mulwila, Given Lubinda, Patrick Chisanga, Henry Mtonga, Inonge Wina, Sikota Wina and Benny Tetamashimba among others. Given the fatigue that the electorates were having with the MMD under Frederick Chiluba the citizens were looking to a breath of fresh air and the UPND provided party of that promise heading into the 2001 elections. It was a team of fairly eminent and self-driven individuals. After having recorded some victories in by-elections ironically in some of the areas that have remained their strongholds to date. They went into the 2001 elections with Mazoka controversially falling short by 2% off the winner Levy Mwanawasa of the MMD.

The UPND got 49 seats in a 150 parliamentary chamber although combined the opposition seats reached 81.

As they say numbers don’t lie even at their highest, the UPND parliamentary mark put their legitimacy claim to govern the country in serious jeopardy. Granted they had made some strides but their overall gains could not be said to have won over the citizenry in totality.

To their credit, they did provide some progressive noise in parliament with their well-researched motions.

Notably the developed a culture of presenting an alternative budget that critiqued the government official one.

However, the death of the founding President Anderson Mazoka before the 2006 elections fundamentally threw the party off balance.

With that emerged Hakainde Hichilema under a cloud of tribal anointment with top UPND officials infamously declaring that Mazoka would only be succeeded by a Tonga. Wittingly or unwittingly the prophecy came to pass with the party suffering its second leadership crisis laced with tribal flavour. Of course the first one that saw Dr John Mulwila quietly leave was not very publicized. Hichilema’s arrival provoked the exit of some of the top party stalwarts like Saki, Henry Mtonga, Given Lubinda and Chisanga.

Fast forward Hichilema has participated in five elections with the UPND now having 55 parliamentarians in an expanded National Assembly.

Hichilema is looking to participating in his sixth Presidential election in 2021 and should he not win, the UPND will have to extraordinarily be naïve to retain him. As to whether or not the UPND is any better or worse from its 2001 election high is not for us to say. But when you have Anderson Mazoka, Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga, Henry Mtonga, and Patrick Chisanga on one side and Hichilema, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Stephen Katuka, Mutale Nalumango and Patrick Mucheleka on the other it would not be so hard to work out which team is stronger. But credit to them as 20-years in opposition is surely a very long time.

Happy 20th anniversary to the UPND membership.


  1. nshilimubemba

    Difficult years with expectations that never materialized.
    Has someone looked the dynamics that makes the party to fail every election contested.
    The slogan of the party needs to be discarded may be it may be redeemed from it’s present form.
    Zambians are a people who love unity love each other across tribal boundaries meaning tribalism cannot win any one through to plot one.

  2. GBM

    20yrs of failure, i made a mistake to join this party,forgive me president LUNGU am coming back as a lost son

  3. Kamata

    They are failing to accept that they are tribal and yet history there for everyone to read.We are talking about the “UPND qouta”

  4. kambwili

    It’s not easy to survive in this useless PF climate. We will regret for allowing PF to be in power for a long time. Thieves, corrupt, trubalists, etc nicompops.
    Congratulations UPND.

  5. Mr. Bemba land is great

    The most violent after. Anc very tribal and no direction

  6. mulobezi

    Indeed 20yrs of doom we are now lookin forward 2 witnessing the end of the party that has shamfuly faild 2 provid quality checks and balances,BT instead opted 2 attack thoz in power.wasteful anniversary

    • Clever

      You are very stupid remember empty teen always marking noise you not than king big mouth

  7. Jimmy shaba

    At God’s appointed time,hh will rule.

  8. Kamata

    Yes,the same way God appointed Edgar chagwa lungu, His Excellency !!!


    20yrs in opposition sure n even 2021 he still loss n so let’s just count 23yrs in opposition bt even 2026 Neva kachema

  10. Muntu mufunelo

    Kkkkkkkk 20 years of existence sure no winaaa mmmmm guys this party is going nowhere


    2021 IS OUR YEAR MR. HH.



    • Analyst

      Iwe vigorous that’s the kind of bullshit politics we don’t want,In his oppositionhood I have never heard of him offer any solid policy to solve the problems that the country is facing, you think politics is about politicians its about policies,how many years independence from imperials ?????we still can’t Even localy make 2 way radios for the police,stupid politicians plus stupid supporters =zero development

  12. Zenia

    Koma muli ma failures ba upnd

  13. swana

    20 solid years of failure its not a joke happy. Anniversary

  14. chife justice

    what God has combined no one can separet

  15. jkp

    it is imposible for the people to achive thire goes if they dont want other tribes, like the founders,have you seen the names guys , sikota, sichinga,lubinda, wina, mazoka, hichilema,hamonde,hamukale,mmmmh problems,only a bemba man mwamba and he will never be a vise after wining wait with your selfishnes

  16. Concerned citizen

    I can’t vote for a tribal UPND.unless if they change their mind set.No wonder they keep losing elections.

  17. Empire


  18. ECL

    I am fool I don’t even know how to rule I got what I want money so 2021 HH he will be a president

  19. AAlbright

    It will be unfortunately not to form government.

  20. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Try yo best never give up don’t listen to to the pfools jealous devils

  21. Barotseland

    Viva Upnd we are behind you in Barotseland not pali fipuba pf ki masholi feela

  22. fisunge

    Barotse kimasholi ya hao how can you say that you used to stay one month on water before you reach kalabo today you have the best bridge in Africa and you cant appreciate fool you go to the historydedepartment at unza and find out why hh can not win election wait 2021 is coming

  23. vic sims

    My worry is that if hh will not make it in 2021 he will faint or suffer from Bp

  24. Chidano Chinoda

    The goodness is that the whole world knows about UPND to be tribal , it shows clearly that there’s nothing good about this party,a president who has no political profile ,it will be a opposition party forever ,until they change their tribal concept.

    • Edgar chagwa lungu

      Buyanga have u ever seen lungu at your house and is he known u?

  25. John

    viva UPND

  26. AK mazoka

    Sure pipo can you be happyfor a child who has failed G7 20 times in 20yrs better to find somthng for him o her to do than wasting money

  27. LP power

    HH for president wether I like it or not pf nimbwafye
    Am from luapula and have never seen developments from pf ever since in power

  28. Truth teller

    HH has never told us how he got rich while selling and privatising our natioal companies. Some people especially the young ones don’t know or realise this. How can people entrust the entire country with such a person. How can you allow people or a party which is always saying if we win you are going to see, to rule you. How can people allow a violent party or tribe to rule them. We saw how people were treated in southern province after the elections. How can you allow a party which says only a Tonga can be party president to you. How can you allow a tribe which after hearing that their tribal candidate is leading and the language changes every where, in offices, shoprite, etc to Tonga. How can… and so on.

  29. Yg

    Hh for power🚀

  30. leon

    African politics are retrogressive in that rigging is drawing countries like even a self proclaimed christian nation Zambia is the most hit coz its leaders have eyes but blind to reality

  31. Chidano Chinoda

    They would have cerebrated the centenary in advance, I mean story izibika UPND can’t win

  32. Big pipe Aisha

    Well I think upnd should honestly do an introspection of it’s leadership and general membership, whilst it may be true that to fail is normal but a situation where you even start losing your grip on parliamentary seats that already worked for, for me is a serious problem which requires a serious postmortem by those in top leadership. This trend of depending on fb voters won’t help as most of the disgruntled members prefer to ‘die inside’ and secretly vote against their party. Please please Ba hh save this party, ukuteka kuchinjana and that’s the only way we can compete to do better for our beautiful land

  33. Nimrod

    HH, awe Bantu bakukanani put someone, a Lunda, kaonde or Luvale on that sit which I doubt you can’t do. We know it is a Tonga party but try other tribes this time around and swallow your pride as the Tonga party.

  34. Cliff Siatongo


  35. Cliff Siatongo

    HH. …


    the party is okey the problem is about the party presido hh. people they dont like him and how can one person countest many years as if its the father and sons company

  37. chileshe makasa

    The loving God, God of mercy will fight for you Mr hh. Bless you too,

  38. Fines@five fivr

    Country men
    Count where we come from No party survived for 29years in existence after the owner demises Parties like MMD ,UNIP ZADECO ,NATIONAL PARTY ,ZRP to mention a few but with me l think HH should be blessed and he is a hero ,Some have sold their party abandoned the followers such as Miles from President to Mayor but Hh has been in existence since Chiluba Mwanawasa ,Data ,Rupia and now Ecl .The land mark is that the guy is strong survived Mukobeko and now majority have followed and new Veep Tembo from Eastern Now how failure is he? Kavindele was the first to oppose KK but failed to make a party of north western as Mushala did but HH has managed to grow from where Anderson ,,,,mhrip,,,ended and now we see GBM ,mucheleka nalumango all are fine in opposition Which leader in Zambia can stand with Ecl the tiger ?Accord him ,He is now ready to Rule Barotseland which Michael data feared to demarcate For sure the region has a King ,,King Lewanika of Barotseland and northern territories The Bemba’s and Ngonis are few but Congolese pretend to be Bemba’s and Malawians pretend to be Chipata dwellers ,The region from Livingstone to C/b Lambs land is under UPND ,,,viva Hakainde ,,
    Good luck this is your time
    Ba pompwe imbwa sha Bantu mwashupa sana !!!!

  39. Isaac

    The almighty creator is one, but the chances of Akainde to win national elections, is almost zero. Come rain come sunshine the man will once more kiss the dust.

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