Carpenter Gets 5-Years for Theft of Techno Phone & Cash

A 26-year-old carpenter of Lusaka has been handed a five-year sentence for stealing a Tecno phone and K1, 200 cash.

The carpenter identified as Zodeki Chiseki of Marapodi Township was convicted of robbery for stealing the phone worth K400.

Chiseki stole the phone and the money using violence on Martin Chisenga.

He was initially charged with two counts of breaking into a building and committing a felony and robbery but the first count was later withdrawn by the State after the carpenter admitted the charge.

Chiseki was also facing another charge for having broken into Lister Mapula’s house and stole an HP computer desktop, three men’s suits, an adapter and two motor vehicle spanners, altogether valued at K12,639.

After stealing the phone, Chiseki threatened to use violence to overcome resistance while stealing.

When the matter came up before Magistrate Felix Kaoma for plea yesterday, Chiseki denied the first count and admitted the second.

Chiseki said he used violence when getting the said items.

In mitigation, he asked for leniency from the court and vowed never to commit the offence.

Magistrate Kaoma said he had considered the mitigation and noted that the convict was the first offender who deserved leniency.

“I sentence you to five years to deter would be offenders,” he said.


  1. Frank kalulu

    Bomar ilanganepo

  2. Bravo

    What caused him to do that??? because in the story its not given to why he did what he did,,

  3. Gangsta grabs

    The remedy would be to sholve that phone up his thloat and call it on repeat dial.I thank u

  4. Ambassador Mosmuk

    He deserved a jailed sentenced

  5. Condom lungu

    Amangidwe anso alakwila boma

  6. King solomon

    Rules are rules he need to be punished for that .

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