Katuba MP Arrested Over Pulling Down Miles Sampa Billboard

Police in Lusaka have apprehended UPND Katuba Member Of Parliament Patricia Mwashingwele, in connection with the pulling down of a billboard erected in Ngwerere area which is in Chibombo District along Great North Road.

The billboard bears the image of Lusaka City Mayor Miles Sampa with a message Welcome to Lusaka, which apparently has angered some residents of Katuba Constituency.

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma has confirmed the development saying the Katuba Lawmaker was picked up and taken to Ngwerere Police Station to help with investigations on who was behind the damaged caused to the billboard.


  1. mr poor

    election billboard ar against th ezc law so she did vry gud job by removing it

    • BaWiso

      Iwe mr poor, at least be rich in understanding.” Welcome to lusaka” does it sound like election to you?

      • Fifi

        What is there for Lusaka to welcome people???Corruption .Thats dirty at its best.Well done Lawmaker

      • The scientist

        Was there any picture of any person on the billboard or it was the words welcome to Lusaka?

  2. Zambian

    I thought when elections are over then no more billboards should be on the roads? Welcome to Lusaka? Tumone, his owner the mayor of Lusaka welcoming those coming into the city of Lusaka? Is it okay or not? Then njipusheko ba mayor, you promised us that we shall have free Wi-Fi manje up to now waala no free Wi-Fi. Tulelolela ba mayor.

  3. BMW

    Of course this is not a compaign time. Ba pf mutekanye. In this country pipi do whatever they want nishi kashi

  4. kambwili

    Commentcheap politics pf ni dununa reverse zoona back colonial rule.

  5. Pfools

    that’s great job, this z not the campaign tym, HH 4 lyf

  6. Kapijimpanga

    Welcome to. Lusaka is a campaign material? If the billboard neared the name say for example shakafusha this mp was not going to destroy this billboard now the name Samoa destroys her spirit stop tribalism what are you up to?

    • Kaswango

      Kapijipanga go back to skul and lean more to understand English bcoz you’re showing us your mombosity

    • Roxy

      This is not about tribalism but the issue of politics Mr man. If that bIll board WS erected by a upnd member it wasn’t going to b removed. On the other hand Mr Samoa went to far.u can’t tell me that in Lusaka there is no enough place to erect a billboard, also madam mwashingwele made a mistake if really she is behind the removal of it. The problem with us pipo we are not neutral, we owes side to our political parties instead of analysizing issues. I am upnd but the madam is wrong if she is behind the removal cos she was supposed to use better way of communication than acting. Also Mr sampa is wrong,there is now way u can go and erect a billboard in other pipos area. He was supposed to communicate with the area member of Parliament for that place or the local authority before doing what he did. In my own point of view,they are all wrong with what they both did.

  7. King cool

    She is also a good fool why jealous,,, just be a Mayor, we shall put your face there

  8. Clever

    You don’t know what you are doing BA pf

  9. Vii

    IEEE king cool know in thick mind that it’s against ECZ to put political billboards when campaign pass,so way still mounting them useless

  10. mengmoreler

    To da fact and truth z that this z nt da tim of campaign and those billboard must b removed bcoz they act has corruption to corrupt people’s mind then wth or wthout his image shown on da billboard it well known dat they’r ored mayor’s so this z jst da same evn a person remove dat billboard bt da only thng u hv to knw and evry one has to knw z da remvng da billboard won’t change yo position has a mayor or wat evr therefore y evn arresting each other on simple issues which ll evn never bring grory to God or giv u intenety?plz people lets learn to liv has brothers and sisters wth knwng dat each one has a provision of making a mistake and need to b 4giv has ull oso need to b 4givn next tim.plz this tim we waist chasing each other lik Thom and Jerry one day God ll make us accountable of it!plz Zambians lets liv lik Christians n our Christian nation and knwng dat one wll b made to stand on judgment day!plz lets repent frm our evil ways b4 its too late bcoz judgment z real!!!!

  11. HOMMIE 24

    pliz if english gives u problems simply use local

  12. gabriel

    Banee imweee is this your first time to see billboards in towns batinii baneee? He must face the law

    • The scientist

      Iwe gabriel, billboards go along with an event.

  13. Dr Fonicks

    why pull the billboard down. this id cheap politicking. The billboard will never vote and it can not change people’s mind. Hon mwashingwele you wasting your time for campaigning. just keep on the campaign. ifyo fyonse fyakuposa fye nshita. now you see the shit you have stepped in. as long as you’re opposition lawmaker you will not be spared. mulekula please madam.

  14. Jonny splash sakala

    That was not fair this is dictating ba of.

  15. Ba medza

    Imwe ba cadre, the mayor has the right within his jurisdiction to welcome people entering his city.No politics involved here but innovation on how to welcome visitors jst like you find some door mats with welcoming remarksIin peoples homes & offices. Utuntu

  16. Tribalism

    Ici ci mayo citutu saana, typical village mentality. Can people like her bring development?

    • The scientist

      When they bring billboards to you its development

  17. zeb

    It was going to be prudent if the bill board was erected at the boarded of Lusaka and chibombo.

  18. Bk

    Its case

  19. Hammer

    The problem with UPND members is that they have failed to distinguish politics from civic duties. In this instance the mayor of Lusaka which is a home to ALL is welcoming visitors . And it feels good to be greeted by this writings wherever you go .
    This MP is only obsessed by PF.
    From LSK to Kitwe every city has a welcoming note . . She needs to change her mindset otherwise she doesn’t deserve to be a leader. Is she telling us that she can’t attend to PF members who stay in her constituency ?

  20. Moses chama

    That’s lake of understanding and knowledge

  21. very stupid

    She is very useless let her face the wrath of the law. ECL FOR LIFE

  22. Dr

    Welcome to Lusaka doesn’t mean it’s a campaign time, learn to understand English

  23. Real

    let’s be quiet if we have nothing nice to say. she had her own reasons n don’t judge her by her actions. think wisely.

  24. Arnold Lukwesa

    What is the law Say’s about putting politics billboard?

  25. giftx

    this is not campaign time……please

  26. Kang'ombe

    Billboards are not development, but for advertising.
    So in Lusaka District we are still waiting for what he promised during campaign otherwise we are becoming frustrated because of failure to fulfill campaign promises.

  27. justine kotati

    mayor of any city welcoming those entering her/his city,surely can it annoy anyone.I find the action taken this madam law maker irresponsible,suspicious and uncalled for.

  28. BlackBird

    People this is not about campaigns. it is about boundaries. That billboard was erected in Chibombo not Lusaka. Chibombo is in central Province. Why did Sampa provoke such an uncessesary situation? The Police should be fair. If both were wrong, they should both have been arrested. Why do PF cadres like their faces being on billboards? Just work and everyone will appreciate you.

  29. Chitoshi Remmy

    Let’s preach Love and unity.One Zambia One nation.

  30. Spoiler

    Where is the free WiFi within 90 days, Mayor Miles?

  31. Kjzee

    That Mp must be insane, very dull. Cheep in mind.

  32. Chola beston

    What she did was wrong

  33. Abashitina

    What’s on that billboard? Is itMr Sampa’s image or well come to Lusaka words? I want to be clear before I pass a comment.

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