Mumbi Phiri Demands K100 Million Defamation Damages from Kambwili

Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has sued expelled PF Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili in the Lusaka High for defamation following the alleged remarks suggesting that she needs help for drug addiction by the Drugs Enforcement Commission and claims for K1 million for defamation.

The plaintiff also alleges that Kambwili allegedly claimed that she is corrupt and received kickbacks from Chinese and Lebanese contractors with which she built her house.

Phiri wants the Lusaka High Court to order the National Democratic Congress leader to offer her general and aggravated damages.


The nominated lawmaker has asked the court to grant her an injunction restraining Kambwili from issuing more defamatory statements against her.

In this matter it is alleged that Kambwili uttered defamatory words, which have injured her political and professional standing in society.

Phiri has filed a statement of claim in the Lusaka High Court.


  1. Albert

    Mr. C.K, courts are becoming yo play ground now.


    Vaupuba ivo

  3. King cool

    Mumbi Phiri she is useless, I have never seen a person like her, she named HH kachema , has she ever seen HH leading the flock of sheep and goats or cattle? Mumbi Phiri sober up. Leave our new president alone. C K has lawyers. This case will go nowhere… He shall appeal in high Court, useless mama Phiri.

    • Vern

      If you can not see with your eyes, Grow up!.

    • Kaswango

      Kingcool y are u insists in some allegation which is not yours ,poorman

  4. Mwanangobwe n c

    Let her do what’s seem to be good for her but us poor people we don’t need to hear court issues but waiting for jobs good work conditions good roads good healthy facilities and enough medicine etc we are not after who took who to court but development

  5. Domity Kafwamba

    Let this come to an end.

  6. Clever

    Mumbi piri think twice you were just watching ck,when he form a part you start following him leave him alone

  7. Mr dundumwenze

    Let the civil servants learn to dress well,Mumbi phiri general secretary same like a prostitute.dora siliya and you mumbi phiri too much noise in our country, ungachite kuzipingulila are you a court or judge? Leave ck alone, you are very useless.

  8. Ted


  9. chidyamakanda

    Mama plz, ck is yo mbuya & hez right to utter thoz words, jokes, forgive & forget. Pilato was forgiven by presido. Whoz you not to forgive?

    • Akumawa

      Achidyamakanda,Mumbai phiri is not a chewa she z a bemba bt she married to anzelu akumawa

  10. Skb

    Good move madam Phiri. Let those who throw serious accusations at others take their evidence to courts of law.Brave and mature move.Let our supreme law,our CONSTITUTION protect each and every citizen of our BELOVED LAND. This cheap politics of unsubstantiated lies should come to an end.

  11. mengmoreler

    plz people learn to forgiv and forget then plz lets put our house n order b4 its too late otherwise has for m now I don’t see well were this world z going.let’s repent plz and do wat Christ tod us to do tim z nt wth us.

  12. lubinda kahyata

    Ck is speaking on our behalf. We are behind you ck

  13. Barotseland

    Shut up your mouth Mumbai Phiri

  14. Barotseland

    Shut up your mouth Mumbai Phiri .

  15. HOMMIE 24

    she sees it as an oppotunity to make money.. jst how cheap n common she is

    • Dollars

      Hundled Morrison wena I can build hundled villages in shangonbo

  16. Muntu mufunelo

    You guys in authority, you are not there just to talk aweeeee!!!!! You are there to improve the living standard of the people across the country……..

  17. Dr Fonicks

    madam Mumbi Phiri iwe cakukalipa walaba amashiwi ya musalula waebele GBM na HH. Waumfwa ifyo umusalula umfwika ? bane mulebeleshanya uluse. HH aliyelela tayali nomba imwe kabe kalilo. what you must bear in mind is that in politics insults are there. learn to forgive. Kambwili naiwe fimo fimo ulekwatako ama break. ala nefishinka fine filaltelela. bambi bafwaya ebaleyeba abanabo bena nga wabebamo yaba milandu. what happened during the fundraising dinner in chilanga was another story. had it been some one from the other camp awe mwandi katwishi.

  18. Political Analyst

    Zambian Politics Are Slowly becoming useless.

  19. Abekala calo

    The accusations going on in this country z to much,it’s better if you are accused you take that to court so that he prove his accusations in the courts of law. We have to end this politics of lies for the country to develop.

  20. Joseph Innocent

    Mumbi Phiri, she behavers like son of whore, how can she open ur mouth, such shameless way.

  21. Lungu

    Take that is good

  22. paul chali


  23. dj g



    King cool and Dundumwenze mapolo kufota monga nshaba zoola mavuzi mukamwa

  25. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Chikala phiri idiot

  26. Kaluba Victor

    1. Those who are talking any how thinking President Lungu will not stand in 2021, must realize that we Java competent courts to handle this simple matter.
    2. The more truthful the uttered words, the more damages in defamation
    3. HH is a proud Kachema, so calling him Kachema by MUMBI Phiri was not an insult.
    4. We must all thank God for giving us a very kind hearted and tolerant President Lungu. If it were Mseveni, most of the not-fit-for-printing comments would have landed most of you in jail.

  27. Kaoma I.M

    Is anyone in this country worth that much?
    Just asking…

  28. Louis namakando

    Politics is business so hundred million she’s demanding is OK,osadabwa imwe Bantu.

    • Sunta sunkutu

      Well, Mr King cool, ba chisushi. Kachema, means Shepard, it is not and will never be an insult. Even one of Jesus’ titles is “the good shepherd ” or “kachema musuma”.
      How can you say ” why is she calling him kachema as if she has ever seen him hearding goats or cattle? ” sorry to say but you’re a fool. HH himself readily admits that growing up as a typical Tonga village boy, he headed cattle as a duty. HH says that about his background everytime he’s interviewed.

  29. Zekooh

    Ba Zambia reports, is it k100 or k1 million? Which is which please clarify

  30. Tendai dlamini

    mmm even if its war nakumpiya

  31. travel


  32. DJ KUNDA

    Mr ck mutekanya you are just exposing your foolishness to the public munkazikike uko cabe

  33. Philip Maluba

    No laka kaka sana

  34. Philip Maluba

    No laka laka sana

  35. Katura

    Ck Musiyeni Ati Kambireko Pf Cadres Locate Shops Just On The Rd In New Kaloko But Local Gvt Ndola Kuli Zii Ck Speaks 4 Poor

  36. Chikwanda

    It is Co or never of kuyabebele

  37. Chikwanda

    It is Ck or never of kuyabebele

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