Chipata Man Gets 24 Months for Biting Finger of Choppies Guard

The Chipata Magistrates Court this morning sentenced a 40 year old man to 24 months imprisonment with hard labour for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Before Magistrate Moses Phiri was Chisoni Banda who readily pleaded guilty to the charge.

Banda assaulted a guard at Choppies supermarket when he restrained him from urinating inside on October 18, 2018.

According to facts presented by public prosecutor Webster Mumba Katele, the convict who was drunk entered Choppies using the staff entrance point and started misbehaving.

Katele said the convict started urinating inside supermarket prompting the guard to go and restrain him from urinating and stop misbehaving.

He stated that it was at that point that the convict bite the guard on the finger.

In mitigation, Banda said he was the first offender, had five children and his wife was unemployed.

He said he was looking upto the court for lenience.

But magistrate Moses Phiri said what Banda did was bad as he almost chopped the finger of the complainant adding that even now the wound has not healed.

He said Banda was a danger to society because with such habits he could even kill people.

Magistrate Phiri said the sentence was with effect from the day of arrest.


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  2. Chisoni Banda

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  6. Antonio Sunday Amos Davies Mumbi

    Good job magistrate, we will recommend for your promotion to the Con K court. These are the real corrupt people who deserve no leniency. Does the supermarket look like a toilet to Chisoni Ashamed Banda? Such people need to be behind bars so that those of us who have become rich through hard corruption can have peace when chopping in choppies under the able leadership of our party.

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