Mutinta M’membe Sues Lusaka Man for Assault

Fred M’membe’s wife Mutinta has dragged a Lusaka businessman to court for allegedly assaulting her.

Mutinta, who is also proprietor of Oracle Media, which publishes The Mast Newspaper has sued Lingsen Mwamwembe, 33, for assault occasioning actually bodily harm.

Particulars are that on February 17, 2018 in Lusaka, Mwamwembe assaulted Mutinta and occasioned her actual bodily harm.

When the matter came up for allocation today, both the accused and the complainant were not before the court.

However, the matter has been allocated to Magistrate Mulenga and is yet to be given a date for mention.


  1. mulunga

    Yes no one is above the law let the boy face the law

  2. Mwamba mubanga

    God knows

  3. Gangsta grabs

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  4. Muntu mufunelo

    Let them give us a full story I mean why did the man assault the lady?

    • Madiba

      Whether you have reason or not assault no assault baba

  5. King cool

    Publisher, kindly publish the full information so that people can know what happened. Not bra bra bra bra bra bra. Sivipaga Na sense. Thanks for alarming the situation and embarrassing the husband.

  6. Domity Kafwamba

    How does that concern the public?

  7. Lingsen Mwamwembe

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  8. Lingsen Mwamwembe

    yes manje uganiza nichani kakakaka

    • Brighton

      Lingsen court case is coming, what you are saying won’t help in anyway just start preparing for your defense in court not the nonsense you want to start telling us.

  9. Hev rena

    Its apity that we stll hav uncultured and ignorant pipo like Gangster who shud hav their opinions only heard in chibolya and misis. Thatd being foolish,ifimasele ata!

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  10. HULE

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  11. Ambassador Mosmuk

    The absence of the complainant shows that,the case was not serious

  12. MM

    The absence of the complainant puts the case in Question Mark

  13. One m

    Please what happened? Just assault? Incomprit story

  14. DJ KUNDA

    Imwe bamambala if you don’t have anything to say better you keep your stinking mouth closed rather than start insulting ai foolish.

  15. Eddy

    Let the law take its course

  16. Eddy

    Let the law take its course.

  17. Gangsta grabs

    Imwe bafana ine Gangsta ndine wachikata bonse azimai bamene simubala muzamita.i thank u

  18. Martin monga

    No other thing apart from chigololo no way a very rispected woman like her can be assaulted by a man figololo fye


    Fake story

  20. Davide

    I know the story it was an accident case at Chris mall chelstone they aurged over cars but the case for assault

  21. Davide

    I know the story it was an accident case at Chris mall chelstone they aurged over cars but the was no assault she demand K24,000 which a 10,000 was given so shocking was the guy told her to give him more time she refused. Massages and where they signed it’s there they have just go broke

  22. Davide

    Chris mall is a cheap place for jackings and she was drinking there…. So this case happened in February where was she coz she was waiting for the money from the guy…… Please it’s a straight forward case go chelstone police they have the records. Can a case stay that long surely she is just broke and the truth will come out soonest

  23. Billy Indian Ocean

    That’s not news ZR. These tuma personal issues should not be reported coz they just promote gossiping pa zed.

  24. Chris B

    Was wondering nkani iyi niya kudala. Honestly from february that’s when muipeleka ku court. Ba Mutinta intergrity please protect it. It’s like washing dirty linen in public.

  25. DS

    Hey! Come and see this comment…….

  26. Mr. K

    February17. 2018? Sorry I have no idea

  27. Nk

    It’s only the almighty God who knows what is going on, anything can be said here, but what truth do we have about the incident?

  28. joster

    Gbv we wht it no more in our nation pls let the court handle uselessmen who have no sense like lingston


    Constitution is aset of rules that guard people in the country ,no one above the law.

  30. Emmanuel


  31. chrispine hantebe the governor

    No one is above the law, judge accordingly

  32. Zambia yandi mwaufwa bonse

    Only God knows

  33. HULE

    King Cool mapolo kufota

  34. chendabusiku

    What happened before the alleged asault?, where did the assault take place, why was Mmembe’s wife assault by a male person? what was the reason (s) for the assault? When an article does not have details to inform the reader it must not be published.


    fuck you Chendabusiku if your small brain is rotten take it to the grave

    • chendabusiku

      Is it surprising that small illiterate brains do not reason they just insult. It tells a lot about your bringing up. All we are saying is that if you are going to publish anything at all tell the reader more information so that there are no questions. How this concerns you only your no one knows. But if you are the author of this article then it shows why you have not learnt from your teachers.

  36. Dj

    What sort of fuckery is this sure?

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