Trucks Clog Kasumbalesa after Restriction on Entry into DRC

Kasumbablesa border post has been clogged further following restricted entry of trucks into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This has raised concerns by the Zambian authorities over the further congested Chingola-Chililabombwe Road.

Over 2,000 trucks have jammed the Chingola-Chililabombwe Road causing a traffic nightmare.

The delay in the clearance of trucks on the border has been attributed to ongoing works in the DRC which has led to a limited number of trucks being cleared a day.

District Commissioner Paul Mulenga has said that the district is at risk of seeing an outbreak of diseases such as Cholera due to lack of sanitation facilities for truckers that are spending nights in their trucks waiting to be cleared.

He said the onset of rains is posing a serious health risk as most truckers are now depending on the nearby bush to answer the call of nature.

“We are fighting a serious problem here, you know where these truckers are parking there are no toilets and this is rainy season and another issue is that when it gets dark these truckers are after our girl children, so this is a serious problem at hand and alone we cannot manage. We need to join hands otherwise it will be us on the losing side,” Mulenga said


  1. Mulenga

    Yes its true i support

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Business ili pa boom kuma hule.imargine 2000 mbolo tifakepo nama rolly boyi 4000 mbolo.Boma iyanganepo fetch more women that side.i thank u

  3. Kaoma Irvine

    Uwamabele talangwa nshila.
    What are your girl children doing where the trucks are parked or is it a residential area?
    I stand to be corrected…

  4. fisunge

    Yes the road passes through residential areas especially in chililabombwe and the border area itself its more resident because more residential plots are there we fear that hiv will be more prevalent not just hiv but thieves as well who will be stealing from the same truckers thus increasing the risk

  5. Yangu Dimba

    Elo lwanya uko,

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