Chinese Community Bails Out Kitwe School

The Chinese Community in Zambia has come to the aid of Racecourse Community School in Twatasha Township, Kitwe, with the provision of school desks.

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu early in March this year visited the school where he learnt that the school had a population of over 1,000 pupils against 16 desks and promised to lobby desks from the corporate world.

Mpundu has since lured Chinese Investors who have since donated 85 desks valued at K 40,000 to help improve learning standards for the school that caters for grade 1-9.

Speaking during the donation, Chinese Community in Zambia Vice Chairman Xin Wang said the donations came after learning that pupils were attending lessons while on the floor.

Wang said the gesture is of good will to support the growth of education standards in Zambia through the provision of supporting materials.

And school Head Teacher Moses Siwale has thanked the Chinese Community for the gesture further stating that the school population has reduced to 1080 against 10 desks.

He said the school has so far been receiving support from government after taking over which has also led to the construction of a School wall fence to address encroachments on its land.

Meanwhile, District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu said government will continue to invest in education.

He said his office will continue to lobby from the corporate world to ensure education standards are improved to motivate learners.


  1. Muntu mufunelo

    This is good but the the government should also come in and see how best they can make the learning environment conducive for our children there…….

  2. Pf

    Good move maconcoli

  3. Gangsta grabs

    Vala pamenso dot com.

  4. Mutale chisanga

    There’s joy in giving than in receiving.

  5. Desks

    But the money spent on desks is too much. Going by our calculations it means one desk was at 460

    • Chiluman

      This could be the correct price. Steel has become expensive of late and wood is also expensive. And there are labor costs involved.

  6. Herv Rena

    According toBinwell govt has been supportin the school,in which areas?They ar failin to employ enaf teachers,2000out of a backlog of 30000.pupil teacher ratio is alarming in public schools.We are prodcing junk graduates.

  7. Mr dundumwenze

    Very stupid, 40,000 kupasa ma foreigners,do you think that in Zambia we don’t have the carpenters ? Friendship between Zambia and Chinese is not fair, nama desks sure nima Chinese, any way let me shut up my mouth.

    • Joe

      I understand the Chinese spent that much to have the desks made.



  9. dam


  10. ieiche

    True mr dundumwenze

  11. john sampa

    Y are you lobbing if the government its there,that is being moron…

  12. Fulunyemba wa PF

    Price please, and that’s our mukwa logs used,hop those desks comes with a teacher and classroom, 2009 out of 30000.

  13. Nathan kantu

    That’s very good the government alone can’t do everything but with the help of the corporate society we can..China has been a great partner not only to Zambia but African has a whole…

  14. Kapoma Kabaso

    Read the story before commenting, the desks were bought by the Chinese community and not grz. Stop exposing your basic lack of understanding of simple issues. This is grade one stuff, please read first. Most of the comments above are irrelevant to the story at hand. Shame!

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