Police Object UPND Card Renewal in Chingola

The police in Chingola have denied the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) a permit to hold a card renewal exercise on Saturday December 8.

According to a letter signed by Chingola District Officer in Charge, K. Ngulube the police have said they cannot allow the meeting to go on as the UPND has two rival factions in the district.

“We object to the fact that they hold the said meeting. This is due to intra party differences existing in the UPND in Chingola District. Therefore we will not approve, because the same might be a recipe for public disorder. We therefore, intend to write them about our observation,” reads the letter in part.

The UOND had written to the police intending to hold a card renewal exercise at Tours’ Nest, Nchanga North from 14:00 hours to 18:00 hours.

Disputes over the implementation of the Public Order Act remain common in the political circles.


  1. chendabusiku

    ofcourse there is a Govt in place, there must be order in the country. UPND should be the last to cry foul they shot down the public order act revision in 2016. Therefore, they made the bed and they must lie in it.

    • Scott Davis

      The continual abuse of the POA will be the regret of Edgar.
      There was no revision of the act in 2016.
      There was a reference vote on the bull of rights which PF failed to convince anybody to vote with it due to new laws that abused the rights of women and child rape cases.
      The PF have had power to change any act of parliament with its majority but they can’t even bring the FOI act they promised in 2011.

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Chende yako Chendabushilu,you cant see tamisa ma 50pin nama hule.chikala uzanyengewa mukamwa

  3. Herv Rena

    Are the intra party confusions police s concern?


    Gangsta Grabs nizakuchindila mwana wako pamatako

    • GAZA

      Ba president is it really you speaking please who ever it is please stop it’s bad


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  6. Umwana wamano

    Hood move ba buju let them know that boma no boma

  7. Muntu mufunelo

    They should know that boma ni bomaa wow!!!!!!

  8. the prophent

    thanks very much to our hard working officers for peace keeping

  9. Mane

    All these insults shows how dull we are and what kind of children we have or will have

  10. Razor

    More confirmation that we live in a dictatorship.

  11. clitoris zulu


  12. Polio

    Poverty is evil.

  13. chinyata jonah

    i think the police are not being fair . we are all zambians, the way us pf enjoys the rights of this country, please allow also our friends in opposition to enjoy the same . one zambia one nation.

  14. Dr Fonicks

    This may seem like bad for upnd but the presence of two rival groups can be a recipe for anarchy. why should there be two camps ? firstly, I urge the upnd to sort out this issue. it makes sad reading for the biggest opposition party to have rival groups within one area. The problem has to be resolved so that grassroots organization keep on because you can’t win an election minus organised grassroot. The country needs a formidable opposition to dislodge PF. economically, most of us are suffering at the expense of some individuals. when someone is enjoying themselves, there’s a tendency to forget about others.

  15. Daniel Banda

    Zambia is headed for very difficult time by because very of the government allowing it’s department , ZICTA not to censor insults like these printed by the Zambian Report. Secondly, allowing hate speech to freely flow in the media. How Christian is the nation if such bad behaviour cannot be curtailed? Thirdly, Zambians are generally dishonesty and deceitful always wanting to abuse well meaning regulations/ human rights. Whereas the UPND have the right to assemble they should know how violent have turned to be in the past. Of course there could be heavy handedness by the police coming from the past experience. That’s not a one sided undertaking. The opposition leadership need to be as responsible as they expect the government to be. Setting traps for the government for political expedience is not the best way to go. This medium is slowly becoming irrelevant to peaceful nation. Are insults part of freedom of expression? Mr. editor I please beg you in the name of Jesus help our nation to heal instead of escalating violence by allowing hate speech on this social medium!

  16. Chilankalipa

    No need to deny permit, all they need is police presence, is that not the whole essence of notifying them?

  17. Zed dweller

    There is a serious lack of self respect and restraint from most people that post comments on ZR, I find it difficult to actually fathom how certain bafoons find time to type the crap that they post on here ,it is quite buffling that there is no censorship concerning this total nincompoopish and idiotic behaviour ,whereby embecilic halfasses give their stupid self a name of an eminent political giant and post rubbish under such a name.I keep wondering what such buggers gain from their foolish antics,it is quite depressing.

  18. GAZA

    My fellow Zambians why are we complaining when we are the same people who put these people in office truthfully speaking pf is a failed project let’s just wait for 2021 if you are just abusing power in the name of POA u will be in for it you people in power seem to be very educated but but the way you handle issues even a little boy can do better than some of you ba mukukulu ba kandile

  19. Troy



    fuck off Zed dweller see your backside where fecal matter comes

  21. Zonda udzalema

    We are in one part State munjelu how state police refuse to give UPND permit this is not fear

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