Police Officer Detained for Knocking Down Pedestrian

A Traffic Police Officer last night knocked down a pedestrian on the Great East Road leaving him with a fractured left leg according to Zambia Police Spokeswoman Esther Katongo.

“We received a report of a serious Road Traffic Accident which occurred on 4th December 2018 at around 1900 hours along Great East road Bwinjimfumu traffic lights bus stop,” she said.

Involved was male Mwale Titus aged 29, a pedestrian of unknown house number in Chaisa Compound who sustained a fractured leg and was bleeding from the nose.

She added that also involved in the incident is a Police Officer identified as Mulela Bonus of Barlastone Park who was driving a Motor Vehicle MG registration number ZP 137C further saying the accident occurred when the pedestrian was crossing the road from North to South.

The Police Officer is currently detained at Manda Hill Police Station.


  1. Mulela Bonus

    imwe bantu female traffic police officers raped me the whole night ma sperms yasila mumachende yanga


    iye chilina mbolo ikula nyini zavimba ahhh

  3. Cheza

    Detained but not arrested, why?

  4. Gangsta grabs

    The remedy would be sholving a tear gas grunade up his throat and pulling his kanyopilo.i thank u


    Matuvi yako chi Gangsta Grabs who will fuck us if he dies kakakakakakakakakaka

  6. PM


  7. Mr dundumwenze

    Kaya manje, ine nasiliza.

  8. Razor

    Was the driver in the wrong or the pedestrian? It is not always necessary to detain the driver because sometimes it’s the pedestrians who are drunk and start coming in front of vehicles anyhow. If it’s the driver who was at the fault then he should be detained and even charged but if it was the pedestrian then he should be made to pay for damages after he recovers.

    • Daniel Banda

      If it was a civilian they would questioning him about the fitness of the vehicle he was driving and whether he passed the visual acuity test.

  9. Umuntu

    I would not be surprised if later6the people who arrested the police officer end up being arrested themselves. That’s how ZP behaves. ZP=Zabwino Palibe

  10. Saul

    its not good to drive while u r drank

  11. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Too bad this happened. But if the officer was on the wrong let him be arrested and detained.

  12. Ck

    To bad,

  13. Dr Fonicks

    depending on the circumstances which led to the accident, the law must take its course. there should be no sacred cows in this case. just like our officers pounce on others nothing should be swept under the carpet.

  14. Antonio Sunday Amos Davies Mumbi

    There are no cows and carpets involved here. Pedestrians must always be inside their houses and watch the developmental projects we are doing from their windows to avoid such accidents which are not happening under the able leadership of the alleged monster not in state house as alleged by Calm Bwili.

  15. boom

    Very bad

  16. ben

    So knocking a pedestrian is a small offence? I never knew. Thanks officer for the recommendable work. Keep it up.

  17. Kk Peter

    Very bad

  18. King solomon

    By the way ,who was wrong in the same
    Incident that took place ,if it was the police he need to be questioned first and then took him ku police.

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