Somalia Moves Closer to Normalcy with 2nd Elections in 2020

The Federal Republic of Somalia is slated to conduct its second elections in 2020, Special representative for Chairperson of African Union Commission (SRCC) Ambassador Francesco Madeira has disclosed.

Somalia conducted its first historical elections in 2016 in two decades in all regional states for Members of Parliament whose process was completed in 2017 without any major incidents.

Speaking during an interaction meeting with journalists from the troops contributing countries Zambia and Sierra Leone, Madeira said that preparations were already underway for the elections.

Madeira said the African Mission in Somalia which includes troops from Zambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe among other countries has created a more secure environment, enabling significant progress in the political development of the country by having a national constitution, an elected parliament, President and federal states all with fully functional leadership and legislative bodies.

He has stated that AMISOM’s 11 years existence in Somalia had accelerated progression in various aspects of Somalia governance systems.

Other achievements are the stabilization of areas recovered from AL Shabab where the mission  undertakes quick impact projects aimed at meeting some of the needs of the community including the construction of Schools, Hospitals, Police Stations and capacity building for the Country’s national Army and the Somali Police Force and offering the trainings as well as mentoring.

Meanwhile Madeira said there is hope for peace and stability in Somalia although it might take a bit of time.

Madeira has disclosed that some leaders  of the AL Shabab have increasingly started surrendering their weapons to the government.

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