56-Year Old Alleged Defiler Found With Case to Answer

THE Lusaka Magistrate’s Court has found a 56-year-old man of Lusaka West with a case to answer in a matter is accused of defiling a 13-year-old girl.

This is in a matter Shadreck Kapalu is charged with defilement.

On October 22 this year in Lusaka, Kapalu allegedly had unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16.

The matter came up for trial before magistrate Alice Walusiku.

Testifying in the matter, the victim told the court that on the material day at around 17:00hours, Kapalu went to her parent’s house.

“He told me to accompany him to his house so that I can collect the money he owes my mother for the relish he got from her,” the girl said.

“He closed the door to the house and started looking for the money,” she said.

She said Kapalu then allegedly pushed her on the bed.

“He undressed himself and defiled me,” the girl said.

She said later, her mother and father arrived and found her and Kapalu in the house.

“When my parents arrived, he [Kapalu] tried to push me under the bed,” she said.

The girl said her father called for neighbours to come and see what Kapalu had done to her.

The girl said it was at this point that she ran to her auntie’s house for fear of being beaten by her parents.

Three days later, the girl was taken to the clinic.

Magistrate Walusika said she found that a premafacie case had been established against Kapalu.

She put him on his defence and set December 19 this year for the next sitting.


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