Pres. Lungu Commissions $28 Million Mwomboshi Dam

President Edgar Lungu, has commissioned the Mwomboshi Dam situated in Miswa ward, Chisamba, Central province that has a population of 14,517 people.

The dam constructed at the cost of the US$28.3 Million is funded by the World Bank under the irrigation Development and Support Project under the Ministry of Agriculture. The Dam was built in Chief Chamuka’s area by Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Company Limited who starts construction works in February last year.

The Dam will store water for irrigation by small-scale, emergent and commercial farmers. Close to 6,000 households are expected to benefit from Mwomboshi Dam and about Eleven Commercial Farmers surrounding the Dam have already paid subscribe fee paid to while the rest of small scale Farmers will not pay anything.


  1. omnivore

    great work

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Rubbish! All that targeting small number of people.Nonsense i will not have it oh,wina azanyengewa pamutumbo.

  3. Muntu mufunelo

    While others are still criticising he is busy delivering……. Slow but sure…..your excellence you are just too good

  4. Kk Peter

    Wonderful work,mr president

    • Farmer

      Why do you thank the President as if he paid from his pocket. Thank the tax payers who will have to repay that loan!

  5. No mam

    Thanks from WB for the project helping Africa, helping Zambia. For the dam,

  6. ice

    thank the world bank for the funding not thanx mr whatever!!!!


    Iwe ECL chitukuko chako mu zambia ise banzelu tayamikila,bamene sibayamika nivipuba.

    • Farmer

      Thank the WB and the tax payers …not Mr. President as if it was from his pocket

  8. Expandable 2

    Yes thanks for de world bank and the rest.

  9. Zikanyeka

    God Is Love For Sure Keeping All These Kinds Of People. I Wish It Was In The Time Of Moses Of The OT

  10. yohane

    Thanks Mr President God bless you, you have a heart for Zambian people . Azonde azalema antil 2030

    • Farmer

      Thank the WB and the tax payers …not Mr. President as if it was from his pocket

  11. Jackson

    Nice work

  12. Barotseland

    How about doing the same in other Provinces which are more like Western Province and North Western Province in short you the most tribalist I have ever seen only concentrating in your own Province .

  13. SM

    Well done Mr President ECL

  14. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr


  15. chishimba kambwili

    Through the same major projects that’s were these thieves steal from…anyway keep it up though u shud minimize stealing for the poor zambians

  16. Pamodzi

    You people with rotten minds, who always oppose to development. When are you going to grow up? You don’t just see Lungu and insult no, you analyse the issue and make a sensible comment.

  17. SIR P


  18. Mmj

    Nice development congratulations your Exallence ushitasha mwana wandoshi

  19. Kamata

    With Such developments you can’t see bena kambwili on the media, wait till he makes a mistake that’s when you see them together with HH making noise on prime tv.

  20. brown Daniel jr

    Great work Sir

  21. alex kambashi

    Mr president lungu you are only depending on donations don’t even praising your self at working

  22. Zattie Bee

    Nzambe akublike President ECL. Here where we are many people are happy. Without the government World Bank can’t come Zambia. And its good policies from the people in power that’s when you can see investment.

  23. Abekala calo

    Thanks Mr President. Let them talk,for you keep on working

  24. Pwetekani

    I sent my house servant in the morning to go and buy me a loaf of bread and a news paper .When he comes back should I thank him for buying this things for me?

  25. Ben

    learn to appreciate don’t be like a witch who only wants to see bad always

    • Brian bugga

      Mr president continue the good work, leave the idiots to talk

  26. David

    This dam only cost 11 million to construct. Where did the other 17 million go?

  27. Yamene khani

    You people learn to appreciate this president is working I know you will appreciate later when water is on your neck.remember in mwanawasa time there was money but no substantial project and no development at all we used to consume money without looked on development. Look at pf development is bwee right now all corners of Zambia is moving with development

  28. Osei

    You are right you have eye’s to see

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