Tasila Gifts Eastern Province with 100 Boreholes

Nkoloma Ward councillor Tasila Lungu has taken development beyond her ward with Eastern Province gifted with 100 boreholes.

Tasila, who is President Edgar Lungu’s daughter has emerged as an unlikely development activist picking up projects that directly benefit the poor.

She has taken the water project to various rural towns of Eastern Province with the communities appreciating her efforts.

The boreholes have been sunk in Katete, Chadiza, Petauke, Chipata, Lundazi, Nyimba, Vubwi, Mambwe and Sinda districts.

Back in her ward in Lusaka, Tasila has spearheaded a mega sports complex of grand proportions deep within the heart of the densely populated Kuku Compound.

Tasila has broken with the notoriety of Presidential offsprings taking the front seat in creating mischief.


  1. Antonio Sunday Amos Davies Mumbi

    This the development we are taking to the people. No one has the right to question where our hardworking counselor is getting the money from or why she is going beyond the boundaries of her ward only to the eastern. We will support her presidential ambitions in case her father is disqualified. As you may be aware, we only have two options, to turn this country into a mini eswatini or into tyranny under the able leadership of the party.

    • Irish Kaingu

      Where did she find the money from, jackpot,. Chinese dough or Sugar daddy’s manna from Heavenly plot 1?

  2. swana ngambi

    Well done tesila

  3. Jacksonkaminsakhitoko

    She z indeed hard working I admire her kip it up

  4. Mutale chisanga

    This is very good continue doing the same thing in other areas of the country

  5. Gangsta grabs

    I can bang her good.Spray that presidential bed with malenda ya orgasm.

    • Zed dweller

      Instead of posting rubbish please open a rubbish collection business and help the nation with rubbish management.

  6. Mr ?

    Gangsta, she is not iris waumfwa?

  7. Chategwa innocent

    This is splendid and marvelous hardworking, continue with a same spirit.

  8. Drugsquard

    Gangsta grabs, banyina babwelapofye uyu. He has a very sour mouth like a dogs asshole.

  9. Mr Manchester

    She’s doing extremely well…. Kip up with the same spirit sis….

  10. JJ

    How many children of the former presidents have done such even if its stolen money it still works for the good of the zambian people go tasila go lungu

    • Moses

      Mwandi mayo you did very good job epo Nana BA mwana kaseba tacitapo icintu nelyo cimo go tasila go wila umfwila ifipuba tafitasha kano ukuponta

  11. BK

    Well brought Up

  12. Gangsta grabs

    Iwe ka Drugs na Mr muzaponoka,ushe ninyele yanu nili nayo ayi

  13. Emelia tembo

    Continue with the same spirit tasila

  14. t bow y

    I c u

  15. kambwili

    You chaps supporting her must be dull. She just wants support, she also using govt resources and she’s being used by the father. Don’t we have a minister in charge? What does he do?

  16. Adams Zozi

    Akumawa are the ones who build Lsk, Thanks madam let your hardworking be prolong,dat’s our PF slogan “sontaa apo……………………..


    Akambwili maso nge nibenga,as for you a big man y dnt u utilize also gvt resources? Jst murmuring to your people’s thoughts

  18. Tasila ECL.

    You are true mr zozi,let them tolk & let us work with the people in our society, thanks u Mr Adams.

    • Naz

      Well done miss,nd we pray tht u continue with the same spirit… I LOVE U

  19. Kambwili

    Chimbwi mtuba wakamba apo ine monga nibenge,any bt I like dat animal benga do u hv to share m?

  20. Lungu

    Good move. Bring that kind of development even to kaputa, mutima village . We draw water jst from the dug well. Please tasila help.

    • Christine Kangwa Kapampa

      Hon Counsellor, you are indeed our source of inspiration, your good heart to support the poor and vulnerable in our is great thing!!! We shall stand by our dear Counsellor, keep it up. Ichibemba chitila, uwaingila mumushitu times Swanswa, ignore those who are

      giving negative comments, and focus on your good works, and may the good Lord richly bless you. I love you.

  21. Mwape Lazarus

    God bless you tasila continue working

  22. Zed dweller

    Madam Tasila Lungu,I applaud your efforts to make life better for the poor and downtrodden, my dear sister please continue with your projects even after your oldman leaves state house.The Miles for smiles ,the sports complex in jack or kuku and now the boreholes Tasila you are a blessing to all those that have benefited from you generous thinking what would Zambia be if all our past presidents had a Child who thinks like Tasila Lungu ?Kalebalika Ba Tasila please don’t stop continue my sister your political future will be guaranteed beyond your father’s rule .Jah bless

  23. Muselo

    Continue with the same spirit

  24. Trump

    Stop appreciations for nothing she’s doing fine in Eastern were they come from.nd where is development you pipo from kaputa and magoye
    You Zambians are blind folded very dull indeed
    Does tasila have money to extend development from nkoloma ward up to Eastern? That’s the governments money in the name of her father.
    Balabepa banani aba
    Iwe tasila tekanya saana iwe mu 2021 ukabwelafye kuno kumilandu ukashe ba wiso mumilandu lobe mwaice.

  25. DJ KUNDA

    Continue with the same spirit that is what we want

  26. TASILA

    Gangsta grabs chinda chabe bambuye bako she has a small MUKONGO monga ya baby

  27. Nyambe

    We love u sister ,may Almighty father bless u

  28. Zambian

    Iwe Gang nyo’ ngo uli mbwa sana chikala apo utampile ukutuka abantu. Tukako nama sister’s yobe chikala, wabe bolo chikala.

  29. Bushiri

    Why starting with Eastern province that is triblerism go and do in southern province as well

  30. dario phiri

    she just hard working.keep it up.

  31. marvel

    This is great tasila…..keep doing the right thing

  32. Yelesani

    Tackling real problems. Good work, God bless her

  33. Saul

    job well done

  34. Razor

    Source of this money should be probed. This is another zamtrop in the making. Even if it’s campaigning for the father using state funds it’s a crime.


    she’s competing with us

  36. Mwamba

    Zambians let’s learn to appreciate when someone does good

  37. kapoli

    Fibileni ifina Chambia.


    Government property

  39. Abekala calo

    If that z stolen money,Lungu is a good thief.

  40. muntungwa

    Stop the diabolical comments. We are sick and tired of insults and vile diatribes.

  41. kamoko

    what is happening lets congrats for the good will

    • kamoko

      what is happening lets congrats her for the good will she doing this is good for the community

  42. Vibongo

    Let tasila come 2 lumezi 2 save lifes with clear water. Yes! pipo has reported by prime tv and paliament that there is no food and pipo sharing water with animals. I do agree on water but on food most of farming lumezi valley like 2 farms input the moment they get frm govt is sold in lundazi. My appear is 2 fance the game area 2 allow pipo and animal live side by side 2 prevent death. Pipo in the valley get inputs in time but decide 2 rice and avoid 2 grow maize this active lead 2 hungry in most home. Let govt carry a survey the result wil b all fertilizer has bin sold and it never the valley.

  43. Osei

    May our good Lord continue blessing you and your hard working sister.

  44. Osei

    Others could have just put that money in their pocket what a selfless sister we love you God bless you.

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