Hichilema Still Examining Concourt Ruling





We have noted the Constitutional court’s decision to give Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu a possible third term office and participate in the future elections.

Using our collective skills, we are examining this decision carefully and will inform the nation of our detailed reaction in due course.

For now, we would like to clearly state that no one is entitled to a third term of office as President of this country.

This is because when courts fail to protect citizens, the citizens, have the power to map their own destiny through people power.

At the same time we would like to remind those who want more than what the constitution states that before even talking about a third term, they must check themselves on their capacity to deliver jobs, better health care, food and a resounding economy supported by constitutionalism.

For us it’s Zambia and Zambians first.

And remember; people power! Our power! Our land.

Hakainde Hichilema

UPND President.


  1. Emmanuel

    Lesa fye eka

    • LP power

      This is total dictatorship my president.
      Ww need to punish chagwa when we get into power
      I think concourt has been into government not being independent

  2. True Zambian

    What people power is HH talking about? That Zambians take to the street be HH has to face ECL again in 2021? HH, if you cannot stand ECL, quit politics.

  3. mabwana

    Nothing good can come out of Zambian courts,as for me I already new the outcome .

  4. nshilimubemba

    Will his analysis over rule the decision of the judges, I Do not know many times with disrespect for judges he has called them corrupt are they really corrupt!
    Let us wait and see his authority over the bench.

  5. Lawyer

    Law is law.
    If the law is not revised, ECL will not stand 2021.
    If He will, then there is no law in Zambia.
    If PF do not have wise men to be the next President— then its not a political party but a simple Family.
    No third term at the moment.
    > Zambia is turning into a Dictatorship but God is watching.
    And God is ready to punish the hypocrity.

  6. Kamata

    HH this is the net constitution you wanted. You were busy talking about the 50+1 over looking important matters that would hit you badly. As for now just shut up like you said.

  7. Jackson k

    Edgar wil stand in Zambia b,Zambia a,will its President

  8. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Which nation are you going to address? Tonga’s are not a nation in zambia. Which peaples power are you talking a bout only president lungu has peaples power people gave him power not you who has cattle power remember if you don’t respect peaples the end is to pick a very useless person the so called GBM a very dull bemba as your vice it is an insult as you insulted Linda’s by firing Mr saken who was a good upnd fighter replaced him by a pig from bemba land go go go go chagwa humble and convincing let your enemies rest in peace

    • Shidodana

      You are the creatures of the PF’s

    • humble person

      May the good lord forgive u because u don’t know what u are doing u poorer.

    • Clever

      Bemba you are idiot if you don’t anthing

    • Lemmky

      But chakala sure who is lungu to u first u can’t see that the same person using calling ur president is doing nothing Pf is dead by this time think before you tolk boi

  9. Evans c h i s u l o

    There.is. no. Third. Term. In. Lungu’s. Case, he. Just. Completed. The. Term. Late. President. Sata. Then. Won. 2016. Elections. 2021. Will. Be. His. Second. Term, don’t. Fear. Be. Strong. You. Can. Make it. Mobilize. The. Party. Never. Loose. Hope. We’re. Watching, chibaba. Ife. Kuchoma. Pa. Muzela. Kuti. Tiku voteleni. Ndalama. Yavuta. Anyway. Soche

  10. Razor

    Don’t worry about the PF concourt. Just get ready for 2021 as the court has given you the weakest opponent.

  11. The great.

    Firstly which people is HH talking about .If you are popular in southern province that doesn’t mean that the whole country is behind you .The concourt has ruled in favor of ecl.so work hard. But mark my words there will be another petition from you HH.Iam seeing you lose again in 2021

  12. Shidodana

    Ba HH don’t worry about the PF concour, just leave everything to God come wat may you will win the 2021 election don’t worry about these creatures the PF’s

    • KAYA

      My foot!! Shidodana,
      HH leaving everything to God!!??
      Which God?

  13. Daniel Banda

    This man never ceases to amaze me how he fails to understand the reasons for his losing elections. It is not because of ECL. Remember basic science says the objects are seen because they reflect light not because they make noise. Continue on that path of making noise and let’s see in 2021.

  14. Hammer

    HH is very predictable . He is now hiung to start complaining day and nights about the ruling, ignoring the definition of a presidential term according to the constitution . Instead of mobilizing his party. By the time he wakes up it will be polls day and PF will win. Regardless of the candidate . Being eligible doesn’t mean that one will stand. But kuli ba Edgar nimona ma win chabe chabe

  15. Jay

    HH is talking about ua … We tje pipo

  16. Marker

    Why are you always complaining? As politicians just go and convince the electorates and stop crying .This shows that you are still doubting your chances or maybe you wanted free presidency.tiye nayo, Don’t even underrate the judges, why are your lawyers want to go and study the ruling?probably they are just for money whilst knowing the flaws .just move on whether third term or fourth term it depends on how you will nature the electorate from now till 2021 no short cuts,no public disorder.


    We are still waiting

  18. humble person

    Ababemba Bambi finangwa, Bambi balikwata amano. ifinangwa ficili filesapota pf pamulandu wakube finangwa.

  19. Herv Rena

    Ecl is slowly bcoming unpopular and its likely 2021 he will fail the majority voters at the rate we ar goin .no salary inrements,no inputs,no fuel reduction ,unemployment and rampant corruption.

  20. Kamon

    Ooh!! We didn’t know that Kainde has also studied law.
    Tribalism? Yes
    Hatred? Yes
    Externalizing stolen money to Panama? Yes
    Satanism? Yes

    Kamon Kainde how dull can you be?
    Don’t you know that the courts are people power?
    Take the law in your hands again and you will be sorry.

  21. BK

    ba upnd why worring?edgar can not win the third election because they know him that is a failure & a weak superviser.why ministers & their administrations are misusing government resources in all ministries?is a failed atom,& all his supporters just want eat with him but in actual sense they know him heatedly that is the waste president among all.

  22. Sim1

    Ti -vo – ta ndani ecl mu ,20 21 . nga taule unfwa wino go Ku chipatala pf ali kula , ba chifente fente ta kuli aka be pesho. Hh ali leka kuya Ku magalande, ale pita muma road ,pf apangile ni half London. GBM aleshetaula imi chopo ,mu ma mall ,pf aleteli. Fye Bantu tule totela efyo ba ecl ,pf batu kulila amasikulu ,Ku itezhi tezhi bale to tela pep yafika uku pita mu road pf apangile. Yaya tu le vota.

  23. Prof Zulu

    In Zambia there is no justice but only injustices. But wait and see. Read the book of Haggai in the Bible and understand what wat God said to selfish leaders like bena Lungu and BA Of. The Bible says they will have food, money but they will never be satisfied nowander they are crying for a third term. But God is God. Vocation wasn’t just vocation but to Seek powers so that he can win the ruling for councourt . Remember that Great Judge is not asleep and knows how to punish selfish Leaders.

  24. Kabansa

    I have never heard a competetion of insults and come out as a champion.What I mean is be cultured and respect your friends tribe plis don’t say some group of Bembas are idiots or Tongas are useless let us remove that demon of hatred and insult from our free of no judge/pain given by Almighty
    God in heaven.Our great grandparents someone to open and tell us where the problem came from btwn the two ethnic group a wise man will pick something from my post.The matter at hand a term in Zambia is 5yrs, 1yr was jst to finish term for the late Mr MCS.What is a term in Zambian’s politics?

  25. Bamuna

    Double H. Dribbled again. Let me gues s: you will withdraw from dialogue process with ECL.And by doing that, you will be loser as well…you fell into a trap man. You guys should have scrutinized the draft constitution before UPND overwhelmingly costed for it…


    Ignoramous tu ba UPND members

  27. Zattie Bee

    Badala I feel sorry for your followers. They follow blindly, but why do you always hide them the truth?. I loved you and once almost wanted to vote for you but now I know your true you. Thus why you’ve been losing 4 times.

  28. Try was a man

    i really don’t understand why you are busy barking right here. Am sure the court have just given us the reason for the eligibility of president ECL to stand in2021 again, don’t you know the constitution? At least if you were not given the articles to read but you were given. HH know nothing about the laws of Zambia thats why he managed to bribe LAz to be on his side to oppose the president. Lungu knows the law thats why he predicted his eligibility. Go through the constitution and see for yourselves don’t just hear from a cow man HH.

  29. Winner

    Why debate a closed ch

    • Michael

      Pf for life let ecl work and save the people of zambia others you are just making noise edger is ok give him another term

  30. Winner

    Why debate a closed chapter?

  31. Chidano Chinoda

    HH has nothing to offer ,no political background, money & leadership are two totally different things.


    Concourt y don’t u stop Hakalila Hakaluza to stand 2021 coz he failed 5times nw

  33. @2021

    Any decision made by the concort is not appealable….. plse move on. why spend most of your tym in court?.

  34. Daniel Chisulo

    No need for HH to examine the outcome of the Concourt. Let him just fold his sleeves and get on a vigorous party mobilisation at grassroot level. He does not realise that what he has most are armchair critics who do not go down to the roots. They are comfortable in offices supplying him with state secrets but are not influencing the ming set of a marketeer, street vendor and kaponya who are the voters.
    Tell me how he is going to convince a voter in Itezhitezhi on Lungu’failures who has not seen a tarmac road since independence and now has seen one from PF efforts.
    Kukosa bakaamba!!!

  35. ba wiso

    Tongas in dundumwezi kale mwatulanga mwaku Voter We will revenge mukamwenapo HH should just shut up ur mouth we dont like u naturally.unless u select another leader not uyo

  36. Kukaya

    Concourt is fair only opposition party leaders and NGO’S Wil not accept the out come. A Little legal mind wil understnd that a full term is 3 year and 1year 6months is not a term. Fighting president lungu of bin in office twice is failed exercise by opposition and it pay master. I see president lungu wining again bcoz he is busy workin and opposition are in court fighting cases whch won’t help them. Viva lungu,viva 2021. I hav clear my weapon my voters card and NRC To vote 4 pf again.

  37. Shagi

    You’ve been whipped, brother HH. Begin strategizing for the next showdown in 2021 and like a good loser in fighting sports, go lick your wounds and prepare for a re-match, period.

  38. Blessing PHIRI

    Zambia is a Democratic country so let us use our democracy . why giving the pf third term ?. When pf came to power they are not going to work, let other parties bring their idea upon Zambia.

  39. Sj

    If most Political parties merged maybe an eligible President can be chosen from the numerous political parties. But it seems power sharing is not an in thing. Comment

    • brightmweemba

      Most of u that are saporting lungu we know that u just after money,forgeting ur relative in the verages abashila biyala amataba yabo na balupwa benu bakafundisha bashalundila indalama.


    Most of u that are saporting lungu we know that u just after money,forgeting ur relative in the verages abashila biyala amataba yabo na balupwa benu bakafundisha bashalundila indalama.

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