PF SG Asks High Court to Compel Speaker to Declare Kambwili’s Seat Vacant

Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davies Mwila has asked the Lusaka High Court to direct Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini to declare the Roan parliamentary seat vacant.

Mwila who wrote to Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matinini to declare the Roan seat vacant after Kambwili’s case challenging his expulsion from the PF was thrown has now taken the matter to the High Court.

The Patriotic Front Chief Executive Officer says Kambwili’s continued hold on the seat pending appeal is illegal.

Kambwili’s application for an injunction pending appeal was rejected by the High Court on account that his action to challenge the expulsion was unlikely to succeed.

Mwila said that the dismissal of Kambwili’s case by the court means that there is no challenge currently pending in the High Court to challenge the Roan parliamentarian’s expulsion from the ruling PF.

In his matter, Mwila sued the Attorney General as the first respondent.

The PF chief said by a resolution passed by the PF central committee on July 22 last year, it was resolved to expel Kambwili from the ruling party.

“By a letter dated July 26 last year last, the Honourable Speaker was informed of the decision to expel Honourable Kambwili from the membership of the PF and to request that the Roan seat be declared vacant,” Mwila said.

On July 27, 2017, Kambwili issued a writ of summons in the High Court challenging his expulsion from the PF on grounds that the central committee never followed the due process.

On October 25, 2018 the High Court dismissed Kamwbili’s challenge on his expulsion.

Following the High Court’s decision Mwila wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly to declare the Roan seat vacant since there was no matter pending determination at the High Court in respect of the expulsion of Kambwili from the PF.

The Speaker contended that the court had not yet pronounced itself on the merits of the case to confirm the expulsion or otherwise of Kambwili.

Kambwili’s lawyers have indicated that they wish to apply and  join the proceedings.


  1. Pk

    Icinwampofu caletelele pwele.i don’t think if CK can challenge the pf on Roney,this is his decline.

  2. Mr. Bemba land is great

    It is very shameful for him to stick to pf a party that he has shamefully attacked kambwili would have been fired had president data not gone kambwili is an empty drum who will never add value to himself and the country as whole let join a finisher who finished FDD and unip bcz hakainde is a failed project añd transmits his failure to others easily

  3. Gangsta grabs

    Chi Mwila ngati pamutumbo pako pababa because of seat yako nikunyamuka wayenda ku pambuka.Musiye Kambwili

    • Wakishale

      But why does Kambwili insist to remain in this party of thieves, ba pompwe, etc if he himself claims to be clean. Birds of the same feathers………. Plse Kambwili if you’ve a pinch of morals, leave the thieves alone and show us that you’re a credible leader.

  4. Daniel Banda

    Quite amazing, that while Mr Kambwili himself has done enough to demonstrate that he doesn’t support or belong to PF, Parliamentary still gives him a lifeline which he is abusing on a regular basis.

    • Baldwin Zulu

      Why is he still a member, but what he is doing is against PF u must drop him

  5. Herv Rena

    Let him resign on his own.This is democracy.Just bcos he is challenging them doesnt mean ni kapondo.

  6. ba wiso

    Kambwili fyakuifwaila ama jealousy yalengele aye astry alefwaya ba mudala ba late cobra ba mushîle umupando adabwa fye umusalu bwali pe samba watekinga over he wantd to fighte for the sitt but chalimunyela,he told hh saying pipo of southern would rather vote for a stone if they had to put it a person from other province.politics rabbish

  7. Chilankalipa

    If PF by virtue of being the party in power would abuse the courts for selfish reasons, where is the separation of power? The Judiciary and the legislature must be governed by their own rules separate from each other. By the same constitution which Lungu signed with pomp and boasting at Heroes, Kambwili and Kalaba and any other parliamentarian who so wishes to differ with their parties is protected.

  8. Patrick Matibini

    iwe ka Mwila ninkani ig’ono iyi no problem chi hippo tachi chaisa pansikakakakakakakaka

  9. FGM

    The current constitution doesn’t support unnecessary by elections emmineting from expulsions.

  10. Spoiler

    Never a dull moment, in Zambia politics 😁

  11. Gershom Kapalaula

    If you can’t win them, join them, if you can’t join them leave them. Ba Kambwili make a decision based on this concept. Mwikala patalala mwine apatalalika. Elyo pilikiti pilikiti tanashefikaali kano malemale.

  12. Joseph Sinkala

    Leave Kambili within PF,he is offering checks and balance.They are too many muzungu wane in PF members of parliament, so leave him so that we have interesting debates in parly.After all ,the same constitution discourages Bye Elections. Back benchers should offer checks and balance. Let the govt. of the day work on the items that Opposition is raising in parliament, then we will develop as a nation.Not typical YES men and women. It’s not good for a Developing country like Zambia.The late President Mwanawasa used to implement what the late President Sata used to criticise him on.Let President Lungu learn from that.After all ,under Mwanawasa Zambia recorded progress that the country has never recorded .Most issues raised by Opposition are good for the development of the country.

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