Police Procure High Tech Anti-Riot Vehicles

The Zambia Police will have a humongous addition to their armoury with 18 anti-riot police vehicles purchased by government.

According to Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja of Police the anti-riot vehicles were purchased in 2016 and are currently in South awaiting delivery.

Kanganja said the vehicles were part of the modernization of the Zambia police with the equipment meant to enhance policing especially where crowd control was concerned.

“Police mechanics are getting hands training on a Marverick Antiriot vehicle purchased for the police which will soon be delivered. It is in South Africa, all provinces will be catered for,” Kanganja said.

“We have two types actually, one type to be used by the paramilitary and Mobile Unit and the other for general riot situation. The total is 18 vehicles. So it’s the Marauder and the Maverick.”

He added: “The Police are being proactive and prepare for any eventualities and move with modern policing trends as we evolve into the 21st century.”


  1. Tito

    What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and at last loses his eternal life are you so happy to receive those vehicles in the name of protecting your evil deeds does it mean you become so happy when you are killing and tear gassing innocent souls do you feel happy when people are suffering and when the are fighting for their rights you go and protect the unmercy investors leaving your people in abject poverty. One thing you must remember is that these innocent souls that your mistreating today God is watching and you and your heartless leaders will pay a price according to your hypocrisy way of governing us and subjecting your people to harsh treatment so now no say in Zambia but you are busy calling yourselves Christians wait a day of wrath will fall upon you and your families and the people of God shall sing a redemption song and thank the almighty jehovah

    • Wakishale

      You will only come to appreciate these vehicles when your property will be attacked by an angly mob of protesters. The Bemba’s may not be wrong when they say ‘Icalo tachitalala nga umusunga’

  2. My self

    Still,police force and not police service.

    • Wakishale

      How can you deliver a service in the midist of force? You definitely need to use force too. With the ermeging lawlessness by some sections of society, the vehicles are a must.

  3. Fulunyemba wa PF

    Shiinga chimo,

  4. Professional Law enforcement.

    This is good for Zambia for Riot Law enforcement and efficient control of illegal crowding.
    Let us uphold Law and order.


  5. Gangsta grabs

    Ma rubbish ndiye nkhani izi.Since 2016 still waiting delivery.How can a water carnon vehicle be high teck,the only high tech in zambia is corruption vehicle

  6. Mpombo

    Kudos to the Zambia police Service no need to take the marauders to all provinces just take them to southern province who have a proven record of attacking other ethnic groupings during elections If possible see if you can also procure helicopter gunships and armoured troop carriers to snuff out trouble makers early

    • Corruption now will be worse

      No take them to Luapula province where there is more tribalism and hate for tongas.

      • munyelo wako

        You are a stupid fool. Go to hell with your stinking Tonga tribe of yours. Hidiot

        • The disciples

          iwe if that personality is of choice change for a better one.even your name itself symbolizes hell.

  7. Shanty G

    Apa manje vama riot vasila ma….. galimoto monga ni Predator Ichiwa. Ine municosemo pang’ono pang’ono am a surrender

  8. Bushiri

    Leaders of doom now you know that you will lose in2021 the only is to protect your interests shame

  9. ba wiso

    We want something productive which will benefite civilians not vima amoury machine vauzende guys think.build proper houses for people who voted for u introduce free transport for ma super sonic trains should be introduced like it is in england just by a card one day and u will raunda the whole day until it expires pa 24hrs we need this too,talktime on networks should be free they should be paid by taxs money even these bigger investors should be paying tax not at after 3 years thats wen they start lipiralïng the money cos they change the name before 3years imwe ba boma busy shuping us.by the way so our money for taxes from my pockets u have bought those toys which will be used on as a mukwapu when i protest fôr injustice by the same police force guys muleyangasha fye impiya

  10. Chilankalipa

    Why are they anticipating riots if they know they are not offending the citizens? The little I know is that protests and riots are the last resorts when citizens feel that the law and order have galloped out of the country through corruption and compromised institutions of justice.

  11. The disciples

    Are they trying to demolish democracy????? Freedom of expression has been dug a grave for,????


    im told they’re meant for stupid HH and his cows kikikikiki

  13. Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja of Police

    yes pwanya nyini olo iwe ukapusa we can unleash them on you so that your nyini is shattered beyond recognition kikikikik


    the disciples mbolo kuchepa shut your stinking toothless beak and ass


    Wakishale you are HOPELESS.
    Pipo want to know how much was one costing.
    Nizingati cimodzi Kanganja??

  16. Razor

    In readiness to deal with opposition members as well as civil society ngos who are complaining about purchasing fire fighting wheelbarrows at exorbitant prices. All this in the midst of austerity measures.

  17. Time

    Let them know how those things work not laying like tht Musonda in the pic we know u guys

  18. Rrttyuik

    Take people who know the job not those eg Kim muma Chris ray nasile and other wel know

  19. This Is Zambia

    ECL everything is better, mwanya makoswe come 2021 all opposition parties and witness the Groly of our Layalty Presdo H.E EDGAR C. LUNGU

  20. Mk

    What for here people are very peaceful

  21. Pascal Chola

    Those vehicles are evil plans to hold on to power. We have seen these myotokas in other countries used to silence to masses. Thank you for coming with mediocre way of thinking. God is still saying something, we shall see. Given time to be the President I will sell the to Congo where they need them and buy jigs for children in all villages.

  22. Peace makers

    Zambia is a Christian nation

  23. j.k

    It same as buying a weapon to control citizens with it or corruption occurs there will there be those weapons to deal with people are against corruption

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