Pres. Lungu Eligible for 2021 Elections

The Constitutional Court has ruled that President Edgar Lungu is eligible to stand for elections in 2021.

Delivering the ruling on behalf of the full bench of Constitutional Court judges, Justice Hildah Chibomba said that President Lungu’s first election in 2015 was merely to finish late President Michael Sata’s five year mandate.

President Lungu was elected on 25th January 2015 and saw out the term of office on September 13, 2016.

The Constitutional Court relied on the provisions of articles 106 sub-article one and article 106 sub-article six of the 2016 constitution.

Justice Chibomba said the said articles could not be read in isolation but in tandem with each other to deliver the full interpretation.

Other parties that co-joined to the proceedings were the Law Association of Zambia and the opposition UPND.

The UPND and LAZ xo-joined the matter that was brought before court by three opposition political parties aligned to the Patriotic Front.

The court had advised that the applicants should have specifically tied President Lungu to the action.

Notably among the applicants Dan Pule of the Christian Democratic Party and Robert Mwanza of the Citizens Democratic Party.


The rest were New Congress Party President Peter Chanda and Zambian Republican Party president Wright Musoma.

The Constitutional ruled that President Lungu’s first election did not amount to a full term as it was less than three years.


  1. katotozhi

    Coming events cast their shadows before them. It was a judgement i was dead certain it would go that way.

  2. katotozhi

    Coming events cast their shadows before them. It was a judgement i was dead certain would go that way.

  3. Whiteson

    WHAT? LAZ co-joined? Lawyers vs lawyers? What is going?

  4. Bata

    A child partitioned his father who Said he will buy chitenge material for his wife. The child said why coud you do that dad without buying me first. Then the father took the case to the other sons and daughters older than that child. What could be the out come?

  5. Whiteson

    WHAT? LAZ co-joined? Lawyers vs lawyers? What is going on?

  6. Zed Dweller

    It was s forgone conclusion since day one,he who pays the piper calls the tune.This Africa ladies and gentlemen let’s continue dreaming of vision 2030,meanwhile our country has the best Judiciary ever,the best police ,the top cream of govt to ever grace our corridors of power,our current ruling class are as clean as a whistle ,corruption is at 0% ,we are enjoying a very good economy Zambian civil servants are well paid ,the dollar is under pressure because the Kwacha is doing extremely well,thanks to fiscal policies of the great humblest leader of all times indeed we are a christian people who are highly intelligent than any nationality on earth.

  7. Jackson k

    Suffering and poverty shall never end in Zambia

  8. Joseph

    Buck of thieves.

  9. Hammer

    The constitution has been clear from the beginning . A presidential term is 3 years or more , not less. And UPND knew it hence the statement by Nalumango that the ConCourt will rule in ECL’s favor .
    I urge PF to work hard as the opponents will use excessive fake news to make ECL unpopular

  10. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    I pity this country n people who were celebrating,I don’t know if they were celebrating the suffering of people or what?? I think the suffering in this country has become normal.Anyway God is watching!!!!

  11. PILATO


  12. Razor

    Everyone thinks the concourt is favouring the PF but this is actually a ploy by the judges to make sure HH has the weakest opponent against him in 2021 in the name of Ecl by making sure that he (Ecl) contests. Imagine if they had said he is not eligible then PF might have been forced to pick a very formidable candidate who might have given HH a tough time at the polls. As it is now they (concourt) have given HH the 2021 presidency on silver platter. Thank you concourt.

    • Ngiama Makanda

      You are very right….. exactly my thoughts! We will make ECL cry like RB.

    • Ambassador

      Boss,you have been to school as you analyse things.That’s true

  13. Kamata

    Kkkkkkkk which candidate has not given HH a tough time? He’s used to losing naimwe!!!

  14. commando

    Razor,what you observed might be true.It may sound bad to our ears that ECL is eligible to contest the presidential election but may be a blessing in disguise.I therefore exhort all concerned parties to open their ears to listen to prophecies from prophets of God.Things and times are changing dramatically.

  15. Proud Lozi

    When Its politics its the was it is

  16. Katura

    Amen 2o21 Is Yours Hh Gbm

  17. CSK

    I have change the party 2021 my vote goes to HH enough is enough

  18. Marker

    Zambians isn’t it a time we change our mind sets of boma iyanganepo ,to how should I survive instead of waiting? Mind you,it is like we are about to get drown so it’s up to each one of us either to swim or die while waiting for the rescuers who will be complaining on how they reach your
    point for safety. For sure God has embodied in us some potentials to survive and leave a happy life.Let’s check ourselves forget about all those who want to lead us after all we are all born leaders.

  19. Monk

    The problem is that politics and money do blind our poor politicians. They begin to think that they are small gods on earth. Toll gates everywhere. Even in the toilet now, u will be subjected to pay toll gate fees. High prices of essential commodities such as fuel. But futi ati nafuti nafuti. They church has been divided. Many Men of God have barricaded themselves in dirty money.They can no longer speak. Political intorelence awe sure. Kuti waisubdawila.

  20. Nasedlo

    Zambia is turning into a dictatorship country right in front of our eyes.
    All these previous presidents stepped down when their 10years term had ended.
    Dr. Chiluba for example, he had love for Zambia, instead of him standing in the third term, he brought in Dr. Levy Mwanawasa from the same UPND entourage.
    Why can’t Mr. Lungu knowing pretty well that as an individual you can’t stand more than thrice as a party president still insist on standing for the third time under the same party?
    If he wanted PF to rule and continue in power, he would have appointed someone else besides him, who can stand as president under PF party.
    Buh no, he himself still wants to stand as president, breaking the rules of our constitution right in front of our own wide open eyes.
    Shame how Zambia is turning into a dictatorship country while we awake and watching.

  21. EJST

    Stop thinking election for 2021 plz government this is not a time to talk this. election is 2021 just give us jobs us youths since the death of late mr sata am not seeing change in Zambia things has distroyd to Mr lungu aweeeee mwandi am not happy only God knows if I was like Dangote a rich one I could have been leave Zambia go somewhere like Ghana Nigeria who is the next president in 2021 Zambians UPND√correct. NAREP√correct PF×××dont even try MMD√am not sure

  22. Shakunwena

    Kuya bebele,,tata Ba lungu don’t even waste yo money campaigning..2021 HH!!!

  23. Baldwin Zulu

    Come 2021 Jah alone will tell


    U know mr lungu just find something to do than to stand as the president kuya bebele ,don’t waste yo money

  25. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Hakainde has been loosing elections 5times upnd as party has lost 6times in. 20years why don’t you tell hakainde not to stand? He is a failed project who doesn’t reflect well in the eyes of Zambians now he has piçked the weakest propaganda of president lungu being corrupt without incidence forgetting himself that the money he has was obtained through corruption he is a dictator of first class he cannot handover power to anyone ounce elected in that office of the president zambia will go back into the bush to fight for independence many lives will be lost only Tonga’s will benefit he will created a special defense force to protect Tonga’s Bemba’s and Easterners will be routed out from this country like what Hitler did to Jews Zambians awake defend this country by being careful with this criminal you will remember me rest in peace


    HH’s behaviour is not far from the behaviours of muslims. You can’t disqualify what is qualified, Lungu until2026. muzalilam uzalema. Come 2021you will see that hh is a loser of all times forever and ever.

  27. one muntu

    As for me if I was an opposition leader,I wouldn’t waste time to start studying the ruling by the Goncourt instead concentrate on mobilization of yo party and probably improve on yo weakness so that u might win as well next time.if I were u hh I would be cerebrate coz I know whom am competing with well well, so why complaining and wasting time always?


    2021 Hakalila Hakaluza nafuti

  29. Katai

    Those who are saying bra bra HH has done that HH is not suffering like you fools who are being used. Lungu and the team will get richer and richer meanwhile you fools who are being used will even suffer more and more. Your hate for HH will kill you. Lungu has done nothing to cerebrate Infact a weaker component in 2021.

  30. Khan

    The problem is that you zambians dont appreciate want pres lungu has done for you

  31. Zibazeko

    In Zambia, political party leader in opposition misleading its follower on clear matters lik what happen yestday ruling by concourt. We sober mind leader not angry lik mr msoni and i 4got his party name. He thinks is right in all his political views alway right and yet wrong bcoz president lungu is loved by many pipo in our country.

  32. David lungu

    Natemwa sana efyo court yapikgula

  33. kamoko

    what do benefit by insulting each please grow up for now ECL is the president Nothing will change

  34. Mbolo ya Hakainde Hichilema

    Mukalila mukana satana takatekepo ichalo……thought who are complaining about jobs,and poverty they re poor upnd carders.you only have birth certificate and you want to be employed as a general manager satanyoko

  35. Mbolo ya Hakainde Hichilema

    Mukalila mukanaka satana takatekepo ichalo……those who are complaining about jobs,and poverty they re poor upnd carders.you only have birth certificate and you want to be employed as a general manager satanyoko

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