Zambia U20 Storm Semis after Moz Draw

The Zambia Under-20 National Team has qualified to the semi-finals of the 2018 Cosafa Championship after drawing 1-1 with Mozambique.

Zambia went ahead in the 13th minute through a well struck Edward Chilufya goal while Mozambique levelled matters in the 78th minute through Kamo-Kamo Cumbane.

Coach Charles Bwale’s lads were looking to break the jinx against Mozambique but just managed a draw which is good enough to take them to the semi-finals where they will meet Zimbabwe.

Zambia started the match with a 2-0 win over Malawi and defeated DRC with the same margin before concluding the Group A matches with a draw today.


  1. GM

    It was a good game they tried

  2. Samson chilepa

    I wanted them to thrash Mozambique, to seal off my bandage hurt by mambaz that 1_0 loss. Anyway beta that the Senior who embarrassed us.

  3. Simpito Mukandwa

    Job well done Guys

  4. SM

    Congratulations guys

  5. Reagan mwape

    Congrats our junior chipolopolo

  6. Evans c h i s u l o

    Congratulations. Young. Chipolopolo. But. Work. Hard. To. Beat. Zimbabwe. In. The. Semi. Finals. Note. That. Zimbabwe. Is. Always. A. Threat. To. Zambia. In. The. Game and. Mr. Coach. You. Have. Seen. The. Mistakes. Work. On them. I wish. You. All. The. Best, go. Chipolopolo. Go!!!!

  7. National supporter

    Ema team aya! Not yalya ayabwali

  8. Kk Peter

    I love this under 20,they are doing very well so further compared to the elder brother who Lost.

  9. Big funs

    Well done young chipolopolo and keep it up…!!!!

  10. Jom

    Well done guys

  11. Jom

    Well done guys go, Zambia

  12. Jom

    Well done guys go Zambia

  13. eugoh power

    When dd Zambia play wth Zimbabwe

  14. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Atlist guyz

  15. JELVY

    nice game guyz,u’r playing gud game,i like de boy who z playing no.2,he z doin it,wen r they playin de semi

  16. Peter mambwe

    congrats ba kapoli.


    Under 20 they perform well than elder just careyon

  18. Dr Fonicks

    job well done lads. you are our face saver after the senior failed to qualify for the next afcon. keep up with the good work. do us proud by lifting the trophy. Go, go boys, we are behind you.

  19. SM

    When Zambia take on Zimbabwe?

  20. Lulu lulu

    Under 20 boys that’s awesome,
    Unlike big boys for nothing
    Ba faz why don’t you pick these small boys during qualifies matches ,it sounds bad world cup we failed to qualify including AFCON and yet you pay coach a lot of money for nothing Lossing is on top of him . rubbish team of mweene goalkeeper .

  21. Gabriel Marcel

    Something to smile about after an impotent performance by the senior team

  22. Daughter

    Awesome performance, senior national team ninsonifye. Go under 20

  23. Dj one

    Bravo to de u20 I think de national team they should emulate de spirit of de junior my appeal to de faz is dat they must replace Kennedy mweene by Bradley his nephew de guy is a good goalkeeper, go junior go

  24. B@rcelona Managers™

    You tell that seven Banda buloko of yours not to go to Kitwe. He’ll just bring confusion in this promising team. Let him watch on znbc TV. Thanks

  25. Pato

    Well done

  26. Herv Rena

    Young chipolopolo,mulatuchingako insoni.Atleast imwe mwalificha napa world cup.

  27. Patrick Mwale

    I think the U/20 might just console us by lifting this year’s Mopani Cosafa cup.

  28. xmonk

    Embarrassing performance: I don’t understand what has happen to Zambian football, why should we struggle to beat Mozambique Senior or junior.

    • Patrick Mwale

      Comrade xmonk,They are no minors in modern football.

  29. Lungo Joseph

    When is Zambia taking on Zimbabwe? Not things like day 7.What do you mean by day 7? We believe in date as any day can be day number depending on how one counts.

  30. Arnold Ng'onga

    We need to give credit were it is due. Young chipolopolo job well done. Focus on your next assignments.

  31. alinani


  32. Brian Mujuku

    Congratulations boys keep it up the

  33. moses phiri

    At least

  34. Marcos Phiri

    Guys what you should know the Mozambican football is improving a lot, you just imagine Zambia lost with Mozambique in both game home and away. we should work hard to restore our football

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