Sven Wants to Stay Beyond Current Contract

Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroeck says he is willing to stay on as Zambia trainer beyond his five-match contract.
During a media interaction session at Garden Court Hotel in Kitwe, Vandenbroeck said it would be unfair to judge him purely on results without looking at the other aspects of the game he has helped improve.

“If you ask if I want to continue, I say for sure yes because I see potential, I see commitment, I see also the ambition from the federation to make changes. They allowed me to bring the GPS, bring the new style, even backed me up in Mozambique after losing,” he said.
“I feel that everyone is involved in making steps forward. That is what I think and that is the road we take.”

He added: “I do not have a problem when people judge me but I have a problem sometimes, they judge me just on the result. There is much more than the result. I think the way we started to play in September to October, you saw changes, most of the guys are happy with the changes, they play in Europe and the new guys want to pick up.”
Vandenbroeck said he had revolutionized the training regime and also the medical aspect by aligning it with global standards.

He said that it would be fair to be given a longer period that would see him target 2022 World Cup qualification and also have a go at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.
“I think logic would say go until the 2022 World Cup. I think that is a logic project. There are two Africa Cups one you can already eliminate, but there is U23 AFCON next year and Olympics. I think that is a beautiful project to work with although I cannot step in with choices but we will there to see what is happening,” he said.
“Sometimes you have to go through a bad period to recognize what you need to do to make a plan for a four year project.”

He said he had done a lot of work with the Chipolopolo.
“We introduced GPS, we introduced new technology we have a good group everyone is committed, working hard but the result was not there. In the end that is where we come to a point where everyone will judge us and me especially. I do not have a problem when people judge me but I have a problem sometimes, they judge me just on the result. There is much more than the result. I think the way we started to play in September to October, you saw changes, most of the guys are happy with the changes.”
Vandenbroeck said he had struck a good working relationship with the players that could be built on for future success.
“I have to say from the start that I had a good relationship with everyone and a good feeling even until now. I will give an example, many people were warning me for some guys and I will mention a few, Kalaba (Rainford) and sometimes Fashion Sakala that he can be selfish but although Kalaba did not play all the games and on the bench, his behaviour was good, no complaining,” he said.

Vandenbroeck said there was need to give clubs a mandatory quota for fielding at least two U20 players as an investment into the future.

He expressed concern at the number of foreign players especially defenders in the local league.

Vandenbroeck said he was concerned about the limited game time some of the foreign based players were having at their respective clubs.

The coach said some of players should consider moving to other clubs if they did not get enough game time.
FAZ unveiled Vandenbroeck on July 10 with a nine-month contract that was tied to Africa Cup of Nations qualification.
He started the campaign with 1-1 draw away to Namibia before beating Guinea Bissau 2-1 at home and lost away by the same margin.

Zambia lost 1-0 to Mozambique to effectively lose out on qualification to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.
The Chipolopolo will play Namibia in March next year in a dead rubber.


(Source: FAZ Facebook Page)


  1. AK

    Let Him Continue, Because Wedson Nyirenda Started Badly, The Qualifying Matches By Droping 3 Points Last Year. There Will An Improvement As He Said In His Comments

    • BK

      Sven the only problem with you is that you could and can not read the game . You had enough arsenal in all the games you were in charge of but could not utilise it . Why taking so long to substitute ? Why failing to utilise Patson and Kalaba on time .
      The problem is that you are sturbon and don’t listen to advice . This will cost you dearly .

  2. Arnold Ng'onga

    For now I reserve my comments I need to study comments made by he might have a point.

    • Golden Arms

      You can’t certainly build a team during qualifiers.So I’ll also study Mr.Seven’s judgement

  3. Kamata

    His commitment will boost the moral of the players

  4. Shamboko

    Kapuli walifileafye


      Let’s support him he have some how we started poorly by losing de first game

  5. Mm

    Let him or whichever coach you bring be a long term job with target of 2021 and 2022 if possible 2023 afcon because this current coach got the team whilst it was in danger left by wedson.he has some point in his comments

  6. Mozelizer

    let him stay please!!!! there’re something in him

  7. Kp

    Sven you are fired.

  8. Emmanuel

    Every day is a new story keep blind us like that even next Africa cup nothing will going to apen am saying this because am chipolopolo fan we will witness you tulibonse .

  9. wk

    just go you are not handsome stupit


    No need of experiment

  11. mikayele

    Lets be serious . This gentleman after failing to qualify to the nations cup still wants to be our coach , my foot. He should leave soon after the mozambique game . Already monies paid to him is a total waste amidist austerity measures the country is going through. Zambia is no dumping ground for substandard coaches. Its painful to watch Africa cup without Zambia in the competition.

    • Mathews tembo

      Yhu must go and chambeshi must come back… 😕😕😔😔😃😠

  12. Phillimon Banda

    Its true that when Sven was taking over the team was already in danger and is dificult to bring it out of danger.Problem is we didnt use home advantage on the first game.See if we had collected 3 points from mozambique at home,we could have 7points by now and remaining with one game at home which is not bad,surely we could have qualified.Let him continue and see the change as he has commented.

  13. shokangeta shimbi

    Let him continue. He makes sense somehow n his least a long term contract.we see his efforts. Sven found da team bad.thers som hop wich I see.

  14. Adam Phiri

    He come at a difficult time ….I beg he deserves another chance …he can be a good coach I see that coming forth only the technical bench must be scrutinized and replaced u will see the impact

  15. are you the onr who is going to fire him?

    Pliz let us leave him to continue and see on his plans for the team and as Zambian let us not always when we bring a new coach after one day we say go u are not a good coach blaming too much and if we are not careful with this thing of chasing coaches any how one day will fail to find a coach from out side Zambia because many coaches they will be scared of us people for blaming them too much over any simple mistake they make and chasing them .

  16. Dr Fonicks

    I concur with my colleagues who advocate for Sven stay. the first problem was losing the first home game to the mambas. in football home games are a must win. we need to win from day one. If we can allow Sven to stay for qualifying to 2021 afcon and 2022 World cup. he must fulfill these. he should be left to choose players on merit. let him watch faz mtn matches and if possible even the lower league matches. am sure something positive may come out of this. this is just my opinion.

  17. Peter Gorden

    Mseven kkkkkkk ya! Anyway my stake here is to let him be around build the team so well both playing tactics and discipline as he has started sawing that into every player aiming to be in the national team.
    For sure some changes have been observed like the way we missed Kalaba, Nathan, Lubambo and Kabaso. These guys are giant players in the teams they play but we almost lost them due to some of our local corrupt coaches and Fax officials. He has managed to bring the Lads back and though we are still losing football has started entertaining now as Zambian football for the nation.

  18. JJ

    That’s what’s coasting Manchester united if someone is under performing get rid of them then the incoming will learn to produce results he was given a goal to achieve why didn’t he negotiate for a longer period in the first place he gave us a promise he didn’t achieve sven u ar fired with immediate effect

  19. Rocky

    I don’t see anything tangible coming from Sven. The man doesn’t know how to motivate players during the game. He is not a game changer like Herve Rener. He doesn’t know how to lead and apply tactics that can disturb opponents. The last 2 games Equatorial guinea and Mozambique games are good examples. He is saying we are rushing to judge him on the results. Now, if we ask a question, where should we prove that he is improving the team if it’s not the results? We have been beaten twice by a local couch (Mozambiquean), therefore, let’s work with our local couches. See South Africa how there are performing with there couch. Otherwise, Chambeshi, Lwandamina and Mumamba are far much better than him.

    • xmonk

      Giving you a chance its not problem, we are disappointed of you Sven saying Zambia is not a big footballing nation. Apologies on what you said, Sven you must realize $10,000 which the government pays you its tax’s payers money, when you don’t perform we need answers as stakeholders. We don’t expect you to be rude and cheeky. Because you response may demonstrate as if you don’t care. Sven you are rookie coach and Zambia giving you this opportunity you must treasure it. If I was Andrew Kamanga and his disciples, I would not give you a chance because Zambians are bit and annoyed.

  20. Chabwelatso kuno

    Give u a chance

  21. Bamuna

    What targets was he given? If qualifying for Afcon 2019 was one of them, then let him go. He failed. Full stop.

  22. jacfranks

    To me as a zambian i can say, let him continue but sven don’t threat players or anyone whilst the tonament is hot like the way u did to fashion and mbola, please learn to seek advice from others

  23. Chola

    CI want to add my views on our national team. The style for our boys was perfect. Even at school we have seen students who are brilliant failing the exam and yet dull students makes it coz of corruption.
    Sven is ok let him stay and continue shaping oir boys. Soon we ll start seeing positive results. Thank you.

  24. Chola

    Allow me to add my views on our national team. The style of play for our boys was perfect. Though we where not lucky .Even at school we have seen students who are brilliant failing the exam and yet dull students makes it coz of corruption.
    Sven is ok let him stay and continue shaping our boys. Soon we ll start seeing positive results. Thank you.

  25. Tops

    Im impressed with most of the comments. People are happy with Svn. let him stay but unify the team. Discipline is cardinal yes but don’t humiliate your players and also look for assistant coach not our physical trainer Chintu who failed at Kabwe worries and Power dyn.
    It was not our time. Let him atay.

  26. Herv Rena

    Ka sven watch out.Consult veteran coches like chiken or chambeshi not chintu.From today u ar on half pay.

  27. GIBSON

    Let him stay but advise Fashion sakala not to be selfish.Football is all about team work .As for the under 23 AFCON next year the u20 team that was at the world cup should be the team to be considered.

  28. mose phiri

    We will see

  29. kabi

    I have a good feeling about letting him to continue as the national team coach,so let him continue…

  30. hello

    no no no seventeen must

  31. (MPIKA boy) Sylvester banda

    gvnmnt must Ban de chipolopolo and aiso crash out Mr seventy, leave football for under 20s

  32. C

    Though Sven talks about gud things be brought to team, he failed to qualify team to afcon 2019 which clear in contract. Further he did not seem to know what to do to win under pressure as seen by delayed substitution, lack of understanding of player strength/ability led to poor selection in starting line up. I rate him at assistant coach level, had weakbtechnical

  33. Boyka

    The man has something that no any other previous coach had.all he needs is time let stay

  34. C

    Though Sven talks about gud things he brought to team, he failed to qualify team to afcon 2019 which was clear in contract. Further he did not seem to know what to do to win under pressure as seen by delayed substitution, lack of understanding of player strength/ability that led to poor selection in starting line up. I rate him at assistant coach level, weak technical bench was another recipe for our failure.

  35. Fergus

    Let him continue please send

  36. Bushiri

    lf u Zambians, u want to qualify for Afcon 2021, find another coach otherwise u will never qualify to any afcon.

  37. Venoni

    Sven is the good coach,you can’t just start at the examination you can not pass

  38. Mutale chisanga

    Give him another chance l should think

  39. Kp

    Sven is not a good coach believe me, he can’t continue will never quality with Sven, he can’t deliver YOU ARE FIRED.

  40. Dj one

    You people you should understand something the task was that he must take the chipolopolo to the afcon the word must was meaning in any circumstance they should qualify , coming to Sven I don’t know if he is a qualified coach to the look of thing Sven is just a trainer coach has can he say that we shouldn’t only look on to the result is a fool we are not interested in those GPS we are interested in scoring ifyabupuba bola kwingisha nowander you Zambians you don’t develop because you are too tolerant he has failed you want to give him a room you are used.

  41. Umwana wamano

    Welcome to Zambia were the pipo eat football, drink football, and think football all the time


    Coach ayende mwawo niopusa angazisiya bena kalaba pa bentch.See nigeria they use bena obi,victor moses such players bokhwima munzelu.Not kuchaisa bola bola bana bekha bekha Balibe na experience.Such a coach must be fired and look for a new coach from nigeria.A sven mwatisebanyisa yendani kwanu.

  43. B'gie

    Go ahead coach had Kamanga brought you earlier today we could have celebrating. Try and error coaching stylish by by this Baroka coach coasted we (Zambians) you have explained and we have listened.. Am behind you 7ven;Zesco funs we are united.

  44. Choolwe

    His job description was very clear, so based on the performance he failed us. Mind you that is our tax money at stake.

  45. pe

    Let him stay we will c the change

  46. J Trump

    Seven Spirits seems to be a good coach. What is this GPS thing manje? The ones phones use? To track players or what?

  47. Lubuto1

    While!while! while! Mr Sven the sweet talker, the optimistic coach, the great dreamer.Permission granted, am so obvious that the fans are still with your with you.i agree we judged you prior to your results because your deal was to qualify the Nation to the Afcon,and why should we not judge you by your results???.now you ask for more time we encourage you to choose the first 11 team for 4 years if granted.we have good players don’t get emotional to upcoming players in every game with little experience to play in the national team.the time was short yes you can’t choose the best 11 with that period now you will have long long long period, please show us what you gat.We will still stand by you.Good lucky Mr Sven!!!!!

  48. Tefyo

    It’s your performance that will determine for u to stay beyond your contract madala

  49. Edison

    When this “Museven” from Belgium came Zambia was not in a bad position they had 15 points to claim from 5 games, but he failed, therefore Sven Zwa ……. after the Namibia game in March next year.

  50. manganda

    He should just go back he doesn’t love his money, if he did he should have worked hard and done the right thing! He failed to plan, he failed to make proper line ups, he failed to read the games, he failed to make changes to the team during play time! So what does he know! Abash! Zwaaa!

  51. Nyengo

    Zambia nation team coach wedson nyirenda was good and did his party and faz had 2 mistreat him negotiating with our current coach sven but nyirenda was working 2 improve the team. Give time 2 svan 2 put a team together 2 qualify the team 2 afcon 2021. Zambian lack patience and trust in coachs we give manage our team but we want a win always than lose. Germany faild in russian but where the manage is stil with the team bcoz he knows the players better.

  52. jorginho

    Mbola na lesa .nice effort

  53. Towards Christmas

    Let him continue and try to build a better team that will be able to compete at the continental level as well as at the world.

  54. Andrew

    We can have top class coaches but still the problem is with our players they don’t believe in them selves,one example i can give when a coach gives a player an chance to play that means a coach has faith in that player,let our players show commitment first.

    • Andrew Munga

      For as long as the mentality of our players doesn’t change we will still be failing.U can’t blame ur teacher when u fail ur exam the teacher is only there to guide u and not to write exams on ur behalf.Unless u want Coaches to start playing

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