Chipata Man Convicted for Ox-Cart Accident

A 19 year old boy of Petauke district has been fined K1, 500 by the Chipata High Court after his ox-cart led to the death of a cyclist following a collision.

Jason Banda was charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

Banda’s ox-cart collided with James Banda who was cycling in the opposite direction in November 2017.

Lusaka Judge William Mweemba who was conducting High Court sessions in

Chipata said he heard what the defence counsel John Phiri from Legal Aid board said in mitigation that the convict was the first offender.

Counsel Phiri said both the convict and the deceased failed to keep to their lanes and collided in the middle of the road.

Judge Mweemba said Banda should pay the fine in 30 days and in default he will be jailed for one year with hard labour.


  1. Gangsta grabs

    Matako cases zoona,ox cart dangerous driving? Ah panyo mwe

  2. zoonda uzalema

    Iwe Gangsta grabs be careful with your comments you will be the next victim

  3. Gangsta grabs

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  4. Jason Banda

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  5. Himz

    Ox- corolla yes I would term it dangerous driving, now ngombe versus njinga ??? Now what if they were both cyclist and one died? Ohh I know, causing death by dangerous cycling. Ahh ????
    But they both were wrong by not keeping their lanes.

  6. LEVY


  7. Spade

    Which lane in village were they supposed to keep? Which of the two needed to exercise caution a man or the animals? Even when we drive in highways, we find animals of the foolish farmers who care less for their animals but we always exercise caution for us to have survived to date. In my view, the dead man was the one who should have controlled the bicycle and prevent the accident with animals.

  8. James Tambudzai

    Too bad ba kamba b carefully next tym, Ooh simply come to me I have a license

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