Fair View Surgeon Testifies in Precious Murder Case

The case of murdered MultiChoice Zambia employee Precious Mangesana has continued with a surgeon at Fairview Hospital who operated on the injured two-year-old daughter of the deceased narrating how he operated on the child in athe aftermath of eth shooting.

Mangesana was allegedly shot dead by her boyfriend Nshinka Kaputu aged 34 after a dispute in Meanwood.

Kaputu is facing two counts of murder and acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm.

He was arrested in October last year for allegedly shooting his girlfriend Precious and injuring their daughter.

When the matter came up for continued trial Jabulani Munalula, a general surgeon, told the court that on October 6, 2017, he was assigned to attend to a two-year-old patient who had a bleeding wound in the neck.

He said the child had a wound on the lower right side of her neck.

The told the court that the guardians that brought the child to the hospital did not give him the history but only mention that the baby had been caught up a fight between her parents.

Dr Munalula said that he proceeded to operate on the child and found a bullet at the base of the wound.

“We found a foreign body at the base of the wound. This was unexpected because there was no mention of any projectiles by the family members,” Dr Munalula said.

Dr Munalula testified upon removing the bullet, he proposed that CT scan be conducted on the child of which did not reveal further injuries.

The child who was discharged two days later.

Trial continues tomorrow.



  1. Jms

    This is the sign of being a doctor well done and may the Almighty continue do good to every good did

  2. St. Sweet Angus

    Sad sad man. Never give up your own freedom to get even with a woman. You can always move on. Learn that.

  3. aaron

    Welldone doctor god bless you

  4. concerned

    The is no need of arresting him for years in prison, but he must rot in prison for his entire life

  5. Tafwanji

    May God keep the kid in his arms.
    Good work doc and your surgical team.

  6. Love your neighbor

    But the law should protect this DR because by testifying he maybe putting his life at risk well done Doc help so that justice can prevail

  7. Shaa

    One wonders the extent to which others take or think of these relationships……olo venzelowa…..ni sweet yabwanji….where you even fail to think for a split of seconds……people can do better…..usually with women we tend to be convinced that ba guy ba wrong after we get pregnant…..coz really when a man is normal I see no reason why a woman can refuse to marry him and settle…..we just realize it way too late…..in the hoping that I will let go of him…..time iyenda, in the process you create a precious life with a useless man and if worse you got a really messed up man, you get entangled with him for the rest of your life …..


    Foolish of him.If things are not going well, you simply let go.

  9. mangisana Alport

    rest ‘ n piece cc memories still fresh

  10. Jms

    PIT TO SOME WOMEN WHO JUST WANT TO HAVE CHILDREN NEGLECTING MEN WE KNOW YOUR GAMES BE CAREFUL(you even hear that song. Regi/ or NRC you hear the Sir name kalusha ,Phiri,singongi musoya shame some women don’t love men but they just like them thats why bad things occur useless

  11. kaswin

    Kaputu u mad and u deserve long time in prison with the hardest labour,may God forgive u.

  12. Evans mwiinga

    God bless u doctor for your hard working

  13. Peter

    That evil man deserves a life jail sentence. And job weldone doctor for serving life of an innocent child

  14. lessman

    powerful doctor.. built to be the best.. nothing less….may good Lord protect u.. assist you…I what to be a doctor also!!!!

  15. Realistic

    God bless you Doc for saving an innocent child’s life…

  16. Precious Mangesana

    aaaashi aaashi ouch its painful this fellow ghost has a big dick oouch ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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