Heavy Downpour Leave Kawama Households in the Cold

Over 35 houses in Kitwe’s Kawama and Kamatipa Townships have been submerged following a heavy downpour in the area.

The heavy rains has left several households out in the cold with some house reportedly falling under the downpour.

Houses have been left submerged largely due to a poor drainage system in the area.

The residents have laid the blame on their area councillor Bony Kaonga for not being proactive.

“We have lived here for years and this situation is not new to us, every time we engage the Council through our Councillor’s there has never been any positive response to our requests. We don’t know what our leaders are thinking because when you see you will realise that even our concerns don’t matter,” one of the residents complained.

Kaonga has thrown back the challenge to the residents branding the area an illegal settlement that cannot be easily piped.

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    Boyi mailo mwana wabene nina mugoneka out.The whole night kunyenga,mbambo yake napwanya finaly.

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