Tembo Withdraws Eswatini Land Gift Case

Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) President Sean Tembo has withdrawn the matter in which he was questioning President Edgar Lungu’s accepting a gift of land from the kingdom of Eswatini.

Tembo had sued the Attorney General General Likando Kalaluka in the Constitutional Court seeking a declaration that President Edgar Lungu violated the constitution by accepting the Eswatini land as a gift without declaring it to the state.


But the PeP leader has reneged on his court action after having wobbled through the process that included failure to subpoeana State House Press Aide Amos Chanda and Minister of Information Dora Siliya.

He then filed a notice to discontinue the matter in the Constitutional Court this afternoon (Thursday).

Tembo said his move was made in the spirit of promoting national dialogue.


  1. Razor

    Good move as you would have wasted time and money waiting for the biased concourt to make a ruling in your favour which they can never do unless you are PF or one of their supporters.

  2. Patrick BANDA

    What’s wrong with Accepting a Gift

  3. Seaneswatini Land

    As they say if you can’t beat them , jst join them. You new that you are just wasting your time and money on an issue which you can’t win. Sure can you sue the president you the merely person? I

  4. tembo

    i beg president lungu that iam vry foolish.

  5. Chris

    Next time you should research before you go to court

  6. Jms

    I WONDER WHY WE HAVE SMALL PARTIES PROTRUDING(it occurs like this )WHEN YOU ARE BITTER WITH SOME ONE YOU MEAN YOU CAN JOIN HIM IF YOU HAVE SHAME /SHYNESS ZAMBIANS ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO FACE RISKS we should learn to risk for the better. If you don’t risk at the same time shy in the end we call you a COWARD

  7. the prophent

    a hard working person deserves a special gift thanks God that you have repented from being jerous


    mbuya dont think you are cleave but abig f o o l. just from the bigging we conclude that your party wont go anyway kuwaya wayafye.boma izakusiza you are just any indidual without capital.why withdraw the case dont temper things you cant bear.please pipo help this baby class s tembo’s party before step on fire (munshebwa aile na mafi kubuko)

  9. Gangsta grabs

    Vapanyo fulu ndiye nchito.Chikala tembo adyamo,rubbish

  10. Shagi

    I won’t comment, lest people fail to differentiate between who’s the chief of insults and not.

  11. musutu


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