Court Hears Plot to Kill Mpezeni through Witchcraft

The prime suspect in the alleged plot to kill Paramount Chief Mpezeni through witchcraft has suffered a setback with his lawyer asking to be recused from the case for professional reasons.

Senior Legal Aid counsel John Phiri has applied to recuse himself from defending Zenasi Dube who is charged with conspiracy to kill the Mpezeni through witchcraft.

Phiri asked the court to adjourn the matter to the next High Court session to allow the accused find another lawyer.

Lusaka High Court Judge William Mweemba who is currently conducting sessions in Chipata granted the application and extended Dube’s bail.

Particulars of the offence are that Dube of Mwami border area, on 25

January, 2018 jointly and whilst acting together with another person unknown did conspire with intent to kill by means of witchcraft one David Jere, the current Paramount Chief Mpezeni.

Several headmen from Mpezeni’s area were in court when the matter came up but the Paramount Chief Mpezeni was not in court.


  1. Chinyama mukuma

    Too bad, lawyer giving up himself.


    its like the fight between a sodier and a police who can be arrested among the two .ungalakwepo cabe and is there any such in government laws related to witch-craft

  3. Queen Elizabeth II

    you guys you are buffoons in your country how can a fucking court prove that witchcraft exists???? unaonapo tundeke twausiku muzuba kupusa ma zambians

    • Kelvin mulai

      You how can you say a fucking court don’t you respect out Court

  4. Hop kido

    Witchcraft case in court doe’s it exists or may be this is just fictional story am reading about ? This is geting interesting mweee ! ! ! i would like to know the outcome of the above judgiment, pliz people update me about it.

  5. Umwana wamano

    Ubuloshi mu court nakana sana twebenifye ifishinka not ifyo mulebepa

  6. Edward

    There is no such thing.the law knows no witchcraft


    In court I don’t exist

  8. Truth man

    There is the witchcraft Act.in Zambia and police have powers to arrest anyone proffessing witchcraft according to the Act.

  9. Joe

    As a Christian nation we don’t believe in witches we shut stop this nonsense of bullshit.r

  10. The great.

    You have not been touched by the witches no wonder you are talking like that.witches are bad if found burn them alive.

  11. chidyamakanda

    Unza witchcraft college wasn’t it inorgulated? Why surprise?

  12. Bowman lusambo..

    Zambia kuwayawaya fye

  13. Zwangendaba Jere

    Brother this is not a court case.

  14. ben

    Those suspicious alligations shouldn’t have been or be tried in courts because witchcraft has no evidence.Why are things changed like this are we playing?

  15. DAWSON

    That is Zambia

  16. Wizard Witch

    You who are doubting, wait tonight I’m coming for you. Your throats are mine. Witchcraft is real but how to prove it. For sure bwana lawyer you have done well to recuse yourself otherwise you could have gone mysterious.

  17. central power

    Does the zambianconstitution contain any article about wichcraft.if so then the court shud take its course and prosecute the accused.what is the role of elders council imwe ba buyawesu.have respect to our chiefs ala.

  18. DO OR DIE

    I would like to know an article in constitution about witchcraft. Mr Judge, help!!!!

  19. JJ

    Hw did chief mpezeni knw jst curious

  20. Paramount Chief Mpezeni

    asogoleli mwandi ndine mfiti nimbululuka usiku pakapyango kikikikikiki nichinda azimai kutulo kikikiki

  21. Herv Rena

    Send a thief to catcj a thief.In this case as a senior chief Mpezeni knows who to consult ie,witch doctors and spiritual prophets,not lawyers.

  22. Don

    Pray to God and you will be protected



  24. Ruth

    mulayeni azajaila,,,stupid sana👊👊👊👊💟💟

  25. Mizwa Mutolwa Jr

    Ndeloleshafye, mmmmmm

  26. Kalangwa mpundu

    Fake ..no witchcraft

  27. Masauso Tembo

    Is our constitution having a chapter concerning witchcraft? Fake news mpezen go and drink ku border uko

  28. Dr Fonicks

    Is there a provision in the constitution which caters for witchcraft related issues ? Mr. Dube, please have respect for the royal highness. traditionally, that is a terrible and dangerous issue. you are playing in the lion’s jaws. I don’t believe in witchcraft but I know it exists. you are even lucky to be alive up to now. you are playing with fire ba Dube. namyumfwilo uluse mbuya. any way you know what you are doing, let me not down grade you because that trade is not my area. ukose mudala pali nkani apa. This league is for heavy weights. tata ine nacepa.

  29. mwakalombe c.b.m

    Looking for special news now

  30. Tembo

    Ba Zambia Reports get your facts together naimwe., The paramount chief is TYSON JERE and NOT DAVID JERE.


    iwe ka tembo keep quiet and shut your sperm-filled beak kikikikiki

  32. Q cent

    To bad

  33. sholyb

    Okwatakwampenzi saopa kunganipa,atambwale samitana,,this are big words we shoudnt argue eseee pheee.


    It’s exactly midnight, I’m stark naked holding a baby’s skull in my left hand, I urinate on it and within seconds i’m in New York fucking white women in their sleep, wow they are sweet but sibiziba kuvina kakkkakakakakakakakakakakakaka

  35. Kandapako

    No need for defence lawer because no evidence wil be produced in the court unless the paramount side ndi otamba as wel, they wil bring evidence.

  36. zambian man

    Tefintu muntu wandi pa zed

  37. Andrew

    this is Zambia our country it’s full of stores it can be but not in court.

  38. Great contriver

    Baice, y do u like attacking each other?u can only sue somebody if have evidence or u are sure of it just like the chief. MSO GOLELIalicepelwamo amaka mudala, and 2 protect himself as a chief, he has to expose the strong partner.

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