Turkish Airlines Introduces Lusaka Flights

Turkey’s affair with Zambia with Zambia has just got juicier with the addition of Lusaka as the latest destination on Turkish Airlines’ 55 destinations in Africa.

Turkish Airlines will fly into Lusaka twice weekly and will be in connection with Dar-es-Salaam.

Following the addition of Lusaka, Turkish Airlines now reaches 124 countries and 306 destinations worldwide.

Here are the additional notes from the announcement: Lusaka, the capital and the biggest city of Zambia, is located the South of Zambia.

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls is located in the southwest of Lusaka on the Zimbabwe /Zambia border.

It is the most important tourism destination of the country in terms of its nature, and natural life tourism.

“As Turkish Airlines, we keep to expand our network in the continent. Our one of the most important aim is to present our unique service quality to the World, and build bridges between cultures. We are pleased to make Zambia, which has an outstanding natural beauty that includes Victoria Falls, more reachable with the distinguished service approach of Turkish Airlines,” said Turkish Airlines Senior Vice President of Sales Kerem Sarp.

Established in 1933 with a fleet of five aircrafts, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines has a fleet of 330 (passenger and cargo) aircraft flying to 306 worldwide destinations as 257 international and 49 domestic, in 124 countries.


  1. Mwale Shame

    When is it starting and which days will the flights be available through Dareslaam also what are the fares to major world destinations such as China, Japan, UK, Newyork,Dareslaam,Dubai Jorharsburg etc


    ahhh we will clash with our bemba planes which use human blood as fuel and a skull as a steering wheel in the cockpit, mwalafwa bafikala kikikikikiki

  3. Razor

    How many can afford to fly now with dollar teaching almost K13 & ticket fares are pegged in dollars.

  4. Stata ni diba

    Good news

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    Very good

  6. Ganizani kwenda

    very good

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    Good be positive people

  8. Chris mainas

    Congratulation Zambia.

  9. Oliver Mutale

    Excellent guys

    • cool guy

      Nice one but dollar izaka mbwalila lie,anyway few things in life are for free the rest are to expensive

  10. umuntu

    Okay nice one

  11. Matuzi

    Please the government mey you look also to LUNCHU bridge before it kills anyone
    Concerned citizen. The road is too busy, Children going to school ,Clients going for ART to the LUNCHU B CLINIC,Derivering,Follow-ups, Going to town Kapiri and many more.
    Please help it is in danger similar to cholera.
    Most of government support us villagers we don’t benefit. Pliz help before its too late.

  12. Justine mwimanzi

    Nice one

  13. kas win

    Mm manjee where iz Zambianair wayz,which can go beyond Africa,not those foreighn wan zi.
    We need our own in order to be paying money for thy flight in our own (K) KwachA.
    The Turkish one iz fine,but when will ZambianAir way land in Ankara.

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