UPND Councillor Found with Case to Answer in K56, 000 Scam

UPND Kanyama ward 10 councillor Brighton Bvilumba has been found with a case to answer for alleged theft involving over K56, 000.

In this case Bvilumba is alleged to have stolen money that was supposed to be paid to 13 people engaged by the Lusaka city council to distribute bills for ground rates arrears on behalf of the local authority.

The matter has been adjourned to January 18, 2019 for commencement of trial.

Bvilumba has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.



  1. zizou

    Upnd they have started stealing when they are still in opposition,what more if is to late them be in government.these fools they should to be allowed at all cost to rule this country.just one cousellor stealing k56.000 for kanyama ward 10,uyu afunika kwa ona matako a joka pamene a lili.

  2. Elias kaps jr

    Pleas people let’s be sirous and just do clean politics , he as been exposed just Becose he is in the opposition .. # this is not the zambia knw

  3. HOMMIE 24

    how did zambia report win the 2014 MISA award??? “CORRUPTION” so who the fuck are they to crictisize and condem others

  4. Sex

    Komanga ebo! (chiwamila galu)

  5. HOMMIE 24

    i understand why ur name is sex ur brains are fucked up

  6. Dr Fonicks

    l know that pilfering public funds is an offence. my question is, is he the only councillor country wide who has embezzled public funds? certainly not. The fact that he is from the other camp. Let’s prosecute and judge accordingly. am not supporting this Upnd councillor but my concern is that, there are many out there who have done similar offences who have gone scot free. all thieving public figures ought to be prosecuted. we should not be selective.

    • Ameife

      He is the only found so far. If there are more I’m sure the same process will be followed.


    mambala just from the word go aba ndalama zonse izo upnd guys dont justify yourself impupu nipakuboko he derseve a stif punishment happy christmas and new-year kawarara iwee

  8. Money talks

    This is not real…

  9. wk

    pf wnt to create another by election when government is failing to pay newly recruited teachers december salary,why so?

  10. mugabbe Robert

    let this idiot pay back our money foolish he been used by pf officials their shered that money with mp

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